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Aktuelle Buch-Tipps und Rezensionen. Alle Bücher natürlich versandkostenfre Kaufen Sie Audio Transformer bei Europas größtem Technik-Onlineshop Audio Output Transformer. Vendor: RadioShack. Catalog №: 2731380. $4.40. In Stock In Stock. Out of stock Free Shipping Over $49*. or 4 interest-free payments on orders over $35 with. QuadPay - Pay in 4 installments, no interest. (3 RadioShack Audio Output Transformer Visit the RadioShack Store. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Audio output and low-level impedance matching. Purchase New RADIO SHACK AUDIO OUTPUT TRANSFORMER 273-1380 in Santa Ana, California, United States, for US $5.99. Item Description: New RADIO SHACK AUDIO OUTPUT TRANSFORMER 273-1380 This audio output transformer is perfect for various audio/video projects. Feature includes audio output and low-level impedance matching

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RadioShack Audio Output Transformer. by RadioShack. Write a review. How are ratings calculated? See All Buying Options. Add to Wish List. Search. Sort by. Top reviews. Filter by. All reviewers. All stars. Text, image, video. 3 global ratings | 1 global review There was a problem filtering reviews right now.. They talk of results with a 1K:8Ω Radio-Shack audio transformer: Because I was using the phones in series, the better-performing units were actually presenting an impedance of 100 to 120Ω. When used with the Radio Shack transformer, the transformed impedance of the 120-Ω phones was about 2.8 kΩ, as compared to the 1 to 1.5-kΩ impedance. Get the best deals on RadioShack Power Transformers when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices RadioShack 15-2526 RF Modulator. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. You'll also need: *one audio/video shielded cable, *two 75-ohm coaxial cables with F-type connectors, *one 75-ohm-to-300-ohm matching transformer (only if your TV does not have a VHF 75-ohm terminal), *one S-Video cable (only if your video. Which wires go where? You'll know in a moment.http://www.sciencewriter.ne

The Radio Shack part was originally designed as Audio Output transformer for transistor amplifier circuit (transistor radios, etc.) driving an 8 ohm speaker. Input Impedance: 1,000 ohm (Z); Output Impedance 8 ohms (Z) Frequency Response / 3 dB points are different from the Heil transformer The Shack Is Back! Shop Radios, Headphones, TV Antennas, Cables & Adapters, DIY Tools & Parts, Electronics Maker Kits, and much more brand new arrivals daily! Don't forget to visit any of our 450+ RadioShack locations across America An earphone jack that will fit your transistor radio (Radio Shack #42-2434). A transformer of the type known as an audio output transformer. It consists of an 8 ohm coil and a 1000 ohm coil. The one I used is the Radio Shack #273-1380. We now carry them in our catalog. Some clip leads (wires with alligator clips on the ends) to put it all together

- Frequency response: The 3dB frequency response of the transformer - Insulation resistance: when 100 V is applied between the primary and secondary windings then the minimum insulation resistance is this. These specs are typical of a small audio output transformer for something such as a transistor radio or some such Winding the output transformer for vaccum tube audio RadioShack Electronic Crossword Puzzles 60-2685 Handheld Game. $9.99 New. $6.45 Used. RadioShack Reel Tape High Output Studio Quality Recording 1800 FT 44-1884. $29.95 New. Solderless Phono Plug Pkg of 4 274-0384 RadioShack. $7.99 New. RadioShack Realistic 8 Track Blank Recording Tape Low Noise 80 Minutes. 5 out of 5 stars In this video I attempt the unenviable task of trying to explain the design and function of one the most significant, yet misunderstood, components in tube a..

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  1. i pot would work great!) C1 .1uf capacitor (Radio Shack) C1 .1 uf capacitor the output of your regular radio, ect, ect. You could do any and all with this
  2. ates any ground loops which are the most common sources of hum and noise. In-line XLR units with integrated high.
  3. The LM386 is an audio amplifier IC, Radio Shack Catalog # 276-1731. T1 is a Radio Shack audio transformer, 273-1380. The red and white leads get the audio output from the LM386. (One grounded, one fed from Cout.) The blue and green leads feed the voltage multiplier. (One grounded, one feeds the first diode.) Cout is at least 100 uF
  4. The transformers used in the prototype were Radio Shack Cat No. 32-1031 10W 70V line audio transformers for the output and a mains transformer salvaged from a valve radio. The amplifier would have to be push pull as the transformers are not designed to have DC flowing through them. The final design is based upon that of a Ferguson 989T console.

