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  1. The odd one out meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मीनिंग) is अलग थलग
  2. An odd one out Meaning in Hindi: Find the definition of An odd one out in Hindi. OneIndia Hindi Dictionary offers the meaning of An odd one out in hindi with pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, adjective and more related words in Hindi
  3. Contextual translation of circle the odd one out in each set into Hindi. Human translations with examples: sofa, विषम चुनें, अजीब को मिटाओ, विषम लोगों को घेरे

The odd one out meaning in Hindi - थे मतलब हिंदी में

Contextual translation of circle the odd one into Hindi. Human translations with examples: sofa, विषम चुनें, अजीब को मिटाओ, और ज़ुफ्त व ताक़ की, विषम लोगों को घेरे Hindi is one of the official languages of India. There are 22 languages listed in the 8th Schedule of Indian Constitution. The official language of the Republic of India is Hindi in the Devanagari script and English. This English to Hindi Dictionary pertains is useful for improving your Hindi as well as English. ODD - Meaning in Hindi Take online quiz of pick the odd one out exercises questions with answers. Choose or select the odd one out worksheets and aptitude test help you in exam

An odd one out Meaning in Hindi, Definition of An odd one

Video shows what odd one out means. Something or someone in a group that is different or exceptional, that does not fit.. A visual puzzle where the guesser h.. pick the odd one out. Give scientific reason for your answer Merry-go-round, charkha, wall clock, potter's wheelplease answer see who like chole bhature and Apple cake see we have uploaded 2 new video please subscribe to my channel and like and comment Parvathi home kitchen p Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for

In this question, there is four words with the letters jumbled up. Three of them are alike. Find the odd one out. CIRE. NAIR. LOUDSC. RNUTHDE. Solution. (1): By arranging the letters of NAIR, LOUDSC and RNUTHDE we get RAIN, CLOUDS and THUNDER respectively which are all related with one other except CIRE i.e., RICE Definition of odd one out in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of odd one out. What does odd one out mean? Information and translations of odd one out in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web

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Objective Questions with Answers and explanations. Odd Man Out MCQ Set 7 Showing question 31 to 35 of total 44 MCQs MCQ Set 7 showing question 31 to 35 of 4 In this video, Odd one Out is discussed. You will get the short tricks of the Odd One Out which help to solve the questions within seconds.Watch other reason..

Hindi Meaning of ODD - ODD का हिन्दी अर्थ - EngHindi

Word Classification-Online Odd One Out Questions-Answers with Explanations for SSC CGL, CHSL, IBPS/SBI Bank PO, Clerk and Other Competitions Check the below NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 7 Science Chapter 8 Winds, Storms and Cyclones with Answers Pdf free download. MCQ Questions for Class 7 Science with Answers were prepared based on the latest exam pattern. We have Provided Winds, Storms and Cyclones Class 7 Science MCQs Questions with Answers to help students understand the concept very well Definition of odd man out / odd one out in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of odd man out / odd one out. What does odd man out / odd one out mean? Information and translations of odd man out / odd one out in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web odd one out. Something or someone in a group that is different or exceptional, that does not fit. 15 Views. Collection Edit. Submitted on September 01, 2009

Pick The Odd One Out Questions Exercises With Answer

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 4 Sorting Materials Into Groups. Topics and Sub Topics in Class 6 Science Chapter 4 Sorting Materials Into Groups: Q. 1. Name five objects which can be made from wood. Q.2. Select those objects from the following which shine: Ans. Glass bowl and steel spoon are shining objects Odd One Out von Nic Stone bei Thalia entdecke Pick the odd one out A. Hindi B. Urdu C. Gujarati D. Sindhi. Show Answer. 123. Pick the odd one out A. Semicolon B. Semifinal C. Semicircle D. Seminar. Show Answer. 124. Pick the odd one out A. Chair B. Sofa C. Paper weight D. Table. Show Answer. 125. Pick the odd one out A. Write. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages The test will be provided in English and If you want to give it in Hindi then visit Our Hindi website. 1. The Term PCET Refers To • Data Definition • Data Normalisation • Index Definition • Data Administration Answer. Index Definition. Pick The Odd One Out : • Java Clients • Worms • Trojan Horse • Virus Answer. Trojan Horse

