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Lepus nigricollis is found in southern India. These hares range as far east as Godavari and west as far as Khandesh, Berar, and Madhya Pradesh. Lepus nigricollis are also native to Sri Lanka. They have been introduced into Java, Mauritius, and Seychelles Habitat and ecology As its name suggests, the Indian hare is native to the Indian subcontinent with the exception of higher elevations of the Himalayas and the mangrove areas of the Sundarbans. It is unclear to know exactly in what year the hare was introduced to Mauritius, but it is noted as already existing on the island in 1776 (Redirected from Indian Hare) The Indian hare (Lepus nigricollis), also known as the black-naped hare, is a common species of hare native to the Indian subcontinent, and Java Indian hare can be found in various habitats like the Grasslands, Scrub lands, Barren areas as well as farmlands and agricultural areas along with forest areas. These hares are also seen in mangrove ecosystem and wetlands. Indian hares weigh around 1.5 to 7 kgs and average length is about 40-70cms. The coloration varies from beige, brown, black

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The Hares lived in earth houses. surrounding it with a pole frame and brush, and then packing the whole structure in layers of earth to insulate it. Since Hare houses Usually these houses had multiple rooms and each one housed several familes from the same clan This hare is native to Central Asia, Mongolia, and China. They inhabit everything from desert environments to forest meadows. This rabbit is relatively common, living in areas with heavy human disturbance. They also have a fast reproduction rate Distribution and habitat The historical range of the hispid hare extended from Uttar Pradesh through southern Nepal, the northern region of West Bengal to Assam and into Bangladesh. Today, distribution is sporadic in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and possibly Bhutan Hare Habitat These animals occur naturally throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. Because of the large number of habitats to which this genus has adapted, each species inhabits a different geographical range. The snowshoe hare is a well-known species that occurs from Alaska to the mountainous regions of California and Nevada

The Indian hare, who tricked a lion into fighting his own reflection (rather than eating the hare!) My favourite Welsh hare is the one Gwion became to escape Ceridwen after he accidentally stole the wisdom she was brewing for her son;. In succeeding centuries, farmland, particularly arable land, also proved popular with hares. Their chosen habitat is one that offers shelter in the form of long grass or heather; food in the form of herbs, grasses and cereal crops; and the broad expanses which afford a canvas for hares' remarkable speed. Before the advent of hare coursing and. General Habitat Open scrub, short grassy patches and overgrazed forest land throughout India except high altitudes and mangroves (upto 2400m above msl. It is most common in grassland habitats and at woodland edges, favouring a mosaic of arable fields, grasses and hedgerows. It grazes on vegetation and the bark of young trees and bushes Hare Indians, a Dene tribe which shares with the Loucheux the distinction of being the northernmost Redskins in America, their habitat being immediately south of that of the Eskimos. Their territory extends from Fort Norman, on the Mackenzie, west of Great Bear Lake, to the confines of the Eskimos, not far from the Arctic Ocean

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The average hare weighs from 2.5 to 6.5 kg, has a height of between 52 and 59.5 cm, and has a lifespan of about twelve years. The favorite habitat of the hare is in meadows, fields and clearings. Classified as herbivores, they eat ferns, grass, and crops. The hare is very shy and as a protection action will lay completely still if it is disturbed As a result of their rarity, little is known about hispid hares. These animals are threatened mainly due to conversion of their habitat to agriculture and grassland burning. They are often confused with the more common Indian hare and are therefore hunted for food. They are also preyed on by dogs

Fun Facts for Kids. Indian wolves have a history of preying on children. This phenomenon even was called child-lifting. Indian wolves take a central role in Rudyard Kipling's series The Jungle Book, in which a pack of wolves adopts the feral child Mowgli, and teaches him how to survive in the jungle The Hare Krishna movement is a branch of Hinduism, formally known as Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Its name comes from its chant — Hare Krishna — which devotees repeat over and over. It was started in. Natural habitat. In the wild, Dolabella auricularia and other Aplysia family sea hare slugs enjoy living in slow-moving ocean waters and is camouflaged to blend in with its food, while it is eating and improve their odds of becoming food for something else. These sea hares inhabit the Indian and North West Pacific ocean Some of the largest (and even some of the smallest) wildlife on the planet can be found across India's vast array of rich mountains, verdant grasslands, luscious tropical jungles and forests, dense wetlands, and arid deserts

