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  1. Like py:currentmodule, this directive produces no output. Instead, it serves to notify Sphinx that all following option directives document options for the program called name. If you use program, you have to qualify the references in your option roles by the program name, so if you have the following situatio
  2. Like currentmodule, this directive produces no output. Instead, it serves to notify Sphinx that all following cmdoption directives document options for the program called name. If you use program, you have to qualify the references in your option roles by the program name, so if you have the following situatio
  3. Currently we have several instances of #doctest: +SKIP being used in conjunction with. currentmodule:: in our docs. This is causing API docs to not render properly (see screenshots below). This PR removes #doctest: +SKIP which results in API docs rendering as expected Current rendering: With the changes in this PR: Tests added / passed Passes black dask / flake8 das

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Describe the bug. The pyhf docs build without errors with Sphinx v3.0.4 but they are broken by Sphinx v3.1.1.Specifically, the docs are breaking due to autodocumenting fialing to import the right module, and hence failing to produce the documentation for two sections of the API. This is shown during the build by. WARNING: don't know which module to import for autodocumenting 'optimize.opt_jax. sphinx.ext.autosummary. - Generate autodoc summaries. New in version 0.6. This extension generates function/method/attribute summary lists, similar to those output e.g. by Epydoc and other API doc generation tools. This is especially useful when your docstrings are long and detailed, and putting each one of them on a separate page makes them.

last but not least, the Sphinx class never gets instantiated when running sphinx-autogen, meaning that autodoc.setup() is never run so there aren't actually any registered Documenters. meaning it's pretty much useless. seriously, i love what sphinx does, but everytime i use it i cross my fingers. time to beef up those doctests when the import_by_name function get's called, it is getting two prefixes: autosummary_issue.issue from the. currentmodule:: directive that is implicitly added by. automodule::, and None.. The loop now goes through the prefixes and starts with creating the prefixed_name = autosummary_issue.issue.autosummary_issue.issue.DummyClass.This is obviously the wrong name, but the problem is in. Overview. Sphinx4 is a pure Java speech recognition library. It provides a quick and easy API to convert the speech recordings into text with the help of CMUSphinx acoustic models. It can be used on servers and in desktop applications. Besides speech recognition, Sphinx4 helps to identify speakers, to adapt models, to align existing. To get started, cd into the documentation directory and type: $ sphinx-quickstart Please enter values for the following settings (just press Enter to accept a default value, if one is given in brackets). Here is a list of the default used in this project: Prompt. Choice. > Root path for the documentation [.]: <ENTER>

The sphinx.ext.autosummary extension does this in two parts: There is an autosummary directive for generating summary listings that contain links to the documented items, and short summary blurbs extracted from their docstrings. The convenience script sphinx-autogen or the new autosummary_generate config value can be used to generate short. The sphinx.ext.autosummary extension does this in two parts: There is an autosummary directive for generating summary listings that contain links to the documented items, and short summary blurbs extracted from their docstrings. Optionally, the convenience script sphinx-autogen or the new :confval:`autosummary_generate` config value can be used. Fortran extension to. sphinx.domains. The module sphinxfortran.fortran_domain is an extension to Sphinx adding the FORTRAN domain (see the sphinx documentation on syntactic domains), and can therefore document FORTRAN codes Directives ¶. The available directives are shown below. In each case the project, path, no-link and outline options have the following meaning:. project. Specifies which project, as defined in the breathe_projects config value, should be used for this directive. This overrides the default project if one has been specified First steps to document our project using Sphinx. Customizing Sphinx configuration. Writing narrative documentation with Sphinx. Describing code in Sphinx. Autogenerating documentation from code in Sphinx. Deploying a Sphinx project online. Appendix: Using Jupyter notebooks inside Sphinx. Appendix: Understanding the docutils document tree

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Julia Domain¶. This extension provides a sphinx domain for the Julia language using the name jl.A domain is basically a collection of directives and roles which define markup constructs that then can be rendered to different outputs like html and latex. E.g. the python domain provides the directives py:class, py:exception, py:method, py:classmethod, py:staticmethod, py:attribute, py:module. The jinjaapidoc package provides an additional sphinx.ext.autodoc.ModuleDocumenter: jinjaapidoc.ext.ModDocstringDocumenter. The documenter will only insert the docstring of the module but will not create any index. {{fullname}} {{underline}}.. currentmodule::.

