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Dubai traffic reports, road conditions Dubai, traffic jam. Get traffic info for your regular route - HERE WeG You can deactivate the Take traffic into account option at any time to view travel times for smooth traffic conditions. What type of traffic incidents are covered by ViaMichelin for Sharjah? ViaMichelin provides details of incidents that may affect road traffic in Sharjah that include : road closures, lane restrictions, accidents, roadworks. If you have a car and are making the commute from Sharjah to Dubai, then traffic can be very difficult at peak hours. If you live in Sharjah and work in Dubai the travel back and forth will be a significant part of your day. Conversely, those working in Sharjah but living in Dubai don't yet face such problems with traffic

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Traffic was heavy on most key Dubai roads as office goers left for the day. Water logging and vehicle breakdowns at several roads brought traffic down to slower than usual for this time of the day Traffic on Al Ittihad Road, another major commuting route between the two neighbouring emirates, in the morning is also clear nowadays by 9.30am, from Sharjah to Al Mulla Plaza, Dubai. Trendin

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Many of the Sharjah residents commuting daily to Dubai woke up to rains followed by traffic jams. Though rains have now stopped in many parts, the puddles on the road continue to create traffic. Even though Sharjah has a lot to offer, there is one downside to living there that may outweigh the benefits of living in Sharjah and working in Dubai. That downside is travel time. If you are travelling to and from Sharjah to Dubai, prepare to encounter heavy traffic during the peak hours which are 6 am - 11 am and 4 pm - 9 pm The situation gets worse in the school seasons and on peak hours (mornings and evenings). According to a report around 1.1 million people stay in Sharjah and work in Dubai, so you can expect huge traffic in mornings and evenings. One can easily waste 2-3 hours daily in the traffic to get to their offices or homes

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Traffic Implications of Sharjah vs Dubai. So that is the housing situation, but there are other things to consider. If you live in Sharjah and work in Sharjah this next problem will not be a major issue. But if you live in Sharjah and work in Dubai, you will spend at least two hours a day in slow moving traffic A2A by Haleema Humaid I work in Dubai Marina. Hence the obvious choice of living is Dubai. It saves me a lot of time. I have answered a similar question in the past. I have stayed in Sharjah and Dubai. Depends on where you live in Sharjah. Al Maja.. Travelling between Sharjah and Dubai might seem straight forward for these neighbouring Emirates, but traffic snarls and busy roads make driving at times challenging! The Emirate and the City of Sharjah are also really quite spread out so the route you take really depends on what part of each city you are coming to and from A driver commuting between Sharjah and Dubai spends an average of 20 hours a week in traffic - more than 80 hours a month, and close to 1,000 hours a year. The economic cos Mar 6, 2018. Off-roading, waking up hours earlier than necessary and using two cars are some measures commuters between Sharjah and Dubai take in the hope of avoiding hours of traffic. Leaving 10 minutes later than planned can mean that motorists are caught on the roads for more than double the time typically needed to reach their destinations

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  1. g that you work in Dubai; the answer to your question depends on what is important for you Time or Money. What you value the most will deter
  2. Motorists traveling between Dubai and Sharjah can expect shorter travel time as the upgraded Tripoli Street was opened on July 24 (Thursday) according to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The new development, a 12-km traffic corridor will cut travel time between the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road to just about eight.
  3. Whilst Sharjah definitely has its charms (Al Majaz waterfront, the Qasbah, Khalid lagoon, the blue souk, beautiful mosques and a gazillion fantastic museums), the reality is that most 'locals' live in unremarkable tower blocks because it's so much cheaper than in Dubai.In exchange for this, they leave home at the crack of dawn to avoid the horrible traffic jams
  4. Despite the traffic, Sharjah retains the calm, art and cultural roots that the world is rushing to erase. A real hook in the ground, a story. Here are five reasons you should can live in Sharjah happy as a clam at high tide: 1. Affordable living. Shobhana, a resident of Al Nahda share