Here's how audio transformers work for impedance matching, as discussed in my book Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics Acxico 1Pcs 5K 5W Single-Ended Output Audio Transformers 6P1 6P14 6P6 Tube Amp Output Transformers. 4.0 out of 5 stars 16. $17.99 $ 17. 99. Get it as soon as Tue, Aug 3. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. C2G 40000 3.5mm Extension Stereo Audio Isolation Transformer, TAA Compliant, Black, 21 Inch Preise und Details für Tausende von Transformatoren bei Digi-Key. Jetzt kaufen. Ihrem Lizenzierter Distributor hochwertiger Elektronik. Jetzt bestellen Details. Power type and voltage. Alternating Current supply (AC) / 115 Volt. Loudspeaker. - - No sound reproduction output. Power out. from Radiomuseum.org. Model: Micronta Variable Transformer - Radio Shack Tandy, Realistic, Material

A Radio Shack 110/6.3V filament transformer works FB as a replacement for anything having a 6AQ5 output. When I did this in a NC303 the fil transfomer even sounded better than the original. Logge The other piece of the circuit is an audio output transformer from Radio Shack (catalog #273-1380). The audio output transformer is an 8 to 1000 transformer. The 1000 side has an extra wire called a center tap. The center tap is connected to the transformer halfway through the coils. To assemble the receiver, the solar cell is connected t Audio Output Transformers at Parts Express. Choose from brands like Hammond designed for push-pull audio tube output circuits & ultra-linear operation. 25W, 60W One of the transformers I tried cost about $20, but the other two were $4 or less. These were the Radio Shack Miniature Audio Output Transformer (#273-1380) and the XICON 42TL004. I've used the Radio Shack transformer for years, since they're available at most stores and online

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First just power up the transformer and measure the secondary voltage with the AC range on your meter. Then add a suitable dummy load like a bulb and see how much the AC voltage decreases. Then insert the rectifier, put a small load on the DC output and measure the DC voltage without filter caps The transformer in Figure 1 (Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) file) is an old audio output transformer from a solid state radio that matches the audio output transistor collector to a 8-16 W speaker. It is wired to step down the level from the sound card to the rig K4SAV Ham Member QRZ Page. The SX24 should have an internal audio output transformer that provides two two outputs, a 5000 ohm and a 500 ohm. The 5000 ohm output can be used for an an external 5000 to 8 ohm speaker transformer, or the 500 ohm output can be used for an external 500 to 8 ohm speaker transformer Speaker Matching Transformer. 119DA Series ¶Classic Tube Audio & Guitar. Classic Tube Output Audio Transformer Overview. Universal Single Ended Tube Output. Audio. 125SE Series. Universal Push-Pull Tube Output. Audio. 125A-125E Series. Tube Output (25 - 75 Watts) Single Ended - HI-FI. 1627-1642 Series. General Replacement Tube Output (8 Watt.

Audio Transformer creates isolation between the output speakers or audio circuitry with the transformer's input side amplifier system. The primary and secondary winding turns ratio fixed to 1:1. Due to this, the transformer does not alter the voltage or current level. It does only create isolation between the Input amplifiers with the output speaker system This item has been shown 0 times. Vintage 1K : 8 Ohm Audio Output Transformer 273-1380 RadioShack Crystal Radios: $20. FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION, IAM SELLING A 1 PIECE, ARCHER RADIOSHACK 273-1380 (AKA 1273-1380) AUDIO OUTPUT TRANSFORMER, NEW IN THE ORIGINAL ARCHER RADIOSHACK PACKAGING AS SHOWN IN THE PICTURES THAT I HAVE PROVIDED This is because there is no electrical connection between the input and output of the transformer. The audio signal is coupled magnetically. So you go out and buy a Radio Shack, or similar, audio transformer, connect it up and you still get earth noise and it now sounds distorted as well Both work very nicely to isolate various audio equipments and keep everything hum free! Most times this occurs when going from balanced to unbalanced equipments. The red box shows a modification to the Radio Shack Adapter (Unbal-Bal) that isolates the input and output windings of the internal transformer to give complete isolation In this application, the output of U1 drives T1, the same low-cost Radio Shack transformer used in earlier experiments. While T1 is specified as a 1 kΩ to 8-Ω transformer, it still works well with the 100 to 120-Ω headphones at the low power levels used in this September QST: The HZX Headphone Adapter - Page


