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Multiply the area by the depth of the excavation to obtain its volume: 36 * 0.5 = 18 cu yd. The volume of sand required is equal to the volume of excavation. Our sand calculator will display this value for you. All right, but how much does a yard of sand weigh Let's say I have an area of 100 ft² that I want to cover with sand to a depth of 3 inches. The sand's density is 100 lb/ft³ and costs $15 per cubic yard. The calculator would perform the following calculations: $$Volume = Area \times Depth = 100 ft^2 \times 3\,in = 25\,ft^3$ The density of typical sand is 100 lb/ft 3 (1600 kg/m 3). This corresponds to moderately damp sand and is the number used in the calculator. How much does a yard 3 of sand weigh? A cubic yard of typical sand weighs about 2700 pounds or 1.35 tons

With Sandtastik's Vase & Bottle Colored Sand Fill Calculators, now you can easily calculate how much colored sand in pounds (lbs) you need. Fill A Sandbox, Sand Table or Tray With Play Sand Select the shape of your sandbox, sand table or tray below and enter its measurements to calculate how much play sand in pounds (lbs) is needed to fill The recommended depth of sand for laying pavers is typically 1 inch. As 1 inch is equal to 1`/12 of a foot, you need to divide the square area, in square feet, by 12 to figure out the cubic feet of sand needed. For example, a 96 square foot patio paver requires 8 cubic feet of sand because 96/12 = 8

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Multiply the area and depth of the excavation to obtain its volume: 18 * 2 = 36 yd³. The volume of gravel required is equal to the volume of excavation. Our gravel calculator will display this value for you. If you are going to use sand instead of gravel, try our sand calculator or the paver sand calculator Eileen E. Fabian, PH.D. of Penn State University proposes starting with two inches of sand and then adding more in half-inch intervals as needed. For arenas specifically designated for driving, you can start with 1.5 inches, and you generally shouldn't go above 6 inches Calculate How Much Sand You Will Need Using The Sand Calculator You start by finding or building a straight 2x4 that is 1 foot longer than your pool diameter. In our case, we had a 15 ft pool so I attached two 2x4's together to make one long 16 foot 2x4, as shown below There are 54 50lb bags of stone or sand per cubic yard. 27 cubic feet equal 1 cubic yard (3'L x 3'W x 3'H). Soil weighs about 2,200 lbs per cubic yard. Stone weighs about 2,700 lbs per cubic yard Sand, Gravel & Limestone Calculator to Estimate Tons Required: Length in feet x Width in feet x Depth in feet (inches divided by 12). Take the total and divide by 21.6 (the amount of cubic feet in a ton). The final figure will be the estimated amount of tons required

Use the calculator below to estimate how much DOMINATOR Polymeric Sand you'll need for your project. Be sure to use decimal points; for instance, if your joint depth is 1 1/2 please enter 1.5. Here are some common conversions for you: 1/4 = 0.25 1/2 = 0.5 3/4 = 0.75 1/8 = 0.125 (the smallest joint width we recommend Two Concrete Calculator are provided for different concrete mixes: General mix - 1:5 cement:all-in ballast or 1:2½:3½ cement:sharp sand:gravel. and. Paving mix - 1:3½ cement:all-in ballast or 1:1½:2½ cement:sharp sand:gravel. Comment: If you are wondering how 1:2½:3½ equals 1:5 (shouldn't it be 1:6 I hear someone say), the answer is. It's generally accepted that 9″ of sand is required for equipment 4′ in height. If, for example, we have a 70'x30′ playground area with equipment 8′ in height, we will need 18″ of sand. When you enter these numbers into the sand calculator, you will see that 116.67 cubic yards or 157.5 cubic tons of sand are required How many bags of sand do I need for 3 yards? For 1/2 yard, you will need 22.5 bags of 60 lb sand, for 2 yards, it will need 90 bags of 60 lb sand, for 3 yards, it will need 135 bags of 60 lb sand, for 4 yards, it will need 180 bags of 60 lb sand, for 5 yards, it will need 225 bags of 60 lb sand and for 10 yards, it will need 450 bags of 60 lb sand The calculator will indicate the approximate number of Polymeric Jointing Sand bags you will need for your project. (Based on standard 2 inch x 4 inch x 6 inch pavers

