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Jul 28, 2016 - This Instagram getting to know you activity is great for the 1st day back to school! This is a great way to get to know your students - it gives them something to relate to!Please email me with any questions! excitedtoeducate@gmail.com_____.. Sep 5, 2015 - Each year I have the students fill out an All About Me type activity in the first week of school. I save them for the entire year and display two each week for students of the week. This year I decided to create and have them fill out a Instagram All About Me activity since my students seem. Apr 8, 2021 - These 16 Instagram activities are the perfect back to school project that students can create to showcase their summer and share a little bit about themselves. They make a great bulletin board. Activities are included for character analysis and book reviews!Choose from 16 different assignments!PER.. Each year I have the students fill out an All About Me type activity in the first week of school. I save them for the entire year and display two each week for students of the week. This year I decided to create and have them fill out a Instagram All About Me activity since my students seem.

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  1. Back to School Activities. Start your school year with some fun activities. I've included a back to school word search, scavenger hunt, and bingo game! My kids LOVE racing through the house to find everything on the scavenger hunt list. We've even designed a version for your younger students
  2. Back to School Message: All Students Are Welcome. There is no stronger message that I want to send my students during the first few days of school than all students are welcome in my classroom! When students enter your classroom they want to feel safe, loved, and welcomed. We can make that experience happen for them very simply
  3. Assign the activity to students to do first if you wish, Then have them all share when you come back together. Check on students' well-being. In a typical school year, all students are nervous on the first day of school. And so is the teacher! Having a virtual first day of school is not what they expected
  4. Teaching students about using scissors is a tremendous back-to-school activity, especially for kindergarten students because they learn how to use scissors properly. Be sure to discuss how to hold the scissors when walking or standing versus how to control them when cutting. I like to model with examples and non-examples
  5. When an activity is returned, sanitize and then pass it on to the next family. Hopefully this will offer resources to our families, empower the parents, and help keep our students still learning while at home! You can find all of these activities seen in the pictures above in my Pre-K Activities: Back to School bundle

I'm not sure I'm ready to start talking about school starting but I do have a fun Back to School Activity that's perfect for the first day of school. This All About My Summer is a fun activity that can be turned into a book all about the fun your child or students had over their summer vacation This is one of the morning meeting activities that students need to move very carefully showing a lot of body awareness. I use this game to teach and model that. These three games are from my Morning Meeting Back to School Activity Cards. #4 Mystery Frogger. Now for some of the fun, silly activities to teach, model, and practice self control.

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  1. ds as the summer wraps up. Today I am going to share my favorite back to school activities and read alouds! If you click on any of the books or products they will take you to an affiliate link! There is a GREAT freebie at the end too! The Exceptionally, Extraordinary, Ordinary First Day of School
  2. Filed Under: Theme Learning Shelves Tagged With: Back to School theme, Preschooler Activities, Toddler Activities About Fynn Fynn is an former-Math and Science teacher from Singapore, author of The Happy Learning Book for Siblings and founder of popular kids' learning blog and Instagram, Happy Tot Shelf
  3. Looking for 3rd-grade welcome back-to-school activities?. I got you! I put together blog posts, interactive notebooks, and Google Classroom products that will make your 3rd-grade back-to-school activities and lessons easy-peasy!. Read below to find a treasure trove of ways to make your back-to-school season engaging AND easy to prep
  4. Digital Back to School Activities for Upper and Middle Grades: It can be tricky to build community in the classroom when in distance learning. Distance learning will never be the same as in class learning. Using digital back to school activities, you can still build classroom community even at a distance. Follow on Instagram
  5. The excitement of back to school. New beginnings, fresh ideas, and tons of paperwork; let you know there is no tired like beginning of the year teacher tired. However, you want to make sure you start the year off on the right foot, so you load up with tons of back to school books and fun activities, to inspire your students to love reading. But.
  6. Add to a Instagram class bulletin board or post them in the hallway! 1,543 Downloads. Back to School Instagram Photo Activity. 1 Rating. Previous Next. Klinsky Kafe. 113 Followers. Follow. Subject. Writing, Back to School. Grade Levels. 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th, 5 th, 6 th, 7 th, 8 th, 9 th, 10 th, 11 th, 12 th. Resource Type. Activities, Fun Stuff.