Logical Reasoning ≫ Classification ≫ Meaning Based. Question: In the following question, select the odd word from the given alternatives. Choose the odd one out. Q6. Which one does NOT belong to the following group ? Q7. Choose the odd pair. What is the ratio of people who speak Gujarati and Hindi but not Marathi to the people who. let me first tell you that before answering this question myself, I read other answers that are given to you. Based on that, it is quite evident(which you also would. They all have something in common, except one. You must find the odd one out. Choose the shape that you think does not go with the other three and select A, B, C or D as your answer. The reason why a shape is the odd one out might be to do with its position, reflection, rotation, shading or the number of shapes it is made of. Odd One Out Class 7 Science Chapter 2 MCQ are given below with answers and explanation. Attempt at least 5 tests to test your exam preparation based on Class 7 Science Chapter 2. There are 24 sets of MCQ tests for practice containing more than 120 questions. These test will provide a complete revision for second chapter of grade 7 science

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  1. ation and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand
  2. Odd definition is - differing markedly from the usual, ordinary, or accepted : peculiar. How to use odd in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of odd
  3. In this type of classification reasoning, candidates will be given a bunch of words and they have to pick out the correct one. 2. CHOOSING THE ODD NUMBER. In this type of classification reasoning, certain pairs of numbers are given, and candidates need to find out that one by differentiating the relationship of the given numbers. 3

Pick out means pick the odd one out from available choices but don't or can't take it. Pick up means pick something which is lying somewhere as in location or place. Is it pickup or pick up or pick up? Pick up (two words) is the verb form. You can pick up the package when your pickup truck arrives at your destination Odd Man Out - Solved Examples - Q 1 − 27,37,49,63,78,97. Answer - A. Explanation. The addition sequence is 10,12,14,16. So 78 is a odd man in the sequence

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  1. Directions :- In the following questions, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word. Deceitful A sincere B useful C plain D hones
  2. Answer: Jet Airways is the odd one out because it is owned by a private company and MTNL, Indian Railways, Air India and All India Radio are owned by the Government of India 5. A research scholar looked at the working people in the city of Surat and found the following
  3. Odd (ŏd) interj. Variant of Od. odd (ŏd) adj. odd·er, odd·est 1. Deviating from what is ordinary, usual, or expected; strange or peculiar: an odd name; odd behavior. See Synonyms at strange. 2. Being in excess of the indicated or approximate number, extent, or degree. Often used in combination: invited 30-odd guests. 3. a. Constituting a remainder.
  4. Find the ODD One Out. Created by Quizmagic Team on Jan 26, 2013 12:59 PM. Can you recognize the patterns and find the odd ones out? This quiz has odd one out questions covering different topics such as countries, cities, animals, rivers, fruits, vegetables, trees, language, numbers, sports etc. Top 5 Scores
  5. Odd Letters section asks you to point out a group of letters that don't fit. Pick the odd one out!. Questions based on Odd letters are asked in many banking exams like IBPS, SBI and even SSB. In these questions usually, an odd number of letters are given that have a relation or form elements of a given set
  6. g conventions and formats Can be updated by end user
  7. Question 2: Find the odd letters from the given alternatives: Question 4: Unscrambled the letters in the given word and find the odd one. Question 5: Find the odd one out. Question 6: Find the odd man out from the options: Question 7: Choose the word which is different from the rest

Answer. 1) The old man planted some turnip seeds. 2) It was difficult for the old man to pull up the turnip, as it was enormous. 3) The old woman, the boy and the girl helped him to pull up the enormous turnip. 4) The old man, the old woman, the boy and the girl ate the enormous turnip Check the below NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 9 Science Chapter 5 The Fundamental Unit of Life with Answers Pdf free download. MCQ Questions for Class 9 Science with Answers were prepared based on the latest exam pattern. We have Provided The Fundamental Unit of Life Class 9 Science MCQs Questions with Answers to help students understand the concept very well 4. Figure out the odd statement about ceramics in the following: (a) Good insulators of heat and electricity (b) Usually less desire than metals (c) Ductile in nature (d) Contains both metallic and nonmetallic elements 5. Pick the composite from the list: (a) Wood (b) Steel (c) Nylon (d) Mica 6 Pick Odd Sentence. Directions (Q.1-10) In these questions, there are four/five sentences I,II,III,IV / V . Three out of four/ five of these sentences contribute to one main idea when these sentences are formed into a paragraph. One sentence does not contribute to the main idea. That sentence/(s) is your answe Here you can find who meaning in hindi who ka matlab kya hota hai hindi me, who is the waste fellow of india. who is the world best man, meaning of who is this in hindi, who made this meaning in hindi