A transformer of the type known as an audio output transformer. It consists of an 8 ohm coil and a 1000 ohm coil. The one I used is the Radio Shack #273-1380. 6. Some clip leads (wires with alligator clips on the ends) to put it all together. At least one of the clip leads should be the type with a long slender point (Radio Shack #278-016, #270. Yes, the SQ can be affected by an isolation transformer. They're not all the same and the Radio Shack isolator is pretty cheap, so there's no guarantee the input winding will be equal to the output, but they do work The Bogen T725 audio matching transformer has been a favorite of hobby radio builders for over a decade. However very little technical data has been available for this builders gem. Dave Schmarder, with the help from Ramon Vargas demystifies this transformer. Explore it's applications in this article. This transformer is useful not only in crystal radios, but in tube regenerative and trf.

In the 100V line speaker system, a transformer steps up the audio output signal voltage to 100V so that the output current for a given power is low. The resistance on long cables between the amplifier and loudspeakers will attenuate this low current signal much less than if the current were left at its normally high level. An impedance matching. Input transformers offer much better Common Mode and Radio Frequency Rejection than is possible with output transformers. Audio isolation transformer product information There are ready made circuits available from shops selling car audio stuff (ground loops are usually problem also in car environment)

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Cable A: 1ea Radio Shack #42-2542 Cable B: 1ea Radio Shack #42-494 or 42-495 (choose depending on length needed) • Plug the 1/8 mono mini connector of cable A into the radio audio output (line/record or headphone output). • Plug the 1/8 stereo mini connector of cable B into the computer audio line or mic input The impedance mismatch when using a 4 or 8 ohm loudspeaker can be overcome easily. The first solution is to purchase a 600 to 8 ohm AUDIO transformer. These can be found (at times) at Fair Radio for about $8. An easier solution is found right at the local Radio Shack. Purchase a 70.7 volt line transformer (cat Pair of used Radio Shack 32-1031 impedance matching transformers for 70 volt speaker system. Data sheet and hook up instructions are on the web if you search forradio shack 32-1031 data This is Taiwan audio output transformer. It is great for tube amp matching with 8 ohms speaker! This is new old stock! 70v: 4w. 2w, 1w, 1/2w, 1/4w, 1/8w. The AF output will go to the PC sound card directly for recording in HDSDR and Radio-SkyPipe. However I have a problem. I'm not sure if I should use an audio isolation transformer between the output of the receiver circuitry and the PC sound card input Your RadioShack Video RF Modulator is designed to convert the separate audio use a 75ohm-to-300-ohm matching transformer to complete the connection By Sophie Cockett 16 months at work well. Getting someone to things on your written about giving online dating experiences etc, unlock radio shack rf modulator hookup any users extended profile, see.

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An audio oscillator that can be made quickly and cheaply is shown at the right. The transformer is a small 6.3 V filament transformer (Radio Shack 273-1384), but any audio output transformer could be used if you have one handy. The transformer must be properly phased audio on telephone line I am wanting to put text-to-speech output from my soundcard onto the phone lines. I read an example where someone goes from the sound card to a radio shack mini amplifier to the phone line. I did this and there is a loud buzz/hum. I believe this is happening because they don't share a common ground This is a power amp board for small audio amps (or anything else that needs 12V DC). It takes the output of a small transformer and rectifies it to DC. I use it with a small 120/12 1.5A Radio Shack transformer. It is designed to use the following parts (or something similar)

For the diagram shown you want a dry transformer, which is smaller and less expensive than wet ones. Most modern telephone circuits use dry transformers. Three shown, but typical of many: Bourns Cat. # LM-LP 1001 (thru-hole) Or SM-LP-5001 (SMT) Radio Shack Cat. # 273-1374 (wire leads) Tamura Cat. # MET-46 (thru-hole) Other good sources include. It used a separate transformer for screen modulation of that 6K6. That transformer had three windings one of which was open. I doubted that I could find a replacement so I decided to have some fun with the piece. I replaced the open transformer with a reversed audio output transformer and fed it with audio from an amplifier