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The calculator computes the weight (1) and volume (2) of gravel using the following formulas: (1) m = ρ × V and (2) V = l × w × h, where ρ is the density, V — volume, m — weight (or mass), and h is the height of gravel; l and w and are the length and width of a base of an aquarium respectively. See also our gravel calculators for. Enter the width, length and depth of the area you are covering and select calculate. This will tell you the number of bulk bags or large packs of play sand you require

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  1. e how much sand you need for your next project with our easy-to-use sand calculator. Simply enter how many square feet you're trying to cover and your desired sand depth. We'll let you know how many cubic yards and tons of The Hayden Group's sand you'll need
  2. Want to know how much abrasive you will need for your next project? Use our free abrasive calculators below to get an estimate of how much abrasive you will likely use. Enter your estimated surface area of the surface you are blasting and the abrasive calculators below will you give an estimate of the amount of abrasive you will use
  3. Mulch and Top Soil Calculator. Use this calculator to figure out how much product you need to complete your project. Cumberland #0121. 2450 Cumberland Pkwy. Atlanta, GA 30339. Change. Bags available in store. Bulk delivery available. 1. Choose a type of material
  4. g pool from this tutorial. We explain how much is needed for foam and sand cove installations. 15 49.0138 8.38624 arrow 1 bullet 1 6000 1 0 fade https://blog.thepoolfactory.com 300 4000

As a rough guide you will need between 1 x 20-25 kg bag of kiln dried sand per 15-30 square meters of paving to be re-sanded. This depends on the width & depth of the paving joints. Use a soft broom to spread the dry sand across the surface of the paving allowing the sand to flow into the joints of the paving One challenge in planning for a new planted aquarium is determining how much substrate you need for your planted aquarium. It becomes challenging to compare various brands of substrate (that all come packaged with different volumes of product in each bag) and plan for the number of bags that your setup will require and budget for the resulting cost Identify the sand cost per one unit (such as tonne or cubic yard) then let the sand calculator do all the work. Concrete and Other Materials Not every contractor will be using sand on-site, which is why there is a need for other calculators

Sand Calculator Formula. The following formula is used by the calculator above to calculate the total weight of sand used to fill a space. m = L * W * T * D. Where m is the weight/mass. L is the length. W is the width. T is the thickness/depth. and D is the density (typically 100 lbs per cubic foot Calculate Fill Sand. Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Sand / Screenings in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project. The Density of Fill Sand : 2,410 lb/yd³ or 1.21 t/yd³ or 0.8 yd³/t Calculate How Much Sand You Will Need Using The Sand Calculator You start by finding or building a straight 2x4 that is 1 foot longer than your pool diameter. In our case, we had a 15 ft pool so I attached two 2x4's together to make one long 16 foot 2x4, as shown below

Our landscaping materials calculator can help you determine how much material you'll need! Simple to use for DIY landscape enthusiasts and landscaping contractors. 866.600.065 Sand Bed. Whether you're planning a shallow sand bed for a fish-only tank or a deep sand bed for your mixed reef, our CaribSea-powered sand bed calculator helps ensure you buy the right amount of sand for your system. Just enter your aquarium's length, width and ideal sand bed depth to calculate how many pounds of sand you'll need. View Calculator You will need approximately: bags of white Portland Type I. You will need approximately: (100 lb.) bags silica sand (4030 most common). You will need approximately: gallons finish lime. You will need approximately: gallons TK-225 bonding add mix Live Sand Calculator. Estimate the amount of sand needed to create a sand bed of a desired depth based on your aquarium's dimensions. Field. Enter value Here. Length (inches) Width (inches) Height (inches) Pounds per cubic foot. Sand Bed formula (Pounds) 0

*Includes standard 10% waste. This paver calculator can help you figure out how many paver stones you need for your project. It will also help you estimate the cubic yards of sand base you will need Work out the area of the separate shapes and then add (or subtract) these areas to give you the final area you need. In the example above, the rectangles measure 4 ft × 10 ft= 40 ft² and 6 ft × 8 ft= 48 ft². Therefore, the total area is: $$40 ft^2 + 48 ft^2 = 88 ft^2$$. Our gravel calculator is a powerful online tool that you can use to. Triangle Beds. (Measure the two sides that meet at the 90° angle) Length of the first side in metres. Length of the second side in metres. Thickness in centimetres. Cubic Metres. What type of material do you want