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Keywords: back to school back to school activity task cards middle school task cards high school task cards instagram activity instagram social media activity. Total Pages. 8 Pages. Answer Key. N/A. Teaching Duration. 2 days. Report this Resource to TpT. Reported resources will be reviewed by our team You can grab this Back to School multiplication activity at my TPT store - grab it here. All About Me bags. This is a great one for kids to get to know each other and make connections. Pass out paper bags, and ask students to bring in five objects that describe them/are special to them/are meaningful in their lives Now I am taking my SUPER DETAILED B2S Plans and just explaining how I would change the group work. PLEASE go checkout my blog post about back to school here. I wrote it as if you were a brand new teacher and needed to know what procedures and expectations to set up as well as engaging activities to do Get Your Free All About Me Activity for Back to School Fun with Kids. You can use this activity to get your kids chatting about their thoughts and feelings going into the upcoming school year. Emphasize that this process is meant to be fun, not perfect 😉. You can print out as many copies as you need Go back to school and look cool. How hot is the heat, we are back in our classes. New class, new faces, embraces a new year. Knowledge is delicious! Let's give spring a big joy . For a new school year . Eat your words! Time to shed a tear because back to school is at this time. Back to school and looking cool. A Partnership in Discovery.

These Back to School themed activities, crafts, printables, games, and more will help you feel ready to rock the school year! Simply click on the pictures below to check out some of our favorite Back to School resources! Back to School Printables. First Day of School Craft Back to School I Spy Free Printable Activity for Kids. This one page printable offers kids the chance to color in a variety of school-themed objects and then count them all up afterward. To make it easier to count up the objects, it might be easiest for students to color all of the same objects the same color. For example, a student might color. Laminating Kids Holiday School Art Projects. Have you guys seen my idea on using kids art projects to decorate the home? Well, this is an additional tip for that. When you get tired of swapping the holiday art back and forth, in and out of the frame and the glass, possibly cutting yourself with the glass, take me up on this tutorial Today I would like to share with you our Back to School theme printable, the Scissors and Glue ABC Matching. This printable focuses on matching the uppercase letters. It includes all the letters from A to Z. Scissors and Glue ABC Matching This is a low prep activity

Head to a JCPenney store on Saturday, Aug. 14, to grab a free back-to-school kids' craft. The crafts will be available for pickup in stores from 11 a.m. to noon. You'll also get a 10% off coupon to.. To help you find the perfect words to go with that first day pic, we've rounded up the best back-to-school Instagram captions. Cute School daze Saved by the bell New year, new m

6. Start with the fun back to school activities. Whenever we start back to school, we never dig into the hard stuff. I prefer more of a soft start. The first several days, we make journals/notebooks fun like pictured above. We also do goal planning, make a list of ideas for field trips, an All About Me interview, and other back-to-school. Back to School Name Game. Learning to spell your name is a big deal.This is one of the first major accomplishments of a Pre-K/Kindergarten student. We usually start working on this skill in the first week of class, because students have often seen their name spelled out before, and thus have some prior knowledge on what the letters in their name look like Celebrate starting school with these fun and easy back to school crafts for kids. Pencil holders, free printables and all kinds of craft activities. Whether your kids are headed back to school after Labor Day or earlier, it is always fun to get them excited for heading back. We have a full list of fun crafts, DIYs, printable and coloring pages. Leveling Activities. Here is an example of a leveled activity example from this Back to School Math Activity pack. The first game has students counting base ten blocks and writing the correct number in the box provided. If you students are using this in small groups, and there are 4 color coded versions of this game going from 1-20