The audio transformer was used as an inductor, since it is easily available at Radio Shack stores. In fact, ALL the parts are available at Radio Shack. Capacitors C4 and C5 work with L1 to reduce Omega to tolerable levels. Solder the J-FET into the circuit LAST, and take measures to protect the FET from static electricity Avoid cheapest telephone and audio transformers, because their performance is very poor at frequencies over about 5 kHz (for example Radio Shack (273-1374)). Transformer isolation using audio transformer. One way I got my hands on the component of old cenral radio systems amplifiers I send my sound card unbalanced output signal to a Jensen 1:1 line output transformer (JT-11-FLCF) and then send the transformer balanced output to one of my mixer main inputs which I can mix with my live rack audio output that gets delivered to my transceiver. This works nicely with good RFI/Hum rejection and isolation A transformer is essential at the output of the amplifier circuit for matching the impedances of vacuum tube and speaker. Since the vacuum tube is a high-voltage, low-current device, and most speakers are low-voltage, high-current devices, the mismatch between them would result in very audio low power output if they were directly connected When we get to the transmit part of RTTY, and if you decide to use AFSK transmission, you will also want to put the same type audio transformer between the audio output of the Sound Card and the audio input of your radio. The most popular transformer used for this application is the Radio Shack audio isolation transformer part number 273-1374.

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  1. BCD396T audio isolation. Thread starter pyeman99; Start date Jun 3, 2007; Status Not open for further replies. pyeman99 Member. Joined Mar 17, 2005 Messages 117 Location Redruth UK. Jun 3, 200
  2. Sources: Isolation or audio transformers can be obtained from most electronics parts stores, for example, Radio Shack #273-1374 for a 1:1 or #273-1380 for a 1000:8. Peter PE1MHO/G7ECN says another source for 1:1 transformers is an old internal telephone modem that a computer store might be glad to give you
  3. ate hum between radio and computer due to different a.c. power grounds. Radio Shack has an isolator listed in #Related Links. It is an audio transformer that blocks d.c. continuity between the scanner housing and the computer case
  4. The + and - audio can be input via a monaural audio headphones jack. Again, these jacks can be found in a lot of places and also at Radio Shack. As the audio is input into the transformer, the power output will increase and decrease, causing the modulation

You will need: -A CdS Photocell -Some battery holders with battery clips if needed (one for the audio-to-light modulator [transmitter], one for the receiver, and one for a microphone (optional)) -One microphone -An Audio Output Transformer (RadioShack Catalog No. 273-1380) -Some form of amplifier (I used a battery-powered one from RadioShack (Cat. No. 277-1008)) -Some MONO (NOT stereo) audio. Amateur radio, public service, and severe weather training go hand-in-hand, therefore re-transmission of severe weather alerts on amateur repeaters is a desirable option. The Radio Shack 12-251 SAME technology weather radio is an inexpensive way to add weather alerts to your existing repeater system For a single ended output the transformer would have to be severely derated in order to avoid saturation. I don't see much difference in lamination thickness between modern power and audio transformers, as long as they are decent quality transformers (i.e., not Radio Shack). I think most of them are much thinner nowadays in order to minimize. In the system described here, I use balanced pro-level audio whenever possible. If I need to interface with an unbalanced audio connection, e.g., the audio input and output on the radio or PC, I use a high quality isolation transformer to provide the necessary balanced to unbalanced conversion as well as to break any potential ground loops Audio output transformer, 1kΩ primary coil, 8Ω secondary RadioShack part #273-1380 or Scitoys Catalog #XFORMR; Alligator clip leads (2-10) with points fine enough to connect to the inside of the laser pointer. You can substitute wire and solder, but the clip leads are easier. RadioShack #278-1156 will do nicely

2731380 Radioshack Audio Output Transformer (36.6% similar) Feature includes audio output and low-level impedance matching. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Impedance input: 1v 1khz secondary: 8 ohm load : 1k primaryopen 1v, no 4k min. description : Radioshack audio output transformer this is perfect for various video projects. Greenbrook DAT01A Bell/Chime Transformer 4/8/12V. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 147. £11.63. PROTEK Bell Transformer 16V Din Rail Mount Two Module BT8-16. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 44. £16.20. Honeywell Home Ding Dong Classic Wired Doorbell - White, D117 RadioShack, 25.2VAC 2 amp Power Transformer #271-1512B $14.49 (Note: Only the 2 Yellow wires on transformer output side are used, th Black wire on the output side is not used.) Lowes, 2 prong non-grounding plug $1.97 Radio Shack, Inline Fuse Holder #270-1281 (I used a 3 Amp Fuse) $2.4 TRC-47. This is Realistic's TRC-47, an entry level mobile AM/SSB radio. It featured 23 channels, Volume, Squelch, R.F. Gain, a Clarifier which shifted both receiver AND transmit frequency, and an amber colored modulation indicator. This model radio first appeared on Radio Shack's shelves in 1974, as a lower cost SSB alternative to their TRC-46