Facts about the Hainan hare. Hainan Hare or Lepus hainanus is listed on the IUCN Red list (1996) as Vulnerable due to A1ac. The Hainan hare (Lepus hainanus) is one of these forms. The Hainan hare is a species of dry, open country in coastal lowlands, whereas L. More animals beginning with H Hare Krishna Facts - 5: The Hare Krishna cult was based on an Indian Hindu sect that dated back to the 1400's and worshipped the Hindu god Krishna as the one Supreme God. Hare Krishna Facts - 6: The Hare Krishnas emulated the style of worship, diet, dress and lifestyle of its original Indian devotees, including the practice of meditation and yoga In Devgadh Baria of Dahod district, Indian hares will be bred. And the proposed centre in Bhavnagar district will witness breeding of red jungle fowls. The project is planned to address the lion and sloth bear landscapes in the state that will include leopard habitat too in those landscapes. As per forest department officials, major man-animal.

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Kaufen sie indian online von einer vielzahl von produkten zum besten preis. Vergleichen sie indian mit ähnlichen produkten und finden sie den besten prei Koehler, G.M. 1990. Population and habitat characteristics of lynx and snowshoe hares in north central Washington. Canadian Journal of Zoology 68:845-851. Koehler, G.M. 1990. Snowshoe hare, Lepus americanus, use of forest successional stages and population changes during 1985-1989 in north-central Washington. Canadian Field-Naturalist. 105:291-293 Brown hare. Scientific name: Lepus europaeus. The brown hare is known for its long, black-tipped ears and fast running - it can reach speeds of 45mph when evading predators. It prefers a mosaic of farmland and woodland habitats and can often be spotted in fields

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  1. Endemic Species of Wild Animals Found in Indian Subcontinent. Endemic species of wild animals found in India also include below list, Some of these wild species are categorize as Critically Endangered and Vulnerable by the IUCN due to poaching and habitat loss. Madras Hedgehog Hispid Hare Nilgiri Marten Golden Langur Capped Langur Nilgai Blue Bul
  2. Hare Krishna followers, and some other Hindus, may wear sacred tulsi beads around the neck. If it is necessary to remove these beads, they should be retied around the wrist (preferably right). In addition, some jewellery worn by Hindus may have a sacred meaning and patients should be consulted before removal
  3. Generally speaking, humans eat hares as food, but this is less common for most jackrabbit species than some other hares. However, that does not mean that human activity does not impact them. Some species have healthy populations, but habitat destruction , human killing to deter predators, and agricultural expansion plague others
  4. Protecting Habitat. Promoting Coexistence. Defending Conservation Laws. Innovating for Wildlife Conservation. Combating Climate Change. Fighting Invasive Species. Speaking for Wildlife. Where We Work. Take Action. Add Your Voice. Attend an Event. Check Out the Activist Toolkit. Advocate in Your State. Become an Ambassador
  5. Separating the two can be done by looking at the differences in size, life history, and preferred habitat. In general, rabbits are smaller and have shorter ears than hares. They are born without fur and with closed eyes after a gestation period of 30-31 days. Rabbits prefer to hide, rather than run, from their enemies
  6. The Hochunk told many tales about Wash-ching-geka, the Little Hare. In many tribes, it has been said, there were legends to account for the remains for prehistoric animals. While the Little Hare was doing his work, he lived with his grandmother. She was the Earth, and she was very wise. She cooked for the Little Hare, and she took good care.
  7. Rabbit Habitat These animals live in large groups known as warrens, living under the ground in spaces carved out by them as they move in. They typically live in these warrens with a group of other rabbits in a meadow, desert, woods, grassland, wetland, or forest

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Arctic hare: Arctic bird: Caribou: Summer Hunt: Summers were spent fishing and hunting caribou in the interior regions of the Arctic, and hunting seal and walrus along the coasts. One of the most important animals to the Inuit was the caribou. Caribou were hunted, mostly in the summer, for their meat and their skins The desert hare (Lepus tibetanus) is a species of hare found in Central Asia, Northwest China, and the western Indian subcontinent.Little is known about this species except that it inhabits grassland and scrub areas of desert and semi-desert. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has assessed its conservation status as being of least concern The Stoat (Mustela erminea) is a small mammal of the family Mustelidae which also includes other weasels, mink, otters, ferret, badgers, polecats, the wolverine, martens, the tayra, the fisher and skunks. The Stoat is also known as the Short-tailed weasel and the Ermine. Stoats are found throughout mainland Britain in a variety of habitats