  1. Q6: Find the odd one out in the following: Gamete, budding, fragmentation, regeneration. Answer: Gamete is the odd-one out as it is responsible for sexual reproduction while the remaining three are methods of asexual reproduction. Q7: Find the odd one out in the following: Cutting, grafting, layering, binary fission
  2. Choose board. Save. Hindi Good Morning Quotes. चलते जाना. Saved by Harsh Ajitsaria. 43. Hindi Good Morning Quotes Morning Greetings Quotes Inspirational Quotes With Images Motivational Quotes For Success Life Quotes To Live By Funny Quotes About Life Hindi Quotes Quotations Qoutes
  3. The snake represents fear. According to Hindu mythology, if you see a snake in your dream, you need to get worried about it because it is showing you that you are weak and scared of something. This something can mean stage, lifestyle, people or anything they scares you off even at the thought of doing it. The only way to get rid of these dreams.
  4. im, militia, sieve, linen, avoid. Find odd word out - eanswers.in

In addition to analyzing logic and program code, a project team usually holds a session with users, called a walkthrough, to review the interface with a cross-section of people who will work with the new system and ensure that all the necessary features have been included Abstract reasoning questions are seen to be a good measure of general intelligence, as they test your ability to perceive relationships and then to work out any co-relationships without requiring any knowledge of language or mathematics. The questions require you to recognise patterns and similarities between shapes and figures. As a measure of reasoning, it is independent of educational and. Click Here To Read This Paper in Hindi. 41. In this item, four words have been given, out of which three are alike in some manner and the fourth one is different. Choose the odd one out. (a) Friendship (b) Intimacy (c) Attachment (d) Enmit

Q17. A Tiebreaker is an additional contest carried out to establish a winner among tied contestants. Choose one situation from the options below that best represents a Tiebreaker. A. At halftime, the score is tied at 2-2 in a football match. B. Serena and Maria have each secured 1 set in the game. C 7. Pick up the odd one out. (a) brass ' (b) air (c) sand (d) graphite 8. Which of the following is liquid-liquid solution? (a) face-cream (b) emulsion (c) milk (d) all of these 9. To separate two miscible liquids by fractional distillation, it should have one of the following condition (a) should be miscible (b) should be immiscibl ProProfs, one of the popular quiz builder platforms, has more than 140 fun quizzes which have already been played around 168602 times. Choose the game quiz you like and play as many times as you wan

We are providing previous year questions for Odd man out category. Suggesting you to go through the below questions before taking any online test. Previous year questions: In the following number series only one is wrong. Find out the wrong one. 1. 11 16 23 29 37 46 5 Odd one-out tasks appear in the same way as multiple-choice tasks. Unlike multiple-choice tasks, in odd one-out tasks, candidates choose the option which is not correct. Refers to the process of selection of certain items from a given set of the sentence which possesses similar or qualities and identifying the item which does not comply with. Google came to my rescue here. The online version of the Collins Hindi-English dictionary was very helpful and gave me the exact meaning of the word (it means 'luxury'), thereby placing the story in its rightful context. Now that I had the right meaning and context, the road smoothened out. Subsequent unfamiliar words were no longer an issue

They could recognize policemen, something in the manner, something in the walk, but the man between them was the odd man out. Seymour, Gerald FIELD OF BLOOD ( 2001 ) Nonetheless, even with her mother's help , Joanna had felt like the odd man out at school Dissertation wageningen university for essay in hindi yadi mere pankh hote. Employers similarly have the best portable is the odd one out in the faking of forgotten clarinet cases. By using a prepositional phrase is made on the music is sold. For questions , choose the precise word, you convey your meaning exactly. You may notice that. Bharat ka vikas essay in hindi; Next » Transcripts of peer feedback as a writer intentionally states one thing changes, another thing also changes: The longer pause created by its own speed. Do I use a variety of jobs work salt cups of raw food: A slimy rock cod with bulging eyes that cuddles its babies. I can contact the police need a for me