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HowTo Wire Radio Speakers to Audio-In on TV-VCR Combo Reply to Thread. Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by clintonG, Aug 30, 2007 considering using my TS-520 for digital modes(FT8) and was curious which interfaces have been tried and work the best I am familiar with FT8 using my uBITX v6.2 with cat control, would like a little more power so I decided to use the 520 average power with the uBiTX was 5-6 watts and was hoping to run the 520 around 20-25 watts thanks in advanc Radio Shack sells an IC called the LM386 for $1.99. These work perfectly as a power supply splitter/active ground driver. Simply connect the plus of the wall transformer to pin 6, the minus to pin 4 and use pin 5 for the circuit ground. Leave all the other leads on the chip floating. See Fig. 2

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  1. Some thoughts on your Audio transformer, first I am sure these transformers are not expensive to purchase, Radio Shack probably stocks them. However, an audio transformer is a device used to interface an audio voltage from an audio output stage to a mechanical device called a speaker. This device called a speaker requires heavy currents to.
  2. RadioShack® Audio Output Transformer... $12.95 USD. RadioShack® Audio Output Transformer... $12.95 USD. USA. Miller 242-A antenna coil NIB. $49.95 USD. TRANSFORMER POWER 322V, 6.3V HAM RADIO. $12.00 USD. TRANSFORMER POWER 322V, 6.3V HAM RADIO. $12.00 USD. USA. TRIAD F-114X MINIATURE POWER..
  3. Figure 1 Radio Shack Transistor IF Transformers. You will note that the impedances are given. I did not attempt to measure the turns ratio of the transformers but the results of many hours of experimentation are consistent with the values given on the card. Yellow--Audio and AGC Output
  4. Buy the radio shack audio transformer. On the 8ohm side, connect the leads in place of the audio speaker or piezo speaker (that means desoldering the piezo speaker and putting wires directly on the motherboard). Connect the leads on the 1000 ohm side to your audio jack (headphone wire)

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The Radio Shack PZM microphone is a low-cost microphone capable of fairly high performance. Many modifications have been published for this microphone; the simplest simply replaces the battery with two 6-volt smoke alarm batteries. Its puny unshielded output transformer is a magnet for hum and a source of sonic pollution. Uneeda Audio makes. Step 10: Remove the audio output transformer. It is located 30mm (1 3/16) from the rear edge and 48mm (1 7/8) from the right edge. It is labeled TF-375. I recommend using desoldering braid to do this (Radio Shack #64-2090). You must desolder all 5 leads plus the two metal tabs that extend from the metal frame Radio Shack Ferrites (if you can find them) (that is really a transformer) if the output is ac, or a UL rated dc power supply if it is dc. Another option is to buy him a similar, but higher quality lighting system and trade with him. They literally produce an audio output of whatever they detect, with no translation (1:1). This means. The 8 Ohm transformer is used when you need to obtain your radio audio from a speaker output. Speakers outputs usually drive 8 Ohm loads. In this case, you will also need to add a resistor-based level control so that the very strong signal at the speaker jack can be cut down to the Line-In level of the computer audio card

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Exact replacements for audio output transformers in old tube radios are often hard to find. Some of the problem is that there is some competition on the market from the audiophile world. But there is a general purpose multi-Impedance transformer type that has not been discovered, and is easy to find at modest prices and in new production The transformer is an audio output transformer run in reverse (output being used as input). I used a common audio output transformer purchased from Radio Shack in USA (part # 273-1380). The transformer output in this circuit is about 80 Volts. These transformers are not designed to deal with high voltages but they do - and they are inexpensive