The first reading skill you will review or teach is letter recognition. There are so many easy and low prep alphabet activities you can do using a simple set of flashcards! Today, I am going to share four Alphabet Back to School Activities you can play with your students, along with a free set of back to school themed flashcards Try this Free Back To School Themed Color By Letter printable activity. Any child who loves to color, even just a little bit, will enjoy this fun color by letter! Letter recognition can be a difficult concept for some kids, especially Kindergartners. It is important to give them a variety of activities that spark their interest but also help them learn and recognize each letter of the alphabet These icebreaker activities help students feel comfortable with classmates and help them shake off their own jitters. These are a must on your first day back to school. I usually go into the day with a mix of low-prep or more involved icebreaker activities ready to go depending on how the day is progressing. 3

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Back to School Read Aloud with Activities. Our Class is a Family by Shannon Olsen is a newly released picture book that is great for the Back to School season. If you haven't picked up your copy, you can grab one HERE. After Katie and I read the story over this summer we just knew we had to create a teaching resource to go along with it Description. This Back to School Fun Pack is FULL of activities for you to get the kindergarten school year off to a great start! There are over 180 pages of hands-on, engaging activities, crafts, and so much more! Here is what is all included: • First Week of School Memory Book and Craft. • Classroom Number Hunt Fun

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Back to School Activities. Make a back-t0-school treat as a family. Sometimes just having a snack to enjoy after school, or to look forward to in a lunchbox goes a long way. Find one your kids love, take the time to bake/make it together, and pack it up to keep the excitement going. Plan to go out to dinner to a family favorite restaurant Back to School Pocket Chart Activities. $ 4.50. Back to School Pocket Chart Activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten! Your kids will love these hands-on centers that also include optional recording sheets. Work on names, letters, numbers, and even sight words with fun chants and games. Back to School Pocket Chart Activities quantity

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Proven Back to School Activities & Strategies that Work. Why These Successful Test Prep Activities Work. blended learning· differentiation· digital activities· Digital Escape Rooms· digital resources· ELA· ELA test prep· READING ACTIVITIES· test prep· Uncategorized. Follow on Instagram If you are looking for more Back To School Activities, we've compiled TEN of our favorites! We've got cooperative learning, STEM activities, get to know you games, all about me goodies, photo booth props, crafts, directed drawings, and character trait lessons. Follow on Instagram It's a strange year and back to school looks different than usual. But getting to know each other is just as important!! Here are some tips for using this activity in alternative learning situations. If a printer is an option, either at the student's home or at school but you want to keep materials separate, try these options Most states are creating their back-to-school plans with an emphasis on three different models for students and teachers: 1) full in-person, 2) full digital/distance learning, and 3) a hybrid model. In a previous blog pos t, I laid out all my lesson plans for my in-person first day back to school We've been picking up a few back to school supplies when shopping. But, the majority of our list we will have to wait until after Sammie's school classes are posted at the high school. Today we are sharing several back to school checklist free printables. There are certain things that are a must for her backpack and locker all year long

Back to School I Spy Printable. DOWNLOAD Back to School I Spy Printable HERE. Happy Back to School! If you love this - you don't want to miss our latest book! Creative Reflection - 365 Days of Journaling Color Pages. 365 Journaling prompt coloring pages + monthly & yearly goal sheets AND 14 free color pages Back to School Extension Activities. You can keep scrolling to get to the Back to School Fine Motor Skills Packet if you'd like. However, if you'd like some ideas for other school-themed activities, you might like some of these! For a fun little activity, you and your kids might like this free printable school-themed cootie catcher Combine peanut butter and coconut oil. Mix until well combined. Add one cup of powdered sugar to the mixture. Mix well. Add a cup of powdered sugar. Once that is combined, add another half cup of powdered sugar. Once the dough is smooth and not sticky, it is ready for play! If the dough gets sticky, sprinkle a small amount of flour on wax paper.