Property prices in Sharjah would inevitably go up — tens of thousands of people who work in Dubai opt to live across the border where rent can be half the cost. Reducing fuel waste would not only have an economic impact (the government still heavily subsidises petrol) but also speed up the UAE's target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Taxis between Sharjah and Dubai can add up quickly and there is a surcharge on top of the fare.. However, driving is your only option, so you will need to hire a car.Warning: traffic is very heavy between Sharjah and Dubai during rush hours, 8-9, 1-2, 6-7, as many people live in Sharjah (poor transportation links = cheap rent) and work in Dubai Sharjah is less crowded than Dubai and therefore traffic is not a major issue. Roads are less congested even at peak hours. However, if you are travelling from Sharjah to Dubai for then be ready to encounter traffic during the peak hours from 6 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 9 pm. Unlike Dubai, Sharjah also offers free parking

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Moreover, the area provides a healthy outdoor living and lively street life. Al Taawun is the perfect place to live for families or singletons who want to live in close-knit communities. Al Nahda. Strategically located between Sharjah and Dubai and due to its location, many people find it convenient to live in Al Nahda in Sharjah and work in Dubai For Dubai Fines Check RTA Website From Here. So once you are the Required web portal just enter the required information and you will be able to check your traffic fine in UAE Dubai and you also be able to pay your traffic fine in UAE Dubai online simply. Check And Pay Traffic Fine In UAE Dubai. admin https://gulfupdate24.com

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Apart from 1,000 kiosks, 21 more are also placed in different police stations across Dubai. Motorists can also visit general department of traffic such as the one located in Al Qudoes Street, AL Tawar 1 to settle their fines. How to pay your fines in Sharjah Today Ajman is a modern city, but it still reflects its traditional chart housing is cheaper here than a neighbor in Dubai & Sharjah. Many choose to live here and commute to work, which makes the traffic around 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm very congested with the economy. Ajman was not as lucky as the other emirates

Arabischen Emirate Urlaub bei FTI. Angebote sichern und sparen! All Inclusive, Pauschalreisen, Hotel, Flüge, Mietwagen - FTI® Angebote für jeden Urlaub Wondering how to get to Sharjah Traffic and Licensing Department in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates? Moovit helps you find the best way to get to Sharjah Traffic and Licensing Department with step-by-step directions from the nearest public transit station. Moovit provides free maps and live directions to help you navigate through your city

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  2. And, while Sharjah does offer more affordable rents, cheaper utilities and reduced shopping bills, it does come at a price, the infamous traffic! There's no escaping the fact that travelling to Dubai at peak times is more than arduous, and not entirely recommended as a long-term lifestyle choice
  3. Google today (12-12-2012) announced that it has added live road traffic coverage in UAE and 9 other countries. UAE and Kazakhstan get this facility for the first time ever. The expanded traffic information areas include the US, Spain, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, India, Italy, Japan, Germany, France and Brazil

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  1. utes ( From Mirdif to Sharjah ) and Evening : 1 hour ( From Sharjah to Mirdif ) Villa is in between 150k to 250k AED.
  2. - We want to live in Dubai. - I am going to be working in Sharjah. (I despise traffic.) - Must have at least a 3 bedroom house / villa. - Housing complex must have a great gym, or a great gym near by. - I have a yearly allowance of 180,000 AED. - Would be great if there are other Expats around
  3. The Dubai government will launch the Tripoli Street Improvement project today, making Dubai-Sharjah traffic a thing of the past. Powered by The Project runs parallel to the Airport Street will ease Dubai-Sharjah traffic, thereby enhancing the traffic system on the whole
  4. e its location record the speed of the bus and indicate its acceleration and maneuvering movement in deriving gps fleet tracking dubai , live gps tracking system sharjah , gps vehicle track , gps vehicle monitoring system, truck tracking system uae , personal gps.
  5. The roads and transport authority website is an online gate for all online services for Dubai traffic, fines, licensing, public transport, nol and transport business. Dubai RTA's vision is safe and smooth transport for all

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  1. I can go from Sharjah to DXB via Emirates Road or Dubai-Sharjah road. So traffic from Sharjah to Dubai is not a big problem then, if you're driving against the flow, outside of rush-hour. About half an hour or so
  2. 10.45pm. Kiss performs live at Atlantis, The Palm. Join us as we build up to the New Year's Eve gala at Downtown Dubai. Fireworks are set to light up the entire city at 33 different locations in.
  3. Sharjah: The Sharjah Punitive and Rehabilitation Establishment is taking a number of steps to improve the situation of inmates in correctional facilities in the emirate. As a part of this initiative, prisoners in Sharjah are receiving a number of services related to traffic transactions in cooperation with the Traffic Services and Licensing Centre
  4. Traffic Counting Road Surveys - Ai Based Vehicle Classification and Traffic Counting. Our experienced team can count any junction layout that varies from a basic T-Junction to a posh multiple camera roundabout or Big with any number of auto Classification. We are specialized in 100% Lane-by-Lane Vehicle tracking on Large roundabouts

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New road links to reduce travel time between Sharjah and Dubai. Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) opened the Al Khawaneej Roads Improvement Project to vehicles on Saturday, which is expected to significantly improve traffic movement in the area. The project includes an underpass of three lanes in each direction extending 680 metres. If the snarling traffic puts you off visiting Sharjah you can catch an RTA Ferry from Al Ghubaiba Marine Station in Dubai to Aquarium Marine Station Sharjah - learn more here! Sharjah Natural History and Botanical Museum. A 25km drive from the city of Sharjah in the Sharjah Desert Park is the Natural History & Botanical Museum. Another well. For other traffic violations, such as speeding tickets, log onto the Sharjah Police Headquarters website, and click on the traffic fines link. Alternatively, you can also check this service at the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA). A final way you can check on, and pay for, your traffic fines is via the Emirates Vehicle Gate website With NO traffic or very, very light traffic (a rarity in Dubai) Airport to Ajman will take approx 30 mins, with trafffic, I have no idea, but I would say: Set ya alarm damn early! :lol: HP. Yes, it is cheaper, but you will either have to suffer driving through Sharjah or take the Emirates road Sharjah (الشارقة) is the capital of Sharjah emirate and the third most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, after Dubai and Abu Dhabi.It is located just a short drive northeast of Dubai and has about 850,000 inhabitants. Sharjah is the third largest in area of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the only one to have land on both the Persian Gulf.

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Best salons in Sharjah. ANISATY Women's salon. Unity Salon for Women in Sharjah is ideal for women who live in rented apartments in Al Majaz 3 and surrounding areas and is known for its consistency and customer satisfaction. The salon provides women with a full range of cosmetic services at affordable prices Dubai: Dubai's frontline workers received a pleasant surprise from Dubai Police on the first day of Eid Al Adha on Tuesday. As part of a community welfare gesture, officers from Dubai Traffic Department at Dubai Police distributed packages of sweets to frontline workers, in association with Damac Properties

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Also, customers travelling to India from Sharjah must carry a negative RT-PCR test report, conducted within 72 hours before arriving in India. Bottomline. This is an interesting counter development by Vistara to reduce the impact of Dubai flights. Sharjah is a 30-minutes drive from Dubai and easy to access Dubai Supplied. Sharjah is the latest emirate to announce a 50 per cent discount on traffic fines, coinciding with the UAE's 49th National Day. According to Sharjah Police, the scheme, which begins on December 2, will run for 49 days. The 50 per cent discount is applicable to all types of traffic violations, except for serious offences I think this is really nice, but it would have been better if the service was provided in buses instead of cars. The more cars on the Sharjah-Dubai route, the more traffic jams we will see! Behin Ardakani Dubai,UAE Posted: June 17, 2009, 08:27. It's really very good move because there is no bus facilty to Dubai from National Paint area Answer 1 of 10: Ok, this might be obvious to anyone who has been here but it wasn't to me so I'm starting a thread here to alert people that Sharjah and Dubai are not the same place. Folks, if you want to go to Dubai, do not stay in Sharjah. It's.. Sharjah emirate has been accepted into the World Health Organisation (WHO) Healthy Cities project, the first UAE emirate to join the program (WAM 21 March 2012). Sharjah was named as the Cultural Capital of the Arab World by UNESCO in 1998 for its art, culture, and heritage preservation. Sharjah is the OIC Capital of Islamic Culture for 2014

Job Advertisement:Air Traffic Control Officer - Tower - Sharjah Make a difference every day. The Job Opportunity. Serco are currently recruiting experienced and highly motivated Aerodrome/ Tower Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) to be a part of a great team based at SHJ, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Fatemi Infotech is a top digital marketing company in Dubai & Sharjah. Providing end to end services in SEO, Website Development & SMM services. +971527939853 [email protected UAE major hub airports passenger traffic: 2003 to 2013. Source: CAPA - Centre for Aviation. These two achievements aren't particularly significant on their own: both the 100 million passengers p/a mark and Dubai's assumption of the number one spot for international traffic had been looming on the horizon for some time. It was more a question of when, rather than if Say hello to Beda Bridge that has been partially opened to reduce congestion between the emirates of Dubai and Sharjah Sharjah motorists, it's not just cameras you have to worry about anymore! Traffic in the city will now be monitored aerially, reports Khaleej Times, as the Department of Traffic and Patrols of Sharjah Police has teamed up with Sharjah Air Wing to carry out surveillance from the skies.. Major Abdurrahman Khater, director of traffic awareness department at Sharjah Police, said that the air.

Dubai-Sharjah Metro. A study by Aurecon, a Dubai-based international transport planning firm, reveals that a metro link connecting the northern Emirate of Sharjah with Dubai's Green Line could help reduce traffic on the congested highways between the emirates by more than 30%. According to the study, the five corridors between Dubai and. You would need around 16,398.45AED in Dubai to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 11,000.00 AED in Sharjah (assuming you rent in both cities). This calculation uses our Cost of Living Plus Rent Index to compare cost of living. This assumes net earnings (after income tax) Dubai-Sharjah Metro A study by Aurecon, a Dubai-based international transport planning firm, reveals that a metro link connecting the northern Emirate of Sharjah with Dubai's Green Line could help reduce traffic on the congested highways between the emirates by more than 30% Hi We are moving to Dubai at the end of June and are considering Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai for accommodation. Can anyone advise on the approximate commute times from both locations to Sharjah. Many thanks in advance for your hel Most of the traffic in Sharjah is their own doing with lack of planning and confusing roadways. But honestly speaking the commute to and from Dubai is not that bad, it takes only 60 to 75 mins at max and frankly I have been stuck on floating bridge for far more time. Apart from the traffic issues its pretty decent. 2

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20 Reasons Not to Move to Dubai (In No Particular Order) So while I'm sure there are benefits to living in Dubai, tax breaks, multi-cultural environments, and beautiful buildings aside, reconsider your plans to move here if any of the above-mentioned reasons strikes a chord within you. Dubai is a city caught in an identity crisis Latest post on 18 January 2012 - 15:37. I lived in Sharjah for 30 years and just moved to Dubai. A great place to live is Halwan or Shahba area . it is 15 mns from sharjah english school and very close to the wanderers club. very quiet areas and all the streets are made ( no sand ) RATE IT. Molly1836. 25

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The opportunities of driver jobs in UAE, Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi are very vast especially in sectors like trading, tourism, and industry. The best place for drivers which helps them to earn better and also are provided with different types of benefits including a regular break, proper medical aids and much more Price conscious residents in the UAE would rather live in Sharjah than Dubai, according to a new report by property broker Cluttons. The northern emirate is unlikely to see a fall in occupancy levels in 2012, despite a decline in sales and rental rates forecast for neighbouring Dubai, the firm said Pay Dubai Traffic Fines. What you will need to complete payment: Traffic file number. Date of birth of licence holder for the vehicle. A valid GCC credit card or debit car The Dubai gov't has next-to-no interest in improving Sharjah in any way. Improvement in Sharjah just means more people living there, working in Dubai, wearing down Dubai roads, etc. but paying rent in Sharjah, shopping in Sharjah and generally contributing to the Shj. economy more than Dubai's. This is why the Metro will not go to Sharjah

Dubai locals rated Motor City as the best community to live in, in part because of its safety. They also think highly of the Greens, as well as Emirates Living, Oud Metha, Jumeirah and Umm. Hi steven and welcome to the Dubai forums . Living in Ajman means you'll get stuck in traffic going to Sharjah or Dubai in the mornings, and returning in the afternoon. Depends a bit on where you teach in Sharjah but I'd guess travel time will be at least an hour each way Traffic congestion is a significant problem in Sharjah, with traffic to and from Dubai during rush hour being a particular issue due to the large number of people that live in Sharjah and commute to the neighbouring emirate. However, a range of road construction projects aimed at boosting capacity and improving traffic flow have recently been completed or are under way Sharjah: Sharjah Police have introduced new hi-tech drones that use face-recognition technology to help police search for suspects believed to have committed a violent crime. The drones are the latest among a slew of initiatives adopted by Sharjah Police for advanced forms of facial recognition that make it easier t Sharjah is the latest emirate to announce a 50 per cent discount on traffic fines, coinciding with the UAE's 49th National Day. According to Sharjah Police, the scheme, which begins on December 2, will run for 49 days. The 50 per cent discount is applicable to all types of traffic violations, except for serious offences

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Dubai Marina live cam View over Dubai Marina, JLT, Sheikh Zayed Road and Metro line from Princess Tower. LIVE Trending Cams. Kenya - Tsavo East National Park. Piazza San Marco - Venice. Trevi Fountain - Rome. Playa de Los Cristianos - Tenerife. Piazza di Spagna - Rome. Water Island - USVI The Mushakal Sandwich at Muna, Sharjah. 30 Sep '13. A couple of yuppie falafel places have been cropping up in Dubai over the last two years, selling falafels with a personality not dissimilar to the wrapping they come in. What we need more of is a simple concept that Sharjah, and Sharjah alone, does so bloody well - The Falafel Bar Choose the option as per your need including plate details, traffic code number, license number and fine number. If you want to inquire and pay fines of your vehicle, you should choose Plate Details option. Choose plate source (Dubai, Sharjah), plate type (private, taxi), plate code (A,B,C,1,2,3) write your plate number and click on view fines Ramadan timings and opening hours Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE 2011. Date of information in brackets, if not 2011 check with organisation for confirmation. Abu Dhabi Immigration 0900-1730, closed Fridays and Saturdays (2009) Abu Dhabi Police Traffic Department 0800-1800 (2010

11. 90s kids named their football teams after their neighborhoods. Matches used to go for 2 to 3 hours, and kids played under the scorching heat with scores reaching anywhere between 10 to 15 goals! Talk about competitiveness! 12. A taxi ride to anywhere in Sharjah used to cost you a flat 5 dirhams Dubai is one of the famous City in the world for Aviation, Dubai is only City in the world which has an Airport where flights of Aeroplanes being scheduled for only 2 minutes difference. Yes, there is huge traffic on Dubai Airport The United Arab Emirates was founded as a federation on 2 nd December 1971. When it was founded it was the union of six emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, and Fujairah) and the seventh one named, Ras Al Khaimah joined UAE federation on 10 th February 1972. After the formation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) forged a distinct national identity We provide zero-latency Full HD live transmission of events for broadcasters such as Abu Dhabi Media, Dubai Media Inc. and Sharjah Media Corporation. With Safety and Quality being our top priorities, our experienced teams are certified by both the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority

Dubai Taxi Fare from bur dubai to sharjah is AED 52. It usually takes 22 minutes to reach sharjah from bur dubai which are 24.199 Kms apart. Taxi fares in Dubai are calculated based on the minimum fare and fare for the subsequent Kms. Taxis in Dubai generally charge extra at night. Some charge almost double the price at night Travel from Dubai to Sharjah with your guide to discover the cultural treasures there. See the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, with its more than 5000 artifacts spanning centuries of civilization. Next, stop at the lovely beach area that runs across the border between Sharjah and neighboring emirate Ajman

Would you like a metro service for Sharjah? - dubaimetroJuice World Resto Has Arrived in Dubai, UAE | Dubai OFWUtopicar Blind Spot MirrorsTouch Screen 15-Inch POS TFT LCD TouchScreen Monitor - BuyDROK Auto Digital Counter, 0-999999 Tally Counter Panel

The main entry requirement of obtaining a visa in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and its seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah) are that your passport is valid for at least 2-6 months before your arrival. Information about the various UAE visa categories are explained in detail below Our tour guide informed us that most of the Emirati people live in Sharjah as the way of living in Dubai (mainly high rise apartments) aren't in their culture. At rush hour the traffic going from Sharjah is horrendous as most people don't actually live in there and instead chose to commute India saw its highest international traffic between India and the UAE with 1.6 crore flyers between the two regions in 2015 — out of a total international traffic of 4.86 crore Firefighters douse ship that exploded at major port in Dubai. This Photo made available from a Government of Dubai Media Office's footage, shows the smoke from a container ship, Ocean Trader, on.