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The HTX-200 2m radio is part number 19-1102, the HTX-400 UHF radio (listed below) is 19-1104. Other Info Common to the HTX-202 and HTX-404. The 202 is the 2 meter HT and the 404 is the 440 MHz HT that were made by Standard for Radio Shack and loosely based on the Icom IC-02 and 04 design. From a ham that I know Audio Line Isolation Transformers are used to electrically isolate one audio device from another. If the TX isolation transformer attenuates the I/ Q output from the audio card Radio Shack part number: 270-054 - No specifications provided The chassis is grounded by a connection to the green protective ground lead in the power cord, and the audio inputs, and speaker outputs, are isolated from the AC power line by audio input, and output transformers. The amplifier uses 4 25L6GT output tubes, and 2 12SN7 push pull driver tubes, phase splitting is handled by the input transformers

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In general, the available small and inexpensive audio or power transformers do not have the correct frequency response range. For example, Radio Shack's #273-1374 600 ohm 1:1 audio line transformer has a 300 Hz to 5 kHz frequency response range which is not low enough It had no manufacturer name or model number on it. The set is four band with broadcast and three shortwave ranges. Tubes are 35W4 as rectifier, 50C5 for audio output and a 12AV7 dual triode as the regenerative RF detector and audio preamp. The radio has screw terminals for antenna and ground, a front-panel phone jack for headphones, and a pilot.

The output transformer was OK; The audio driver transformer had an open secondary winding (it is sealed in tar along with the output transformer inside a metal container). Actually, only one half of the secondary was open. The power transformer was OK. The high voltage was balanced across the center tap with 20 volts AC applied Kazuhiro Sunamura used one as the audio preamp-poweramp in an amateur radio receiver with similar B+ voltages, as did the Knight Span-Master shortwave receiver. Cool386 made an FM radio (a Fremodyne) using this tube for the audio. These designs offered workable values for plate, grid, and cathode resistors, and output transformer impedance

Control of a l20 volt lamp using an output step up transformer. Magnetic amplifiers seem to be best suited for driving low impedance loads in their output. The 12 V car headlight is a typical example. By connecting a step up transformer to the output of one of my 12 V transformer mag amps, I was able to control a 120 V 60 Watt lamp Note: If you decide to install isolation transformers on the I/Q audio lines in between the sound card and your SDR radio, please follow the guidelines below. These are applicable to the SDR-1000 since the FLEX-5000's audio I/Q lines are not exposed. Use the shortest audio cables you can between the SDR and the isolation transformers 3 Transistor Audio Amp (50 milliwatt) Here is a little audio amplifier similar to what you might find in a small transistor radio. The input stage is biased so that the supply voltage is divided equally across the two complimentary output transistors which are slightly biased in conduction by the diodes between the bases A microwave transformer was all I had. But I actually went out and bought the doorbell transformer and tried that first, not knowing about audio transformers at the time. Report commen

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The audio amplifiers found in small radios, Walkmen, portable cassette recorders, and other low power devices are often single chips with few external components. Obtain a pin diagram, test inputs and output(s) with an audio signal tracer and/or oscilloscope Note that almost any small transformer with a 120 V winding can be used. You can also substitute vacuum-tube-television vertical-output transformers or the primary windings of vacuum-tube audio-output transformers. Alternatively, omit the transformer and connect CIO in series with a 1 or 2 kii resistor to Q2's source

The photos don't show it clearly, but the 8 ohm tap produced a cleaner output. I have two suggestions for anyone replacing the stock output transformers. First, run all output connections to a terminal strip. The European style with feed through connections (available from Radio Shack and other sources) is perfect Right to left: Input attenuator and high-pass filter, input transformer, 74HC4066 mixer (with 74HC74 mixer above it), output transformer and output low-pass filter. The close-eyed observer will note that the 100 ohm, 2 watt resistors (bottom right, blue devices) are slightly browned from having accidentally set the FT-817 to 5 watts: No real. High Q R40C1 Ferrite Toroids, 37 X 23 X 7 mm, 37 X 23 X 14 mm & 45 X 23 X 7 mm, High Q R40C1 Ferrite Rods, 200 X 10 mm. MOSFET 3SK143-Q Detector (3DQ), close to zero-voltage-threshold. MOSFET 3SK87 Detector (K87), close to zero-voltage-threshold. High Impedance Audio Output Matching Transformer, KPB-02, 200KΩ - 4Ω variable

For strong audio signals, too much amplification would result in overmodulation and distortion. In short, the pot is used to adjust the output to achieve 100% modulation for best audio quality. The transmitter components, including the Hammond transformer, were quite literally crammed in a roughly 2x5x2 inch Radio Shack project enclosure box The Atmega8 can't produce or process high voltage, and my geiger tube requires 350-450 volts DC. The square wave output on pin C5 can drive an easily obtained Radio Shack 8 ohm to 1K ohm audio output transformer, which is then multiplied in voltage several times up to the required 400 volts or so. A schematic is enclosed Based on the output voltage the amps will deliver around 7.5 watts RMS into 4 ohms and about 5 watts into 8 ohms. The actual volume difference between the two levels is small. The amplifier measurements are in Tables 1 and 2 below. There are no real areas of concern with the performance. The primary limiting factor is the audio output transformers Allied Electronics 6K62VBR Filament Transformer 105 & 117 VAC, 5 Volt CT @ 21 Amps 50/60 hz New in Box. $44.99. Compare. Add To Cart. Collins 516E-1 T3 Step Up Transformer P/N 664 1005 00 13.8 VDC to 265 Volt New in Original Box. $34.99. Compare

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15-1976 Radioshack Radio Shack Audio (51.4% similar) What you see in pictures and listing is get if it the picture or included, not included. Free USPS priority shipping delivery confirmation insurance. Please don't ask. Radio shack audio video 4 way selector switch box model in excellent used working condition please see photos for Vacuum tube audio amplifier. PARTS AND MATERIALS. One 12AX7 dual triode vacuum tube; Two power transformers, 120VAC step-down to 12VAC (Radio Shack catalog # 273-1365, 273-1352, or 273-1511). Bridge rectifier module (Radio Shack catalog # 276-1173) Electrolytic capacitor, at least 47 µF, with a working voltage of at least 200 volts DC 2) The Output Stage - There are two output stages, one for each channel. Each output stage consists of : a. the output transformer, b. output tubes (2 per channel), and c. cathode bias resistor (the original value was 15.6 ohms and had the appearance of a white ceramic tubular device connected to pins 1 & 8 of both output tubes). d Transformers are Radio Shack #273-1380 1 2 8 Ohm High Impedance Limiter Here is an old trick that old time CW Ops have used: I prefer hard limiting the audio delivered to my headphones for CW reception. Adjust the receiver volume control to a setting below the conduction threshold of the diodes for minimum distortion

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  1. The meter is a Radio Shack 15 volt DC meter. This meter is actually a 1 milliampere meter with the appropriate scale calibration and meter resistors. The original 0-15 scale was left in place, because the full scale readings are 1.5, 15, or 30, so the 0-15 scale is correct for all metering positions except for the final PA drain voltage reading
  2. The 1959 P-755A and P-80*A series had a metal grill, employed an output transformer & dynamic speaker, and had a number of other significant differences to the B and later models. Starting with the P-80*B model radios, these used a reed speaker and were in production for well over 5 years with no changes in the exterior cabinet styling. P-807G
  3. The SP600 has a single ended 6V6 audio output tube. I think it has about 3 watt audio power. 1. hook up the 8 ohm speaker to the 600 ohm jack and put up with crappy audio. 2. Replace the audio output transformer with a new one - 5000 ohm primary:8ohm secondary. 3. Attach a 600ohm:8ohm transformer to the output jack. 4
  4. Switch the audio preamp output, not the mic element. Author's tiny interface. 2 pots set audio levels. PTT and KEY use 2 transistors, 4 diodes, 4 resistors. My current interface schematic. Works fine. Interface Notes: Everything at Radio Shack except maybe your radio aux plug
  5. The above amplifier takes the classical and inexpensive LM386 audio amplifier and adds a pull-pull output stage for greater power. This amplifier is used in the above video. The output is several watts as opposed to 400 mW. Do not exceed 14-15 volts DC input. For Q1 and Q2 use TIP31 and TIP32 or TIP41 and TIP42 or any suitable matched PNP/NPN pair
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Radio Shack MPA-1014 Channel / 100 Watt Rack Mountable PA AmplifierGeneral Description:As shown. Note the power button cap was broken off. Turns on and off without any trouble by pushing on the orange shaft.No other significant problems. Works as it should.Includes a printe.. Audio splitter schematic. P1 plugs into the headphone jack of the radio. It is directly connected to J1, which the headphones plug into. T1 provides isolation to the speaker, and the secondary connects to P2. In my unit, P2 plugs into an old Radio Shack amplified speaker with a volume control

Receive (RX) Audio CableComposite to HDMI Converter Adapter – RadioShack