Feb 20, 2020 - Venue : Convention Centre Foyer, India Habitat Centre (IHC), Lodhi Roa The project aims to determine the habitat of the hispid hare in the proposed study site and address the conservation threats of the target species through multi-sectoral approach. The historic range of hispid hare extended from Uttar Pradesh in India through southern Nepal, the northern region of West Bengal to Assam, and into Bangladesh and. Habitat: Southern foothills of the central Himalayas. Threats: The habitat of hispid hares is highly fragmented due to increasing agriculture, flood control, and human development. Hog deer. Habitat: Terai region and grasslands in northern India. Threats: Hunting, habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, human encroachments Fun Hare Facts for Kids. Check out our fun hare facts for kids. Learn about the differences between hares and rabbits, how fast hares can run, what a group of hares is called and much more. Read on and enjoy a variety of interesting information about hares

The European hare are nocturnal herbivores that exhibit a polygamous way of life. Females give birth in dugout depressions in the ground to young ones who are weaned after only four weeks after birth. A fully grown European hare weighs 4 to 6 kg. The population of the European hare is on the decline due to poaching, sporting, and predation. It. Hare Krishna movement can be adopted by people of any religion and caste all over the world. Every devotee who follows the Hare Krishna movement has to adopt the tilaka on the forehead. Hare Krishna movement teaches the philosophy of soul, sin, salvation, and higher wisdom. The rituals followed in the movement are a part of Hinduism

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Is the Hare Krishna Movement a Cult? As we have come to know ISKCON, we have become aware that it is a representative of tbe main stream of Indian Vaishnava religion. As such they follow teachings and practices which have a venerable tradition in India. THE INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF AMERICAN RELIGION. P.O. BOX 90709, SANTA BAR8ARA, CA 93190-0709 Greg O'Hare explains the what, why, when and how of cyclones, and reviews their effects in South Asia. 'Tropical cyclone' is the general term for low-pressure atmospheric circulations in the tropics. These have anticlockwise rotating winds in the northern hemisphere and clockwise rotating winds in the southern hemisphere In 2007 there were only 50 Javan rhinos in the wild, 200 Sumatran rhinos and 2620 one-horned Indian rhinos in the world. Conservation: They are still threatened by habitat loss and poaching for their meat and ivory canine teeth. Humans kill the rhino for its keratin horn. The Indian Rhino was brought back from the brink of extinction in 1908

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  1. The lion and the hare set out to face the other lion. The hare took the lion to a deep well, full of water. When they reached near the well, the hare said to the lion, This is the place where he lives. He might be hiding inside. The lion again roared in great anger; climbed up the puteal of the well and peeped in
  2. 01 Naturally, the large bird albatross is a seabird. 02 As a diurnal animal, albatross is active during the day. 03 Most albatross habitats are in the Southern Hemisphere. 04 Only 3 albatross species reside in the North Pacific. 05 Their tameness on land earned albatrosses nicknames like 'mollymawk' meaning 'foolish gull' and 'gooney.'
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  4. The Indian leopard (Panthera pardus fusca) is one of the leopard subspecies which is found in the Indian Subcontinent.Over the past few years the leopard is quickly losing grounds to the poaching, habitat loss, and fragmentation. The Indian leopard shares its geographic distribution with other big cats such as Asiatic lion, clouded leopard, snow leopard, and Bengal tiger
  5. South Indian Bank Ltd is considered one of the most pro active banks in India with a competent tech savvy team of professional at the core of services.The products and services offered by the bank.
  6. A young hare is called a leveret and a young rabbit is called a kitten, kit, or, least correct but very commonly, a bunny.; Hind legs: Hares have very long and strong hind legs, more so than rabbits. Hair/fur: Rabbits and hares both molt and then grow new hair. This happens in both spring and in fall