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  1. A one-sentence or two-sentence driving paragraph Poets Poets biography and history, age, dob, full name, dohe, jivani, jivan parichay, pad, introduction, indian poets, What does poet mean, What is a simple definition of poetry, What is the poet's purpose, What is poetry according to poets, What are the 3 types of poetry. What are the 4.
  2. Welcome to Sarthaks eConnect: A unique platform where students can interact with teachers/experts/students to get solutions to their queries. Students (upto class 10+2) preparing for All Government Exams, CBSE Board Exam, ICSE Board Exam, State Board Exam, JEE (Mains+Advance) and NEET can ask questions from any subject and get quick answers by subject teachers/ experts/mentors/students
  3. Can You Choose the Odd One Out? is in. French Spanish Portuguese Italian Choose the language you think the sentence is in. Japanese Chinese Korean Hindi Choose the language you think the sentence is in and it is up to you to choose the word that fits that definition. Choose the word corresponding to the meaning in the photo above.
  4. Another word for odd man out or odd one out: misfit, exception, outsider, freak, eccentric | Collins English Thesauru
  5. DIRECTIONS for questions 1-10: In each of following questions, four words have been given of which three are alike in some way and one is different. Choose the odd one out . 1
  6. SSC CGL Quant Questions in Hindi. Odd One Out/Classification. The key areas to focus: In this segment, the candidates will be given a set of objects and they need to classify or pick out the odd one. This is one of the easy topics in reasoning and with little concentration candidates can obtain excellent scores

done Odd One Out Total Questions - 15. Find the odd one out. Which one is different from the others. Identify the one that does not belong to the group. Identify the one which is different from the others. Find the odd one out. Which one is different from the others. Identify the one that does not belong to the group Articles Odd One Out assesses deductive reasoning, which is the core cognitive ability to apply rules to information in order to arrive at a logical conclusion Odd One Out - Vocabulary Exercise - Odd One Out Meaning Examples - ESL British English PronunciationA full explanation of the phrase the odd one out. Togethe. Question is ⇒ Identify the odd one out from the following, Options are ⇒ (A) Vector display , (B) Raster scan display, (C) Calligraphic display , (D) Stroke-writing display , (E) , Leave your comments or Download question paper

In short, Odd Sentence is nothing but a new way of testing the old concept of Parajumbles (PJ). Students adept at PJ, will find it easier to crack these questions. Understanding the Nuances. Try the following question and pick the odd one out. Ex 1) 1. India 2. China 3. UAE 4.Japan 5. Begliu 3,588 views. Which of the following letters is the odd one out? A F H K L N Y Z. word puzzle. posted Dec 1, 2015 by Upma. Share this puzzle. Your comment on this post: Email me at this address if a comment is added after mine: Email me if a comment is added after mine Choose the nearest meaning of the underlined in the following : The prices are going up by leaps and bounds. (a) irregularly Find the odd one out. (a) Ring (b) Bangle (c) Tyre (d) Plate. 17. One has good knowledge of English and Hindi languages. (c) One has good knowledge of any language. (d) One can effectively communicate in any language Q19- Pick out the odd one - A) Argon B) neon C) Barium D) helium . Q20- Which is biggest in size - A) Lithium B) sodium C) Magnesium D) potassium . Q21- Which out of them is not a halogen? A) Fluorine B) Chlorine C) Iodine D) Germanium . Q22- The standard element chosen for relative atomic mass is __. A) Carbon-12 B) Hydrogen-1 C) chlorine -35. Soil Mechanics question answer. Manufacturing Technology question answer. See More. Average question answer in PDF in english. Agriculture for Engineers question answer in PDF. Analogy question answer in PDF in english. Train Probles question answer in PDF in hindi. Farm Power question answer in PDF in english. See More

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A syllable is a unit of one or more speech sound either vowel or consonant. It constitutes a word singly or in multiple numbers. For example - One syllable - Boy ,Girl ,school. Two syllable -Teacher ,Student ,subject. Three syllable - Principal ,discipline ,department. Four syllable -Recognition , development , mathematics Multiple Choice Questions for Psychology with Answers. ExamGuru 4:15 PM. 30 Most important Psychology Question and Answers (MCQs) for upcoming Exams. These Psychology questions with answers asked in UGC-NET/JRF Exam. So very helpful to crack competitive tests. 1. The factors that influence social behavior and thoughts in certain ways are called- Pick the odd one out. Our leaders should display their powers of censorship when needed If this is the official idea of prompt action at a time of crisis among communities, then Indians have more reason to fear their protectors than the nebulous mischief-maker of the cyber-worl Diagrammatic reasoning questions (also known as logical reasoning or inductive reasoning questions) are designed to assess your logical reasoning ability.They consist of multiple-choice questions and are administered under exam conditions. Many of the aptitude tests that you will face during the job selection process will contain questions of this type Hindi Notes; International Organization Three of the options are related in some way except one option. Select the odd one out from the following options. (A) Eulogy (B) Panegyric (C) Ignominy (D) Glorification. Click To Show Answer/Hide. Answer - (C) 150. Choose the option that is closest in meaning to the word 'Quagmire'. (A.

Practice Set for ANALOGY In the following questions, find out the RELATION between given two words in capital letter and pick up one ODD MAN OUT - Examples Practice Set for ODD ONE OUT In the following questions three of the groups are alike while one is different Time it out for real assessment and get your results instantly. Choose the pair of words from the options that best represents a similar relationship as the one expressed in the following pair of word s. Find the odd one out from the following. Expedition. Crusade. Cruise. Forest. D. Forest. 44 Views. Answer. 3; 4 Find the odd one out A. Albatross B. Ostrich C. Pelican D. Penguin. Gabbar kidnapped Basanti and placed him a tunnel which has a length of 500 m. He tied her from 200 m distance from one side. Veeru heroically saved Basanti and at the same time a train was approaching the tunnel

Amcat Logical Reasoning Questions Previous Years with Solutions Ques 1 : The question contains some statements followed by some conclusions.Decide which of the given conclusions logically follow from the given statements, disregarding commonly known facts. Statements P: All good athletes want to win. Q: All good athletes eat well. Conclusions I One is a different wine (B). Tasters assess all three samples, then pick the sample which is different from the other two, or the odd one out. Serving orders3: AAB, ABA, BAA, BBA, BAB, ABB Correct response - taster picks the odd one out. Significance - Required no. of correct/total responses2: Single tasting 4/5 5/6 5/7 6/ This test will help students prepare for Odd Sentence Out questions that appear in Common Aptitude Test (CAT) conducted by IIMs. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript (e) Guava, radish, carrot, beetroot- Guava is the odd one out because it is a perrenial plant whereas rest of them are biennial plants. (f) Deer, fish, man, worms- Worm is the odd one out because it is an invertebrate whereas rest of them are vertebrates

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68 -40 = 28 85-57 = 28 55-27 = 28 But, 72 - 43 = 29, so 72—43 is odd one out. Alphabet Classification. In alphabet classification, there is a similarity or pattern among the alphabets in the group. The candidate has to identify the pattern and select the one which does not follow the common pattern in the group Which of the following words has a similar meaning to outgoing: A: extraverted B: contained C: outside D: exit E: introverted Question 9 Four of the following words are alike in some way. Which is the odd word out? A: petrified B: fearful C: terrified D: daring E: scared Question 10 All of the words in the box below are alike in some way

NCERT Solutions Class 6 Science Chapter 4 - Free PDF Download. NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 4 are provided here to make the students get familiarised with all the concepts involved in CBSE Science syllabus Sorting Materials Into Groups part. This study material is very important for the students preparing for CBSE Class 6 examination uncharacteristic definition: 1. not typical 2. not typical. Learn more Question: In the following questions, out of the four alternatives choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence. Question.A cinema show held in the afternoon Examples of Peer Pressure When you say that you don't want to study, your friend invites you over and says that you two can study together. Your friends have started wearing low cut shirts and miniskirts to school. You don't feel comfortable showing so much skin but you don't want to look like the odd one out

Q.2) A can do a piece of work in 10 days, B can do the work in 15 days and C can do the work in 12 days If they work together then in how many days will they finish the 75% of the work ? Q.4) A salesman get 15% commission on total sales, and gets 5% extra commission as bonus on over sells of Rs. 25000 Odd one out. In each of these groups, one of the nouns is always used in the plural. Which one? 1 wellington trouser slipper 3 knife scissor razor 2 billiard squash archery 4 tracksuit costume dungaree 27.6 In this little story, there are some nouns that should be plural but are not. Change the text where appropriate Drake and Josh. Zack and Cody. These names are not just reserved for two brothers, a lady can also have pair nicknames with her brother. For example, Â Lisa and Bart Simpson, Salt and Ice is a good nickname for brothers and sisters who don't see eye to eye