Back to School Activity: Digital All About Me Book. by Cass. Share Tweet Google Pinterest Mail. Whether you're starting out the year teaching in the classroom, virtually, or in a hybrid model, getting to know your new students may look different this year. Trying to plan with so many uncertainties is difficult, so having resources that can be. Back to School Name Activities. Menu. Skip to right header navigation. Skip to main content. Skip to secondary navigation. Skip to primary sidebar. Printables for Pre-K and Kindergarten Centers. Join the Club. How it Works Back to school Art Fun! Engage children creatively with this Instagram style 'Summer Memories' art and writing cell phone activity. Children can reflect, and capture a visual essence of their summer break using images and words. Teachers can get to know more about their new classroom individuals in an imaginative way Back to School Boom Cards : Counting 1-10. Let me walk you through the activities. This free set of Boom Cards include counting number 1 to number 10. Have your little ones count the school supplies and click on the corresponding number August (Back-to-School) Brick Activities $ 3.00 Add to cart. August (Back-to-School) Brick Activities. Bricks are a fun way to sneak in fine motor work with your students. Brick It thematic task cards give your students an object to build with their cubes. These could be used as a STEM challenge, morning tubs, early finishers or any way you choose

School Bus Theme (great to throw in some pretend play and songs plus this simple BACK-TO-SCHOOL BUS FLIPBOOK FREEBIE! All About Me Theme; If You Take a Mouse to School (try this companion book with it!) There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Book (Lots of great activities to use here-over 30 different printables to use with this story

Back to School Theme Kindergarten Printables. I have a brand new Back to School Kindergarten Pack! This new pack is filled with MANY printable back-to-school activities to use with your Kindergartner. Going back to school either in a classroom or at home is a fun time for young children! This free printable pack gives you many fun activities to. Free Spanish Activity Library for Back-to- School. After summer break, it's not easy to lesson plan! To soften the transition, here are 25 completely FREE Spanish activities for back-to-school! Each activity was created by and for Spanish teachers Our Designer Choice Collection features our award-winning designers as they select the best flowers of the day and create a unique, BACK TO SCHOOL arrangement sure to start the year off right. Select your variation. BACK TO SCHOOL DESIGNER'S CHOICE. $49 .99. BACK TO SCHOOL DESIGNER'S CHOICE -. $64 .99. BACK TO SCHOOL DESIGNER'S CHOICE -. $79 .99 Jigsaws are a great way to train the brain in skills such as logical reasoning and spatial awareness, and Usborne jigsaws come with an information book too. Usborne Book and Jigsaw The Solar System. Age: 6+. $14.99. Usborne Book and Jigsaw Human Body. Age: 6+. $14.99. Usborne Book and Jigsaw Flags of the World. Age: 7+ Jigsaws are a great way to train the brain in skills such as logical reasoning and spatial awareness, and Usborne jigsaws come with an information book too. Usborne Book and Jigsaw Flags of the World. Age: 6+. RRP $17.95. Usborne Book and Jigsaw Human Body. Age: 6+. RRP $17.95. Usborne Book and Jigsaw The Solar System

Here are 8 Simple Activities to Make Back to School Night Fun! 1. Scavenger Hunt ( Angela Watson - The Cornerstone for Teachers) Families can complete this activity while they wait for you to begin the presentation, and/or afterward while they wait to talk to you. One parent sent me an email afterward saying how much she enjoyed it because. The first week of school sure is a busy one! I work hard to balance the mandatory paperwork with games, hands-on activities and team-building fun. Even with bigger kids, it's important to keep them moving throughout the day and providing a variety of activities. 1. Marshmallow Tower For this activity, you'll need the following materials [ Lucky for us, many of the beginning of the year activities you know and love can be done in a virtual classroom! Below we have curated over 80 back to school activities for the remote learning classroom. Scroll down for tons of ready-to-use lessons along with tutorials, templates, and examples to make planning this year a little easier Why not add a little fun to the madness — and ease kids back into the swing of things — with some back-to-school crafts. Here are 30 easy and enjoyable back-to-school craft ideas to help get kids excited about heading back to the classroom. They're a great activity for nannies and sitters to do with kids, too. Many of these crafts also.

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Back to the Classroom We're back! And what better way to go back to school than with the adorable Back to the Classroom style template. To get back to school with excitement, Slidesgo has designed this presentation that includes a lot of resources to talk about this theme. This template focuses on talking about.. Browse these FUN back-to-school activities for neat ideas, including leaving a can of Playdoh on their desk the first day and quizzing the teacher on the first day. 17. Get to know your students, and help them to get acquainted with each other through these four first-day activities. including a FREE first day of school cootie catcher Here are some tips & creative classroom activities to transition students into classroom learning smoothly after a long break. 8-Reinforce Your Back-to-School Procedures. Repetition promotes mastery of skill. Those helpful back-to-school class procedures need to be repeated after Spring Break 4th grade 5th grade 6th grade 7th grade 8th grade 9th grade 10th grade 11th grade 12 grade Activities All Subjects any subject Back to School close reading Color By Number Common Core Standards distance learning ELA classroom Elementary English English classroom english language arts escape room figurative language For All Subjects Area Fun.

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Welcome students to your classroom, where they can be anything and learn everything. One of our favorite back-to-school bulletin board ideas! Source: Lessons With Laughter . 62. Gearing up for Success. When you're in gear for a good year, try this idea from Bridget P. 63. Time to Get Messy. If your school uses uniforms, then try this idea. This About Me flower craft is a fun back to school activity. It's suitable for kids in Pre-K, Preschool, Kindergarten or First Grade. About Me Flower Craft. Previously, when I've done this flower craft activity with my class I've got the kids to describe five things about themselves The Perfect Back to School Resource This first grade back to school resource is the perfect way to start your school year! If you are a new 1st grade teacher or you just need some fresh and new ideas for the first week of 1st grade, this First Week of First Grade includes everything you need to have a successful first week of first grade

Back to School Crafts: 3 Fun Activities to Try 08/21/17 | Crafts , Family Fun The summer has come and almost passed, and that means the new school year is quickly approaching It's back to school time, and I've got over 25 back to school crafts for kids you're sure to love! You'll find school supplies your child or student can make and crafts that will help welcome kids back to school and get them excited for the new school year Hip, Hip, Hooray, Back-to-School saves the day! Celebrate a new school year with your parent pals by throwing a whimsical party with a berry delicious twist! A 'school days' themed setting is one you can share with guests both big and small, but the addition of grown-up touches like a Strawberry Milk Cocktail makes it a celebration. Pencil STEM Activities for Kids for Back to School. Now it's time to move on to the activities! First, grab plenty of pencils then check out this collection of awesome STEAM activities all using that little pencil you can never go to school without.. Graphite Circuits: The first project is one of my absolute faves

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Today's Back to School Basics post is all about preschool! The ideas shared below include simple activities that practice preschool concepts like colors, shapes, alphabet letters, numbers, etc. Many of the posts also share ways to adapt or change the activities for older kids 33. Get the lists of school supplies, books and technology your kids will need. 34. Inventory last year's school supplies before going out to buy more. 35. Repurpose and relabel plastic tubs to organize all school supplies. 36. Create a list and budget for back-to-school shopping. 37 Back to School Read Aloud & Activities. August 9, 2016 by Cassie Smith Leave a Comment. On the first day of school I like to read the story, A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams. This book is a Caldecott Honor book, and if you don't have this in your classroom library, you need to get it 1. BACK TO SCHOOL ACTIVITY: ALL ABOUT ME BOOK. This is a fun, stress-free activity that helps you and your students get to know each other while allowing you to sneakily assess your students' spelling and writing skills. It's a win, win In this post, I'm bringing you back to school activities for kindergarten that can be used both in school and for distance learning. There is a mix of printable distance learning and digital activities for kindergarten. I hope that this post can help with preparation for the unknown and settle some feelings of uncertainty