The Canadian lynx is a cat of medium size with characteristic long ear tufts, a flared facial ruff, and a short, bobbed tail that has a completely black tip. Its paws are unusually large and in very deep snow act like snowshoes. Lynxes have thick fur and long legs, the hind legs being longer than the front legs, giving it a stooped appearance Hare Krishna is a mantra.It is also known as Maha Mantra.The mantra was made well known even outside Hinduism by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.The mantra can be found in many Hinduist traditions in India. Those who believe in it think that when the mantra is heard, spoken, used for meditation or sung this can lead to a higher state of consciousness The O'Hare Airport Transit System (ATS or people mover) is closed 24/7 to finalize modernization efforts and expansion of the system. In order to maintain a travel connection between all of O'Hare's terminals and parking lots, the CDA will operate shuttle buses to transport passengers and employees between terminals (Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 5) and from the terminals to each economy. Facts: Animal Facts for Kids penguin Facts African tree toad Facts Aldabra giant tortoise Facts Alligator Facts Angelfish Facts Ant Facts Arctic hare Facts Arctic wolf Facts Asian Pig Facts Sheep Facts Turkey Facts Horn shark Facts Horseshoe crab Facts Humboldt penguin Facts Indian palm squirrel Facts Indian rhinoceros Facts Indian star.

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Hare . Although hares and rabbits look similar, they have very different symbolism. A hare is bigger than a rabbit, has longer ears, and possesses more powerful hind legs. The two most abundant kinds are the European Brown Hare and the Snowshoe Hare. The Snowshoe Hare is strongly linked to the Snowy Owl population, such that when hare. Pronunciation: jeese-doo (Cherokee), choke-fee (Alabama), chook-fee (Choctaw/Chickasaw), chuf-ih (Creek), chet-kah-nah (Biloxi) Type: Animal spirit, trickster, rabbits. Rabbit is the trickster figure in many Southeastern Indian tribes. The Rabbit Trickster is generally a light-hearted character who does not engage in serious wrongdoing and. 2. Hare/Cat women has medium vaginal passage - 6″ long. 3. Elephant woman has longest vaginal passage - 8″long. Circumference is in proportion to vaginal length but can be stretched to a longer size. It is up to everyone of course to dismiss or accept ancient wisdom if your sex life is not rocking, or has never rocked

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  1. Asiatic Lions are only found in Gir National Park of Gujarat. via wikimedia. Asiatic Lions are found only in Gir Forests of Gujarat, India. There is no other place in the world where a wild population exists. The approximate population here is between 300-400 lions. Lions have been marked as Endangered in the IUCN Red List of threatened species
  2. The architecture of Hindu temples evolved over a period of more than 2,000 years and there is a great variety in this architecture. Hindu temples are of different shapes and sizes — rectangular, octagonal, semicircular — with different types of domes and gates. Temples in southern India have a different style than those in northern India
  3. Native Americans, also known as American Indians and Indigenous Americans, are the indigenous peoples of the United States. By the time European adventurers arrived in the 15th century A.D.

H induism is a unique faith, and not really a religion at all--at least not in the same way as other religions. To be precise, Hinduism is a way of life, dharma. Dharma does not mean religion, but rather it is the law that governs all action. Thus, contrary to popular perception, Hinduism is not a religion in the traditional sense of the term The construction of watchtowers by the Forest Department in Siruguppa, Ballari, which is home to the Great Indian Bustard (GIB), has led to a tug-of-war between the department and wildlife enthusiast The Hare Indian Dog is already extinct but looking back at its temperament, we can say that it was a child-friendly dog. They were of friendly, playful, and loving nature, which would have made an excellent companion for children. Facts. The Hare Indian Dog was also known as Mackenzie River dog and Trap line dogs 09/27/13 AT 1:31 PM. Abhay Charanaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada -- better known as A.C. Bhaktivedanta or simply by the honorific Prabhupada -- was a Bengali Indian Hindu spiritual.

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history of indian architecture 1. INDIAN ARCHITECTURE 1 Prep. By Ephrem N. 2. INDIAN ARCHITECTURE Introduction The architecture of India includes present day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. These countries later on got separated by political boundaries but, still share a common cultural heritage. The diversity of Indian culture is represented in its architecture. Indian architecture. Leopards are found in Africa and Asia, from the Middle Eastern nations to Russia, Korea, China, India, and Malaysia. Consequently, they live in a wide variety of habitats including forests, mountains, deserts and grasslands. The leopard is a very adaptable species, and can be found in different regions of the globe, including: Sub-Saharan Africa