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This file should be a Windows icon file (.ico) being 16x16 or 32x32. # pixels large. #html_favicon = None. # Add any paths that contain custom static files (such as style sheets) here, # relative to this directory. They are copied after the builtin static files, # so a file named default.css will overwrite the builtin default.css module.function_1(args) Summary line from the docstring of function_1: module.function_2(args) Summary line from the docstring..

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Fix errors while introspecting with Sphinx for generating API documentation. Fix reference and mathematical issues in the documentation for model /L20Sphinx/reST PYTHON_LANG Nocase Escape Char = \ EnableSpellasYouType EnableCFByIndent File Extensions = rst rsti Noquote # # Wordfile for Sphinx/reStructuredText # Created by JimP - 2015-06-03 # # Based on: # Template for creating a new language files # Created by Dalibor Jelinek - 9.1.2007 # Revised by Mofi last time on 05.03.2015. Fix sphinx currentmodule usage James Bourbeau. Fix minimum dependencies CI builds James Bourbeau. Avoid graph materialization during Blockwise culling Richard (Rick) Zamora. Fixed typo Devanshu Desai. Use HighLevelGraph.merge in collections_to_dsk Mads R. B. Kristense

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Sphinx is compatible with caption package so that it does not indent/move caption and can be used to style captions; Or alternatively, allow caption styling using a Sphinx-specific LaTeX command that can be renewed (similar to \sphinxtablecontinued and \sphinxstyleemphasis) Environment info. Sphinx version: 1.6+ TexLive version: MacTex 2.1 The second method use the ref role as follows: With the first method, the link appears as rst_tutorial, whereas the second method use the first title's name found after the link. Here, the second method would appear as Restructured Text (reST) and Sphinx CheatSheet. Note that the second method is compulsary if the link is to be found in an. sphinx-apidoc command line option. -d path. sphinx-build command line option. -D setting=value. sphinx-build command line option. -E. sphinx-build command line option. -f, --force. sphinx-apidoc command line option Yes, it's a pretty unfortunate circumstance. It's not at all surprising github doesn't make a list of these, I haven't seen any website with a list of their anchor refs

Solution 3: From Sphinx version 3.1 (June 2020), sphinx.ext.autosummary (finally!) has recursion. So no need to hard code module names or rely on 3rd party libraries like Sphinx AutoAPI or Sphinx AutoPackageSummary for their automatic package detection any more. Example Python 3.7 package to document ( see code on Github and result on. This rebuilds them correctly when pngmath_latex_preamble changes. #901: Emit a warning when using docutils' new math markup without a Sphinx math extension active. #845: In code blocks, when the selected lexer fails, display line numbers nevertheless if configured. #929: Support parsed-literal blocks in LaTeX output correctly

As mentioned by mzjn, it seems to be a known strange behaviour of the extension autosummary. In order to get the wanted behaviour (i.e. to prevent the listing of imported objects), I have just modified the function get_members (l. 166 of sphinx.ext.autosummary.generate) like so:. def get_members (obj, typ, include_public=[], imported= False): items = [] for name in dir (obj): try: obj_name. Rest and Sphinx Memo latest Introduction; ReST - reStructuredText; Sphinx - Sphinx; Sphinx extensions; Sphinx projec

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mpl\_toolkits.axes\_grid1.parasite\_axes.HostAxes =====. currentmodule:: mpl_toolkits.axes_grid1.parasite_axes. autoclass:: HostAxes :show-inheritance: :special. Ask questions AssertionError: wrong color format 'var(--jp-mirror-editor-variable-color) update sphinx package to 1.3.1 7d29133: fix some deprecation warnings 557a33c: rebase sage_autodoc changes on sphinx.ext.autodoc version 1.3.1 bdf70fe: fix orphan setting 832afb7: fix warning more than one target found for cross-reference u'groebner_basis name (built-in variable) (docutils.parsers.rst.Directive attribute) (sphinx.builders.Builder attribute) (sphinx.builders.applehelp.AppleHelpBuilder attribute Run Details. 265 of 567 branches covered (46.74%). 1073 of 2030 relevant lines covered (52.86%). 2.73 hits per lin