Today it's all about monsters. Back to school monsters that is. It's such a cute and fun back to school theme!I wanted to share a sneak peek of my latest 6 Pack Centers packet, some read aloud ideas, along with a fun NO-PREP freebie!. Those first few weeks back to school are nothing short of CRAZYso we need all the EASY we can get The third challenge in the Back-to-School/Fall STEM Challenge series is Apple Annihilator (see Challenge 1, Challenge 2). If you've found your way here outside of the back-to-school season, not to worry! These challenges work great for fall apple activities and studies of forces and motion all year long Hence today, with the back to school season, I created Back to School Emotion Sorting printables. Back to School Emotion Sorting. There are 7 emotions in this pack. That include happy, sad, scared, worried, surprised, angry and excited. This is a no prep printables. It's a cut and paste activity. You can just print it and ready to go ·Sub Activities. I have added a black and white version for easier printing. This resource is Vol. 1 of the (Back to School Activities Get to Know You - Team Building - First Day of School). Together, both volumes include 50 fun beginning of the year, back to school, team building activities to bring community into your classroom

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3 Tips for Teaching Preschoolers How to Write Letters 5 Fun Ways to Use Bible-Based Coloring and Activity Books for Kids Back to School Amazon Favorites 6 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Germs. Did you enjoy this post? Never miss another! INSTAGRAM No images found! Try some other hashtag or username Back to School Pocket Chart Activities. Previous Post: « June Pocket Chart Activities. Next Post: October Pocket Chart Activities » August (Back-to-School) Geoboard Activities $ 3.00 Add to cart. August (Back-to-School) Geoboard Activities. Geoboards are a fun way to sneak in fine motor work with your students. Band It thematic task cards give your students an object to build with their bands. These could be used as a STEM challenge, morning tubs, early finishers or any way. August (Back-to-School) Snap Cube Activities $ 3.00 Add to cart. August (Back-to-School) Snap Cube Activities. Snap cubes are a fun way to sneak in fine motor work with your students. Snap It thematic task cards give your students an object to build with their cubes. These could be used as a STEM challenge, morning tubs, early finishers or any. Back to School Activities are so much fun and I am even sharing a first day FREEBIE from the story No! David or David Goes to School by David Shannon. We read No David and David Goes to School and discussed rules and why we have them, I made it funny (as always) and the kids were really into it

This is a great option for your to differentiate for your math group tasks! Twirling Time. Telling Time always seems to be one of those 2nd grade skills that kiddos' abilities are all. over. the map. SO this back to school workout provides you with a basic level telling time activity of practice to the hour and half hour with digital and. And they finally did! Here's a little recap of all of our first day of school activities and how you can use You're Finally Here! for best first week of school ever! We read the MOST precious and perfect first day book, You're Finally Here! by Melanie Watt, author of the lovable little Scaredy Squirrel. This little bunny of a book. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Activities for Back to School. Kindergarten and first-grade classroom ideas with a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom directed drawing, science, and writing! Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is simply one of those books that is perfect for back to school time. See how we use this book throughout the week

U.S. Embassy Tokyo. Similar to Germany, the first day of school in Japan marks a new stage of life or a welcoming of sorts into a different part of society.. School is all about new beginnings or a sense of renewal, so the first day of school is actually on April First. Most first-year students receive a stiff backpack or a randoseru The Pigeon Has To Go To School is by far my favorite Mo Willems book for back to school. I created a companion to the book that includes 11 writing pages and an adorable craft. Back to School can be stressful and in kindergarten it is all about routines School Bus Crafts and Activities for Back to School. Get the kids excited about heading back to school with School Bus Crafts and Activities to start the year out right. Can you believe summer is almost over and the kids will head back to school soon? Before they go, spend time together making school bus crafts and doing school bus activities

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Back to School Book #2: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr. I, of course, had to add this one to the list of back to school books! I feel like ALL primary teachers have it in their book collection somewhere. Check out the video for an alternative to reading aloud Math About Me & Some Goal Setting Fun! Getting to know your new students and setting new goals for learning are tow important things every teacher does, starting on the first day of school. These fun getting to know you and goal setting ideas will delight your students and help you learn a little more about them right from the start Back to School Activities (Don't see anything? Log in HERE or join HERE.) Find More: First Grade, Kindergarten, Pre-K « May Centers. Back to School STEM ».