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Play Sand Calculator. This calculator is for guidance only. We recommend that if you are using play sand as an impact absorbing service you seek the advise of a professional installer regarding the depth needed for your project. Enter the width, length and depth of the area you are covering and select calculate To determine how much sand topdressing you need to cover an area: Measure number of square feet in the area # of square feet x depth of application in inches x 0.0031 = cubic yards of topdressing needed for surface coverage # of cubic yards x 1.35 = # of tons of sand neede The calculator will tell you approximately how many cubic yards or tons of material you'll need. If you still have questions, please call the Mulch and Stone Team at 703-999-2624 . If you have the total area of your landscape beds calculated, we'd be glad to help you figure the amount of mulch, topsoil or gravel you will need

How much play sand do I need to fill a sandbox? Convert your sandbox measurements into bulk play sand weight with our volume calculators. ROUND 4-SIDED 5-SIDED 6-SIDED DEPTH HELP . Select the sandbox shape below and enter your measurements to find out how much play sand in pounds (lbs) is needed This estimate assumes using a mortar that needs to be mixed with three parts sand. A 1:3 cement to sand mix will require one yd 3 of sand for every seven bags of mortar. Pre-mixed bags of mortar are also readily available, and an 80-pound bag of mix will often yield 30-36 bricks. Divide the total number of bricks by 36 to calculate the bags needed

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  1. Calculate the square metre to be covered and add 5% to allow for cuts and wastage (only 2% should be required for wastage on jobs greater than 100m2). Area to be paved ____ (m2) x 1.05 (allows for 5% wastage) = _____ total m2 of pavers required. Remember: Deduct the total m2 of header course paved from the total m2 of pavers required when ordering
  2. The calculator tool demands the area's length, width and depth. While the length and width are fairly straightforward, depth requirements can vary. Paved walkways, for instance, typically need a 1″ sub-layer of sand. A playground, however, requires at least 9″ of sand for every 4″ of equipment (in height). Once you've measured out the.
  3. To calculate the sand quantity ; Given that the sand cement ratio is 1:5. So, sand required is (.30×5)/6=.25cum. When converted into kg =.25×1440=360Kg. If you are looking for construction cost calculator then have a look on it here. With this simple formula, it is easy to estimate the amount of cement consumption required for brick masonry.

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  1. Building Sand and Cement Calculator. How much sand and cement do I need to build a wall? Simply type in the height and length of a wall that you want to build and click on Calculate at the bottom, we will work out how much sand and cement that you need on the right of this page. Height of wall: m. Length of wall: m
  2. Materials Calculator. This calculator will provide you with an estimate of how much concrete sand, weed membrane and sub-base you will need for your paving project. As this is purely an estimate for perfectly level ground, we highly recommend seeking advice from a professional landscaper before buying any concrete sand or sub-base
  3. Ballast (Sand & Gravel) How much do I need? Use the calculator on the right hand size by entering your required dimensions and clicking calculate. This will give you an estimated weight required and will show you how this can be supplied in three different ways. Delivery
  4. Related Volume Calculator. Concrete is a material comprised of a number of coarse aggregates (particulate materials such as sand, gravel, crushed stone, and slag) bonded with cement. Cement is a substance that is used to bind materials, such as aggregate, by adhering to said materials, then hardening over time
  5. How much do you need? The calculators below can help you estimate the tonnage needed for a job. To calculate your estimate you will need to know the length and width of the job in feet and the depth in inches. The estimate provided is for most of our stone products. Tonnages for certain products (including Gabion and Rip Rap) will vary slightly from what is shown
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GNA Sand and Gravel Cubic yard calculator for topsoil, sand, gravel, dirt. Calculate the square feet of an area by using the length width and depth. (818) 318-039 How Much Sand Do I Need for My Pool? The general rule is that there should be a two to three-inch base of sand under an above ground pool. If you know the dimensions of your pool area, then you can easily figure out how much sand you'll need for the base using a sand calculator 5. Sand Infill Calculator. To finish your installation, you'll need to apply kiln dried sand to your newly laid lawn. The sand will support the fibres, add ballast and help to regulate the temperature of your artificial grass. For further information on using a sand infill, please our article, Shoul Whatever the paver project, the first thing to do when determining the amount of sand you need is to calculate the square footage of the paved area. For square or rectangular areas this is fairly simple. You just multiply the length by width. For example, a 10-foot wide driveway that stretches out for a length of 50-feet is 500 square feet, as. By default, the sliders are adjusted so that Earth is 100% of the mix. When you increase rock or sand, the percentage of earth will decrease. This calculator supports the construction standard 3-2-1 mix (3-rock, 2-sand, 1-cement) as the maximum. 100% Mix = % Rock + % Sand + % Eart