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Below are some of the stories, legends, and mythology of the Native Americans. The specific tribe where the story originated is in parentheses. Creation Myth (Powhatan) There were five main gods in the world. The leader of the gods was the Great Hare. The other four gods were the winds from each corner of the earth Indian Hawthorne growing in pots appreciate a moist but well-drained soil. Constantly soggy soil can and often will cause root rot or other harmful or deadly plant diseases. Therefore, when planting an Indian Hawthorne shrub in a container or pot, we recommend using a quality potting soil or potting mix, or a 50/50 combination thereof The Chinese Hare In The Moon, the Mad March Hare of Wonderland and the Great Rabbit Manabozho of Native American fame. We have picked the Yoruba people's Hare as a particular favorite. He starred in one of the first Hare and Tortoise fables, one of the few occasions when the trickster was out-tricked 4. Some of Africa’s greatest are Fort Hare graduates It provided higher education learning for African, coloured and Indian students who passed high school with university exemption. The University of Fort Hare produced graduates from South Africa and as far north as Kenya and Uganda, who knew they were as good as the best

In medieval societies in Europe, the March hare was viewed as a major fertility symbol—this is a specific species of lepus that is nocturnal most of the year, but in March when mating season begins, there are bunnies everywhere all day long.The female of the species is superfecund and can conceive a second litter while still pregnant with a first Indian Hare. Indian Hare (Lepus nigricollis) Pictures. Indian Palm Squirrel. Indian Palm Squirrel (Funambulus palmarum) Pictures. Kaibab Squirrel. Kaibab Squirrel (Sciurus aberti kaibabensis) Pictures. Mountain hare. Mountain hare (Lepus timidus) Pictures. Northern Pocket Gopher. Northern Pocket Gopher (Thomomys talpoides) Pictures. Paka Birthday. November Nov 1, 1994 ( age 26) Birthplace. Indian Rocks Beach , FL. Popularity 22. Most Popular #4562. Born on November 1 #19. Sports Skills Web Star #14. Born in Indian Rocks Beach, FL #2 Rattlesnake Facts. Rattlesnakes are found all over the Americas, from southern Canada to northern Argentina. We generally picture them living in the desert sands of the Southwest, but they also inhabit rocky hills, grasslands and scrub bush Christ and Krishna - the Name is the Same. When an Indian person calls on Krishna, he often says, Krsta. Krsta is a Sanskrit word meaning attraction. So when we address God as Christ, Krsta, or Krishna we indicate the same all-attractive Supreme Personality of Godhead. When Jesus said, Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be Thy name, the.

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Physically, the hare has longer ears and hind legs. In general, the hare is just overall larger than a rabbit. They also have different lifestyles. The hare is a solitary animal, while the rabbit enjoys living in groups. The hare just makes a slight hole on top of the ground to sleep, while the wild rabbit prefers a burrow below ground Indian Divinity - Hindu Mythology Articles - All you want to know about Hindu Mythology, the hindu way of life, stories and legends of various gods, goddesses with detailed information and colorful images. The Moon is known as a hare, or rabbit in Vedic lore, as he jumps faster than any of the other grahas. The Moon rules over the sidereal. Interesting Lord Krishna Facts. #1. Shri Krishna was born as the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva in Rohini Nakshatra. #2. He is so powerful that he even brought the dead son of his Guru Sandipani as a way of paying Gurudakshina to Sandipani. #3. He also revived six sons of Devaki (others were Balarama and himself) for a brief moment of reunion HCD 476.6E (PDF) — Statement of Facts - Indian Owned on Indian Reservation HCD RT 476.6G (PDF) — Multi-Purpose Transfer Form; HCD 476.6H (PDF) — Statement of Facts - Exempt Registration HCD RT 476.6I (PDF) — Statement of Facts - Bond; HCD 476.7 (PDF) — Statement of Facts - Mobilehome Recovery Fund Fee and/or Use Tax Exemptio

NATURAL HISTORY. AMERICAN PIKA } Ochotona princeps FAMILY: Ochotonidae . The genus name Ochotona stems from the Mongolian word for pikas, ochodona. The species name princeps comes from the Latin word for chief, referring to the Chipewyan Indian name for the pika: little chief hare. The word pika comes from the name used by the Tunguses tribe in northeast Siberia After 50 years, Hare Krishnas are no longer white hippies who proselytize in airports. Members of the New Vrindaban temple in Moundsville, W.Va., belong to the Hare Krishna faith, which turns 50. Michael Hare was a brave man who fought in numerous battles during his life time plus was an Indian interpreter, weaver, teacher and more. At the age of 64 years old. At the age of 64 years old. He joined General Arthur St. Clair's expedition against the Indians using his interpreting as well as soldiering skills