Testing¶. Use tox for defining different test environments (specific stable, latest stable and development). Remove test environment specifications from github ci and move it to tox.ini addressing #7.. Add sphinx 4.0 to test environments addressing #16. Define specific test environments instead of testing all matrix combinations r Finding homologs of a gene in a genome =====.. currentmodule:: biotite.sequence.align In this example we use a combination of a :class:`KmerTable` and :func:`align_banded()` to search a genome for homologs to a gene from another organism. Specifically we take the gene coding for the *M1* RNA from *Escherichia coli* BL21, an RNA subunit of the *ribonuclease P*, and try to find the. sphinx-quickstart was executed in my workspace and created an index.rst-file. As Sphinx uses restructured text files for documentation I navigated through the workspace and create them manually with sphinx-autogen. It resulted into the tasks.rst file (see below). When I use 'make html' I get several warnings

May 02, 2015. currentmodule:: rdfextras.sparql.algebra algebra - SPARQL Algebra ¶ An implementation of the W3C SPARQL Algebra on top of sparql-p's expansion tree sphinxcontrib-matlabdomain -- Sphinx domain for auto-documenting MATLAB. This Sphinx contrib extension provides a Sphinx domain for auto-documenting MATLAB source files, in similar manner as sphinx.ext.autodoc.It works really well with sphinx.ext.napoleon.. Recent Changes.. Usag

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. currentmodule:: django.core.files. class:: File(file_object) and. class:: django.core.files File(file_object) are equivalent. That is, Sphinx already has all the metadata it requires. If the rendering isn't exploiting that metadata, that's a separate issue currentmodule cvar data describe digraph doctest envvar exception function glossary graph graphviz hlist ifconfig index inheritance-diagram literalinclude math method module moduleauthor note html_show_sphinx configuration value html_sidebars configuration value: html_split_index configuration value html_static_path configuration value html. `DescDirective` Class =====. template class.rst. currentmodule:: sphinx.directives. inheritance-diagram:: DescDirective. autoclass:: DescDirective Methods. Sphinx-Gallery can use pypandoc (if installed) to convert rST text blocks to markdown for the iPython notebooks (.ipynb files) generated for each example. These are made available for download, along with the raw .py version, at the bottom of each example. The Sphinx-Gallery rST to markdown converter has limited support for more complex rST syntax

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Perhaps it was a different version of sphinx which is less picky. Anyway, I think changing the second module directive to currentmodule would solve this problem. comment:8 Changed 10 years ago by Gabriel Hurle Sphinx therefore places them at the top of the namespace instead of where they belong. I added an alternate patch which uses the currentmodule directive, a bit cleaner I think. I also tested that creating links to the elements in the affected pages works as expected with this patch . pluginmanager documentation master file, created by sphinx-quickstart on Wed Dec 9 22:32:56 2015. You can adapt this file completely to your liking, but it should at leas Read the Docs simplifies technical documentation by automating building, versioning, and hosting for you. Build up-to-date documentation for the web, print, and offline use on every version control push automatically The function Sphinx.add_directive() now also supports docutils 0.5-style directive classes. If they inherit from sphinx.util.compat.Directive, they also work with docutils 0.4. There is now a Sphinx.add_lexer() method to be able to use custom Pygments lexers easily. There is now Sphinx.add_generic_role() to mirror the docutils' own function

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Incompatible changes¶. 1.8.0b2 #5282: html theme: refer pygments_style settings of HTML themes preferentially; The URL of download files are changed #5127: quickstart: Makefile and make.bat are not overwritten if exists 1.8.0b1 #5156: the sphinx.ext.graphviz: extension runs `dot in the directory of the document being built instead of in the root directory of the documentation Hashes for dojson-1.4.-py2.py3-none-any.whl; Algorithm Hash digest; SHA256: fb5c362cea79ee1215778cdf36f0d2cca9885e1068fc90d6a6dafcc0ce8a7c5f: Copy MD The imageconverter is just the use of the imagemagick module to convert images for sphinx when multiple builders are used. The viewcode adds links to the complete local source code.. The intersphinx extension creates links between projects using the objects.inv that is generated for html output. If intersphinx doesnt find a cross reference in the current set it starts searching in the. . currentmodule: mymodule.asset. autoclass: mymodule.asset.Asset :members: Larga historia corta: ¡ Revisa tus importaciones! ¿Cómo anulo los parámetros del constructor en Sphinx con autodoc