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Substrate Calculator. The quickest and easiest way to work out how much substrate you need is to use a substrate calculator. A good substrate calculator will enable you to enter the dimensions of your fish tank, the type of substrate that you want to use, whether the tank is to be planted or not, and even the fish species you intend to keep Multiply this number by pi -- 3.14 -- and then multiply the result by the desired depth of the sand to get the volume. For example, if the sandbox has a radius of 4 feet, and you want the sand to be 1 foot deep, you will need a little more than 50 cubic feet of sand: 4 times 4 times 3.14 times 1 equals 50.24 This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website Aquarium Substrate Weight Calculator. To use this calculator, enter the size of your aquarium and the desired depth of the substrate. The substrate weight will be calculated for you. Width of Tank inches. Length of Tank inches. Inches of Substrate. Gravel Required: lbs. Dry Sand Required: lbs. Wet Sand Required: lbs Work out what you need for your artificial grass installation Enter your project details below and our handy supplies calculator will let you know how much material you'll need. All of these items should be available at your local builders merchant, so you can purchase them when you pick up your artificial grass order. Width [

Screed Volume Calculator 2021-03-18T19:33:45+00:00 Screed Volume Calculator This screed volume calculator will work out the approximate quantity of screed that you would need to order based on the measurements that you supply

Other Supplies - Do you need aggregate (stone or gravel) for the project? Do you have the concrete tools that you need? Do you have the concrete tools that you need? Our professional customer service representatives and our Concrete Store Representatives can help you make sure you are prepared, just call 229-888-9199 AGGREGATES CALCULATOR. Use this handy calculator to estimate how much aggregate you will need for your project. Enter the Length, Width & Depth of your Project Area. Select the Unit of Measurement for your entered numbers (Feet, Inches, Centimeters or Meters). ESTIMATE VOLUM

Because the sand has a crucial role to play as much as the type of gravel that you decide to go with, you need to determine the right amount of sand for your application. You can figure out the right amount of sand by making a few mathematical computations or simply making a rough estimation The owner's manual for your filter will contain all the information you need to replace your sand. Below is a screenshot of the manual for the Pentair Sand Dollar and Cristal-Flo II Sand Filters. In the example, you can see that the 26″ tank requires 350 lbs of sand. The larger the filter, the more sand it requires The final paver sand depth needs to be 1 inch and you need to account for sand filtering into the paver base and into the joints between the pavers. Make your calculations using a sand depth of 2 inches or 0.1667 feet. (area of project in square feet) x 0.1667 = cubic feet of paver sand. 96 sq ft x 0.1667 = 16 cu f

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So you need to mix 14 bags of cement with 1 cubic yard (27 CF) of sand and 3/2 yard of gravel to produce 3000 psi concrete. Therefore a mix using 1 cubic yard of sand should require 14 bags of Portland cement and about 3/2 cubic yards (40.5 CF) of gravel to produce 3,000 psi concrete. Primary Sidebar. Categories If you are unsure how much aggregate you need, use our calculator below. Select your aggregate type, then enter your measurements below. You will need: 18.7 tonnes of this aggregate type. You will need: 24.93 bulk bags of this aggregate type. You will need: 935.00 mini bags of this aggregate type

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If you use the sand calculator, you will be told that in order to form a 1-inch bed, you will need roughly 24 pounds of sand. So, now you need to figure out how deep you want the bed to be. If you want the bed to be 5 inches deep, you will need to multiply that number (24) by 5, which would mean that you need 120 pounds of sand to form the. How Much Concrete Do You Need? Use the Readymix Concrete Volume Calculator to calculate the volume of concrete you require for your job. If you are not sure of how to calculate the volume of different shapes, you can use the Common Shape Calculator which will provide you with the appropriate equations. *1m³ minimum order value The depth being 1-inch, which is equivalent to 1/12 foot, all you really need to do is to divide the total area in square foot by 12. That's how much sand you need. Find out the total area in square feet, divide by 12, and voila, that's how much sand you need for a 1-inch layer. Call your supplier and let him know what you need Calculate the amount of sand required to add to the mortar mix. Equal amounts of sand and mortar mix are combined with water when making mortar. Each bag of mortar mix weighs 100 pounds. Use the formula: 100 pounds of sand for each bag of mortar mix. For example, 36 bags of mortar mix will require 3,600 pounds of sand

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  1. how much aggregate (stone, sand, or gravel) do i need? Please use this calculator to select which product you would like to calculate the total tonnage estimated for your project. You will need the length, width, and depth of your project space to be able to get your estimated tonnage calculation
  2. With the weight of the sand in the bag, sandbags with such dimensions and of this size can be used like bricks in building an interlocking sandbags wall. How much do sandbags hold? A standard 14 x 26 sandbag or 18 x 30 sandbag can hold up to 50 pounds of sand, but we recommend filling the bag to 35-40 pounds of sand
  3. You will need approximately: 70# / 80# Bags (70# bags for *Type N and 80# bags for Premix Type S) We recommend rounding up on all approximations, to ensure you have enough material. * When using non premixed mortar, like Type N, M or S masonry cement, approximately 18 shovels or 200 lbs of fine masonry sand will be needed
  4. Bongiorno's Material Calculator To figure out how much material you'll need enter your values in the empty boxes below. Final figures will be found below for various depths needed for your project. Material Calculator For use in calculating quantities of Sand, Stone, Fill and Topsoil: Enter Data:

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Fill Dirt Calculator is used to calculate how much material is needed for your construction and the total material costs. Use the fill dirt calculator to calculate how much mulch, gravel, rock, sand, dirt, concrete and other landscape materials that you may need Calculate your project. Get a free estimate on how much product you will need for your project by simply filling out the information below. You will also receive an email with your quote for your records. If you do not know the specific measurements below or have any questions, simple click the QUESTIONS button below How much material or product do you need to complete your project? Take the guesswork out of estimating the cost of home improvements, moving and more. Our helpful project calculators fill a critical step in project planning, allowing you to estimate the amount or material or products needed - and their cost - before you get started Divide by 1.6 to get how much sand you'll need. Then divide your sand by 6 to get how much giant seaweed you need. So with doing orbs and needing to gain 3.3m xp I think you'd need 35k molten glass which is around 22k sand and 3.6k giant seaweed

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Calculate Fill Dirt. Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Soil & Dirt in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project. The Density of Fill Dirt: 2,410 lb/yd³ or 1.21 t/yd³ or 0.8 yd³/t. A Step 4. Multiply the number found in Step 3 by the thickness of sand you want in your base. This new number is how many 50-pound bags of sand you will need for your project. Some contractors recommend a base of sand between 4 and 6 inches thick. Advertisement So, if you want 6 inches of sand in your 5' x 5' x 8 sandbox, you'll multiply 5' x 5' x 0.5' to find how many cubic feet of sand you need. In this case, it's about 12.5 cubic feet! Step 4: Determine how many bags of sand you'll need. Play sand is usually sold in 50 lb bags that contain approximately ½ cubic feet of sand GNA Sand and Gravel Cubic yard calculator for topsoil, sand, gravel, dirt. Calculate the square feet of an area by using the length width and depth. (818) 318-039 L x W = CM2. You then need to work out the depth that you want to cover or fill in millimeters. You can do this with just a simple tape measure! Once you have all this information, you can then use our calculator on the side of most pages, just select the category of product e.g. Sands. When you need to work out the amount of mulch you need for. Material Needed (Circle) Definition. The Material Needed Calculator (Circle) provides a simple method for determining the volume, in cubic yards, of any material needed to fill a cylindrical space.This tool can be especially useful for calculating the amount of material needed for construction jobs, which is necessary when estimating material costs