Canis lupus arctos. Weight. 70 to 175 pounds. Length. 3.2 to 5.9 feet. Habitats. Tundra. Often called the polar wolf or white wolf, Arctic wolves inhabit the Arctic regions of North America and Greenland. Thanks to its isolation, the Arctic wolf is not threatened by hunting and habitat destruction in the same way as its southern relatives The Indian Wolf. For a long time, it was believed that the Indian Wolf was a gray wolf subspecies and was recognized as the Canis lupus pallipes, the same as the Iranian Wolf.However, recent genetic research suggests that the Indian Wolf has not cross-bred with any other subspecies in over 400,000 years which would make it a separate species of it's own, the Canis indica 7: Both was sent from heaven to earth in the form of a man. 8 & 46: Both were called Savior, and the second person of the Trinity. 13, 15, 16 & 23: His adoptive human father was a carpenter. 18: A spirit or ghost was their actual father. 21: Krishna and Jesus were of royal descent. 27 & 28: Both were visited at birth by wise men and shepherds.

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Hunting, habitat loss, retaliatory killings as a result of human-wildlife conflict, poaching and climate change are the biggest threats that snow leopards face. Snow leopard habitat range continues to decline from human settlement and increased use of grazing space. Climate change poses perhaps the greatest long-term threat to snow leopards [Image UN Photo/Kibae Park] . Something from the film that stuck with me, was the sheer amount of hands a $5 t-shirt passes through before you buy it in the store. Garment factory workers might be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about the backstory of a piece of clothing, yet The True Cost depicts a disturbing story that goes far beyond the factory walls - right back to.

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Check out fun animal facts about our planet's incredible wildlife. It's all here, from giant mammals to soaring birds and creepy crawlies Facts About Spring Hare Spring hare is actually not a hare, rather an active member of the order Rodentia. Found only across the Southeastern Africa, it is a grazing rodent popular amongst the farmers for wrong reasons - spoiling their crops An Indian-origin California man, Aditya Singh, has been detained for hiding out at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport for nearly three months claiming he was too afraid of getting exposed to the deadly coronavirus. Singh, a 36-year-old man, has now been detained by the local authorities on charges of felony criminal trespass in a restricted area of the airport and misdemeanor theft, as per. The arctic hare is native to the harsh climatic conditions of North American Tundra. The hares instead of hibernating, survive the cold conditions by physiological, as well as behavioral adaptations. They have a thick fur and occupy a low surface to volume ratio to prevent heat escape. The small ears testify to this feature. The [

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Mammals, Mammal Images Pictures, List of Mammals, Wildlife Photos - Nature Images - NaturePhot Rabbit facts. 1) A baby rabbit is called a kit, a female is called a doe and a male is called a buck. 2) Rabbits are very social creatures that live in groups. They live in warrens — a series of tunnels and rooms that they dig underground. 3) A rabbit's teeth never stop growing

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468 calories for 1 serving of Hare Chane Ki Chaat Recipe, Indian Street Chaat, Snack, Cholesterol 15 mg, Carbohydrates 67.5 g, Protein 26.8 g, Fat 10.1 g. Find how much fibre, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, folic acid is present in Hare Chane Ki Chaat Recipe, Indian Street Chaat, Snac Aelian, On Animals 6. 21 (trans. Scholfield) (Greek natural history C2nd A.D.) : In India, I am told, the Elephant and the Drakon (Dragon-Serpent) are the bitterest enemies. Now Elephants draw down the branches of trees and feed upon them. And the Drakones, knowing this, crawl up the trees and envelop the lower half of their bodies in the. Indian desert cat found in the scrub habitat of western Rajasthan and hunt hares, rats, doves, gray partridges and other ground birds. Desert Cat also lives in tropical rain forests, scrub lands,dense forests, semi-desert and villages of western India A preference for sons and fear of having to pay a dowry has resulted in 12 million girls being aborted over the past three decades, according to a 2011 study by the Lancet. A glance at the Indian. Kenting National Park is a 129 square mile park located in Taiwan's Hengchun Peninsula. The park was established in 1984, and covers the majority of Taiwan Island's southern region, including the townships of Manzhou, Checheng, and Hengchun. Kenting National Park is a favourite destination for tourists who wish to snorkel, swim, dive, hike, or go sightseeing

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