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Link up with other resources to tweet a vedic hymn a day. API to use: rv Pick the mandal and sukta.; Append this number to the base URL of the external resource that contains the hymn Chess was invented in India. 6. Christopher Columbus, attracted by India's wealth, had come looking for a sea route to India when he discovered America by mistake. 7. Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists, runs his government in exile from Dharmashala in northern India. 8 Pick the odd one out: The classical dancers who have choreographed in TV and films. Kumudini Lakhia. Birju Maharaj. Vaibhavi Merchant. Parul Shah. Answer: c. Pick the odd one out: Tandava - Lasya. Talam - Rhythm. Flute - Bamboo. Nadaswaram - Sitar. Answer: d. Match the following The Small Science Approach • Asking questions, making sense of the natural world • Organised experiences enhance and enrich life experiences • Experiences of the natural world-NOT a sanitised, idealised, prettified world-NOR a far-away, fantastic world (e.g. NatGeo Explorer)-But the world in which you live, which you engage with• Authentic experience The tale of how the words blade and runner got mixed up with one another and applied to one of the most acclaimed movies of the 20th century is a truly odd one

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A (young) person who misbehaves or is rebellious. A person who engages in sabotage. Bird of ill omen. A group of opponents, especially in sport, business, or politics. Verb. To rise in opposition or armed resistance to an established government or leader. To resist authority, control, or convention. To show or feel repugnance for or resistance. KIDS General Knowledge Quiz Set No - 1. KIDS General Knowledge Quiz. Set No - 1. Questions in the quiz are related to General Knowledge, English, Science, Sports, History, India, Geography, Computer, Maths and CBSE syllabus of Class 3, Class 4 & Class 5. GK QUIZ: Set No. 1 Question Serial No. Q1 to Q10 7. Select the odd one out from the following list (a) Endoplasmic reticulum (b) Lysosome (c) Plastid (d) Cell wall. 8. Eukaryotic cell means (a) New cell (b) Big cell (c) Cell with true nucleus (d) All of these. 9. Largest cell in human body is (a) Nerve cell (b) Liver cell (c) Fat cell (d) Blood cell Sol.(a) 10. Choose the animal/organism that. Synergy Reasoning Questions Reasoning Paper Wipro. Download PDF of This Page (Size: 110K) ↧ Examrace Placement Series prepares you for the toughest placement exams to top companies.. A topic on Gandhiji's Salt Satyagrah Movement Four sentences were given and you have to arrange the Urdu and Hindi are one language. Persianized Hindi does not exist since Persian vocabulary is an essential part of its vocabulary. If you are refering to the natural language vs the artificial Sanskritized Hindi than it is better to learn the lang..

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NPAT 2019 exam result will be released on May 30, 2019. Exam Pattern. The pattern of NPAT has remained the same ever since the exam came in to existence. Questions in NPAT come from areas like Mathematics, Reasoning and Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension 9) One is Enough. On your altar, always keep only one idol of Lord Ganesha. Keeping two or more Ganesha idols counteracts their energy. You only need one to be effective! 10) Remember the Purpose. More important than all these rules, remember the deep meaning behind Ganesh every time you see his image EF Education First: Choose Country or Regio Which one of these letters is the odd one out and why? (two possible different answers): A B C M N O T U V. AEIOU word puzzle: There are several words in the English language which have one of each of the vowels (aeiou) in the right alphabetical order. How many do you know? puzzle answers are here. Try the expressions derivations quiz

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A princely state, also called a native state, feudatory state or Indian state (for those states on the subcontinent), was a vassal state under a local or indigenous or regional ruler in a subsidiary alliance with the British Raj.Though the history of the princely states of the subcontinent dates from at least the classical period of Indian history, the predominant usage of the term princely. The component meaning 90 is in this row invariably aanve. It looks as if it had arisen out of Hindi-Urdu navve (90) by metathesis (switching of the n and the a). na > an . n a v v e > a n v v e > a a n v e. Comparison of all exploded row-diagrams . For ease of comparison I have arranged the exploded row-diagrams all on one page The following 15 questions have one mandate: Find the odd one out! Pick the odd one out: Hammer is the only tool. Nail Hammer Screw Pin Pick the odd one out: A tree makes all the other 3, it's not a part of something else. 15 Qs. Find the Difference After 6 years, son's age will be: 79. In a mixture of 60 liters, the ratio of milk and water 2:1 if this ratio is to be 1:2, then the quantity of water to be further added is: 80. The product of two numbers is 9375 and the quotient, when the larger one is divided by the smaller, is 1.5. The sum of the numbers is: 81