currentModule : str. the name of the module that the hypothetical code is executing in. In most cases you will leave it at its default, the __main__ namespace. pymelNamespace : str. the namespace into which pymel will be imported. Created using Sphinx 1.1.2.. The first parameter is the fitting function. This should have prototype y=func(x,p[0],p[1],p[2]...): where p is a list of fitting parameters. Alternatively a subclass of, or instance of, a lmfit.model.Model can also be passed and it's function will be used to provide infromation to Data.curve_fit().. The p0 parameter contains the initial guesses at the fitting parameters, the default value is 1

The ring buffer functionality is typically not included in binary distributions of PortAudio, therefore most Python wrappers don't include it, either.. The pa_ringbuffer module provides only a Python wrapper, the actual PortAudio ring buffer code has to be compiled separately, see Usage.It can be used on any Python version where CFFI is available.. This module is designed to be used together. sphinx-apidoc command line option. -D setting=value. sphinx-build command line option. -d 路径. sphinx-build command line option. -E. sphinx-build command line option. -f, --force. sphinx-apidoc command line option @register_axis ('bqplot.Axis') class Axis (BaseAxis): A line axis. A line axis is the visual representation of a numerical or date scale. Attributes-----icon: string (class-level attribute) The font-awesome icon name for this object. axis_types: dict (class-level attribute) A registry of existing axis types. orientation: {'horizontal', 'vertical'} The orientation of the axis, either. currentmodule:: nbodykit.algorithms.fftcorr. Correlation Functions via FFT (FFTCorr)¶Back to top © Copyright 2015-2017, Nick Hand, Yu Feng

To reference source code in documentation you must use sphinx API link. The following rst code: # First declare the current module with. currentmodule:: iota2.Common.customNumpyFeatures Then create the link to a class with :class:`data_container` or a function :meth:`compute_custom_features`. Produce the following documentation Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation, written by Geog Brandl and licnsed under the BSD license. pytest helps you write better programs. GNU Make is a tool which controls the generation of executables and other non-source files of a program from the program's source files

Symbols. $.getJSON() ($ method)-a sphinx-build command line option-A author sphinx-apidoc command line optio generate() (sphinx.domains.Index method) get_objects() (sphinx.domains.Domain method) get_outdated_docs() (sphinx.builders.Builder method) get_relative_uri() (sphinx.

API for the SPARQL operators.¶ The operators (eg, 'lt') return a function that can be added to the AND clause of a query. The parameters are either regular values or query strings. The resulting function has one parameter (the binding directory), it can be combined with others or be plugged to into an array of constraints TLJH's documentation uses the Sphinx documentation system, which in turn is based on docutils. The basic idea is that lightly-formatted plain-text documentation is transformed into HTML, PDF, and any other output format. To build the documentation locally, install the Sphinx dependencies: $ cd docs/ $ pip install -r requirements.txt .NET/C#/Pythonなど. 実行方法 /sbin なので通常のユーザではPATHが通っていないことに注意 Sphinx plugin to make easier-to-navigate class documentation by lys-ala-leu-glu in Python [-] lys-ala-leu-glu [ S ] 1 point 2 points 3 points 7 days ago (0 children) From looking briefly at the documentation, I don't think it can work with apidoc

insertPattern(tupl) [source] ¶. Insert a tuple to to the start of local patterns. Possible type literals are converted to real literals on the fly. Each tuple should be contain either 3 elements (for an RDF Triplet pattern) or four, where the fourth element is a per-pattern constraint (filter) mpl\_toolkits.axes\_grid1.parasite\_axes.ParasiteAxes =====. currentmodule:: mpl_toolkits.axes_grid1.parasite_axes. autoclass:: ParasiteAxes :show-inheritance. Finally, any additional keyword arguments passed to this function are passed along to the handler that is constructed. Note that we always convert pyparsing results to a list with the asList() method before using those results; this works, but we may only need this for testing. To be safe, we include it here, but we might want to investigate further whether or not it could be moved only to. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets