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Daten von einem Handy auf ein anderes übertragen, einschließlich Bilder, Videos, Kontakte. Übertragen Sie alles auf Ihr neues Handy. Unterstützt iOS, Android & Windows Phone Jetzt bestellen: Das iPhone 12 für 1 € im Tarif MagentaMobil M - inklusive 5G. Jetzt beim Testsieger (lt. connect Mobilfunknetztest, Heft 01/2021) bestellen Step 2: Click on Notes > Tap on Next to transfer Notes from the old iPhone to the new iPhone. Transfer Notes to New iPhone in 1 Click - Step 2. Minutes later, you will see all the notes on the old iPhone were transferred to the new iPhone. Download AnyTrans and give it a try which won't let you down Secondly, on your old iPhone, find the Notes app and tap on the notes you want to transfer to the new iPhone. Step 3: Share the notes to the new iPhone Next, click the Share button and select Airdrop. Then tap on the new iPhone where you can the notes get copied

Way 3: How to Transfer Notes from Old iPhone to New iPhone Directly without Restore. Many users reported that they encountered iCloud backup failure, iPhone cannot be detected by iTunes, or other problems when using iCloud or iTunes to backup iPhone.If you face the same difficulty, you definitely want to know how to copy contacts from iPhone to iPhone without using iTunes/iCloud Open the iCloud note that you want to share. Tap the More button, then tap Share Note. Choose how you'd like to send your invitation. Then select the person you want to share with Go to the Notes App on your source iPhone and click the notes you'd like to send to your iPhone 8/8 Plus/X. Step 4. Tap on the Share button, choose AirDrop and select your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X. Step 5

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Thankfully, the best iPhone and best iPad come with a convenient Notes app in iOS 14, allowing you to keep snippets of text, sketches, notes, lists, and more, and all of this can be kept across all iPhones, iPads, and Macs linked to you. Thankfully, you're not out of luck if you don't use iCloud, either Open the Notes app. Select the note you'd like to print. Tap the more icon in the upper-right corner. Tap Send a Copy Step 2 Turn on new iPhone. The next thing you will need to do is turn on your new iPhone to set it up. Look for Restore from iCloud Backup and then tap on it. You should be able to see a list of backups. Step 3 Find notes backup and tap Restore Look for the iPhone notes backup that you made and then tap Restore

Open the Notes app on your iPad. Go to the note you want to transfer from iPad to iPhone. Click the share button on the upper-hand corner. Then, you will see different options to share notes from iPad to iPhone, like Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, AirDrop Download and open the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Connect your iPhone using the USB cable and select your device on iTunes. To transfer the notes click on File, then Devices and Transfer Purchases. This will save the content on iPhone to PC

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To use this method to transfer notes from your iPhone to iPad, follow these simple steps; Step 1: On both the iPhone and the iPad, open settings and then tap on iCloud. Step 2: Tap on the switch next to iCloud Drive to turn it on. Make sure that you do this on both devices. Step 3: Now when you go to the Notes app on the iPhone, you. It helps to transfer notes from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes or iCloud. Download and install this handy tool and see how it works. Install this phone transfer tool on your Mac or PC and run it. Tap Phone Transfer option to continue Get a new iPhone and want to transfer notes from iPhone to new iPhone? Transfer note with iCloud is a very good idea, but today we'll show you an easy way to.. Method 2of 2:Linking an Email Account Download Article. Open your iPhone's Settings. Do so by tapping the grey gear icon on one of your Home screens, either as an app or inside of a folder called Utilities. Scroll down and tap Notes. It's in the fifth group of options on this page. Tap Accounts

Take your Android and open the Notes application. Select the notes you wish to transfer and tap on the Share icon (three vertical dots). Now select the Send or Share option and then tap on the Dropbox icon from the popup window. Take your iPhone and open the Dropbox application Step 1. On your iPhone, open the Notes app. Step 2. Choose the note you'd like to transfer and tap the transfer icon at the top right corner

If you only have some important notes that you need to send to the computer, Email would be a nice choice. The whole process is very simple. And you don't need any extra programs. See the instruction below. On your iPhone, open Notes app. Tap one note, choose the transfer icon at the top right corner First, if you don't see a section for iCloud in your Notes app, you'll need to enable Notes in your iCloud account. To do this, from your Home screen, go to Settings > iCloud and make sure Notes is enabled (the slider button should be green). Then, open the Notes app on the home screen, where we'll do the actual moving

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AirDrop: This tool is a wireless file-sharing feature built into iOS and macOS.With it, you can send a note to the Notes app on another iPhone, iPad, or Mac using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Learn how to use AirDrop on iPhone.; Message: Send the contents of a note in a text message.When sending to another Apple device, this option uses Apple's free, secure iMessage system Step 4: Copy notes from Android to iPhone. Select contents you need for a transfer later. Click on Next once you select. Contents including photos, music, video, E-books, notes, contacts would be available to choose automatically. The program will load the files on your source Android phone Connect your iPhone with a USB cable. Choose the Trust option on the pop-up window on your iPhone. You will see the main interface as below once your iPhone is recognized by the software. - Step 2: Enter the Notes folder and select the notes that you want to transfer First, go to Settings on your iPhone. Just select your profile or the Apple ID banner and then tap on iCloud. Just, enable or toggle the Notes sync in the iCloud list. After that, just writer notes in the iCloud section of Notes app, then your notes will be synced to iCloud account

Open the Notes app and navigate to the Folders list. Swipe left over the folder you want to share; a menu will appear. Tap the blue share icon that has an image of a person and a plus sign. Now you can choose whether the people you're sharing your Notes folder with will be able to make changes to the folder, or only view the folder Open the Notes app on your iPhone. Open the note you wish to send. Tap the share icon in the top-right corner. Select which channel you would like to use to send your message In this video, you'll learn how to share notes on iPhone. You can share notes in the iPhone notes app with other people. Please be aware that sharing notes.. From Notes on the iPhone, I go to accounts in the top left corner. In Accounts I choose On My iPhone and copy the note in my iPhone that I want to get into iCloud. Then I go back to Accounts and then choose iCloud. In iCloud I paste the copied note from the iPhone account into a new note in the iCloud account. It seems to then save to the.

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  1. With it, you can send a note to the Notes app on another iPhone, iPad, or Mac using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Learn how to use AirDrop on iPhone. Message: Send the contents of a note in a text message. When sending to another Apple device, this option uses Apple's free, secure iMessage system
  2. Method 2: Transfer Samsung Notes to iPhone Using PC. The above method will be a bit tedious if you have several notes. To make things easier and quicker, you can transfer notes using a computer
  3. Step 3 Go to Notes App on iPhone. Now go to the Notes app on your iPhone, and you can see a folder named iCloud. Now you can create notes in the iCloud folder on your iPhone, and the notes will be automatically synced to iPad when the two devices are connected with Wi-Fi connection. Part 2. Sync Notes from iPhone to iPad Using Third-Party Software
  4. Sync the iPhone with iTunes. Be sure that in the Info tab of iTunes that the Sync notes option is checked. If the option isn't there then you might be running OS X 10.8+ where this option was removed. Open Mail and configure it with the email account that you want the notes to be synced with. Make sure that in the Mail preferences that the.
  5. There are plenty of third-party apps for scanning documents on your iPhone, but they can all be tossed out the door since iOS 11 includes one by default now. Instead of a dedicated app, it's included as part of the Notes app, and it's fairly easy to use. After scanning, you can save it, print it, turn it into a PDF, add markup, and more
  6. Scroll down and tap Mail. You'll find this in the fifth group of options. On older devices, this may be labeled Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Tap Accounts. Tap the account you want to unlink from Notes. Disable the Notes switch. The switch button will move to the left and the switch will turn white. Tap Delete from My iPhone
  7. On my iPhone 4S it worked. STEP 1: Go to Settings → Notes → Default Account, then select On my iPhone. It was previously on Gmail no wonder!! STEP 2: Go to Settings → Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then in EACH email account go into them and slide OFF notes! My email accounts are Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo
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The iPhone supports AirPrint, Apple's wireless printing technology, which enables you to print text or graphics from many stock applications, such as Notes. To use this feature, your printer must be AirPrint-compatible and connected to the same network as your iPhone. Apple provides a list of compatible printers. First, open the Notes app and type in any subject, he instructs. Next, he points out a little share icon in the top right-hand corner of the app: Click here to add someone to the note. Step 1 Download, install and open FoneLab for transferring iPhone notes. Connect your iPhone to it with USB cable. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Step 2 Click Start Scan to analyze all types of data on your iPhone. After scanning, you can see various files on list in categories on the left control

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  1. Transfer Voice Notes from iPhone via Email. This is the easiest method to move your voice notes, except you can't send all of them at a go. If you have many notes to move, you have to send one at a time. To do this: 1. In the Voice Memos app, tap the ellipses (three dots)
  2. Tap 'Notes' on your iPhone to view all the notes on your device. Find the note you want to move and swipe left. You will see two buttons; Move, and Delete. Tap 'Move'. This will take you to the 'Select a folder' screen. You can move a note from your iPhone to iCloud or you can move it to a different folder on your iPhone
  3. Open the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad and then do the following to export a note. 1) Select the note you want to export. 2) Click tap the share button on the top right. 3) Select Create PDF. 4) When the PDF appears, tap the share button on the bottom left. You can then use your device's sharing options to send or save your file
  4. On your Windows 10 computer or device, open the Sticky Notes app. A quick way to do it is by clicking or tapping on its shortcut from the Start Menu. The Sticky Notes shortcut on the Start Menu. On the Sticky Notes window, click or tap on the Settings button in the top-right corner. The Settings button from the Sticky Notes window
  5. Besides these two methods, you can also make use of iPhone data recovery software to finish the transfer of the iPhone notes. Just try a quick Google search to find a solution that works for you

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Method 6: Using Google Keep for iPhone and Android Notes. As mentioned at the top of this article, it is not currently possible to transfer notes from the default iPhone Notes app to the default Android Notes app. However, this situation becomes a whole lot easier if you use the SAME notes app on both devices. Enter Google Keep Step 1: Open the Notes app on your iPhone. Step 2: Choose the note containing the text that you would like to copy. Step 3: Tap the Share icon at the top-right of the screen. Step 4: Choose the Copy option. You can then open an app where you want to paste the content, tap in the field where you are going to paste it, then choose the Paste option The Notes app doesn't allow direct scan transfers, so you'll need to manually send your scans over to your computer instead. Scan better and upload faster with PDF Scanner. Your iPhone's built-in scanner feature work great, but PDF Scanner is better. Your iPhone's scanner feature works great. But PDF Scanner works even better It can be said that it is an all-in-one tool. Follow these steps if you're ready to use iTunes to transfer notes from iPhone to computer: On your iPhone, locate the notes that you'd want to transfer. Select a note, then tap on the menu icon. Select Share from the list of options. Choose iTunes> Send to iTunes The most natural way to send an email from Mail to Notes would be having a standard share button available with Notes as an option when sharing. That would be straightforward enough. That would be.

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  1. The process on how to import notes from iPhone to Mac or PC with Email: Step 1. Run the Notes app on your iPhone. Choose one note that your need and tap on the upload icon in the bottom. Step 2. Select Mail option from the pop up window, fill in the blanks as required and tap Send to move on. Step 3
  2. 2. Apple Notes to Gmail to Google Keep. At times, you just want to sync data between iPhone and Android, but neither Google nor Apple offers a nifty option for specific apps
  3. Here are the detailed steps: Step 1. Go to Settings on iPhone > Tap Accounts & Passwords > Choose Add Account > Tap on Google and add Gmail into your iPhone. Step 2. Turn Notes option ON > Go back to Home screen and launch Notes, then your iPhone notes will be synced to Gmail. Step 3
  4. Here's how to do it. Go to Settings > Notes. Under Media, toggle Save to Photos on. Now when you take a photo in Notes, it will end up in the Photos app too. This, to me at least, is a much more natural behavior for how I use Notes. READ NEXT
  5. Here is how: Open the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad. Choose the note that you want to export. Tap the share button (top right) Scroll down and tap Print, this will reveal the Print Options menu. Now, use your two fingers and use an outward-pinch gesture. This will open a new window. Now again tap the Share icon
  6. Next, disconnect your iPhone 5 from your PC, keep CopyTrans Contacts open and connect your iPhone 6s. Click on the Import notes button. Click From a file (all note formats). Navigate to the location on your PC where you exported your iPhone 5 notes. Select all notes files and click Open. Your old iPhone notes are now.
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Open the Notes app on your iPhone and create a new note. Tap the Camera icon at the bottom of the screen. Choose Scan Documents. Scan the documents by tapping the capture button. Tap Save when you are done. Now, you can see the scanned page on the note. Make necessary changes and tap the three-dots button on top. Tap Send a Copy If the notes on iPhone are created by the built-in note app, then it is impossible to view the synced notes on Android like iPhone. However, if the notes are synced and restored via the same app like Google Keep, then you just need to use the same account to sync and restore from iPhone to Android phone Part 1. Transfer Notes from iPhone to PC with Wondershare Dr.Fone. Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS) is one of the priciest programs to transfer or export notes or any other file from your iPhone. But it has many great and unique features. For example: If you iPhone is broken or lost, you can easily extract the notes from the Backup file

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Scan and email from iPhone using iOS 12 scanning feature. How to scan and email from iPhone? In Apple's latest update for its iPhone and iPad devices, it include a hidden but powerful feature in one of its default apps. Specifically, Apple has released a document scanning feature built into its 'Notes' app Then tap on the Send icon to send iPhone notes to your email account. Step 4On your Android phone, access your primary email account in the native Email app, and then you can browse the content of the iPhone note in the new mail Run CopyTrans Contacts and plug in the iPhone or iPad to the PC. Click the Notes icon on the left. The iPhone notes will get listed in the main program window. Select the iPhone notes you wish to transfer to Outlook. To select multiple notes, click on the check box next to each note. To select all notes, click the check box next to Notes. Download. To transfer notes from iPhone to PC, all you need to do is following these simple steps: Plug in your iPhone to your computer. Launch the software and it will detect your device soon. Go to Notes, check which note files you want to get, click the Export button and choose a format. Wait a few seconds till the process completes

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This will send an invite to the recipient to allow that person to view and make changes to the note using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac with the latest software versions. For example, on the receiving end of a shared note in Messages, you'll get a little Note icon and a preview of the first line Jan 1, 2013. #1. Just coming back to iPhone from S3, Android had a load of sharing options, really handy. So as I have Dropbox installed as an app, I've made some notes in the default iPhone notes app. I click on the share but Dropbox doesn't show up as an option in the list

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Note: In step 2, you may use Gmail or any other email app installed on your iPhone.. Transfer iPhone Voice Memos to Mac Using Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc.. Open Voice Memos app on iPhone and tap on a voice note.; Tap on three blue dots and then tap on Share. Now from here, you may add the voice recording to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc I have already used the move to ios program but it did not transfer the 100+ notes I have on the android. How do I transfer NOTES from my Samsung Galaxy to my iPhone 6S? - iPhone, iPad, iPod Forums at iMore.co

This is a pretty easy method if the iPhone users want to copy text messages to Note app. iPhone users can also take advantage of the third- party iPhone apps to copy text messages. People can find a lot of note apps on the Internet, and many of them include powerful functions. For example, Evernote is a very powerful note app which also. Fortunately the Notes app integrates well with the Messages app, and you can send the text contained within a note as a text message. Forward a Note as a Text Message on the iPhone 5. I like this feature because I can type out a long message or idea in the Notes app without needing to worry about accidentally sending it part way through

Depending on how you share, you may need to tap Send. To add more people to a shared note, open the iCloud note, tap the Add People button, then tap Add People and follow steps 3-4 from above. If. iPhone. Introduced in 2007 by Steve Jobs, iPhone is Apple's flagship iOS device and easily its most popular product around the world. The iPhone runs iOS and includes a large collection of mobile. Step 1: On your iPhone, tap on the Settings app and go to iCloud. Make sure you're signed into your iCloud account with your Apple ID and password. Step 2: Turn on the sync option for Notes, and then tap on Storage & Backup. Once inside, tap on Back Up Now to sync your Notes to your iCloud account. Step 3: On your desktop or laptop, go to. This worked for iPhone and Windows 10 PC. Trick was to notice per instructions above that notes on iPhone were in two folders: iCloud (I had just turned on notes in iCloud settings) and iPhone. I selected all note in iPhone folder and clicked on move and specified iCloud folder. Which then became the default for future notes. Thanks When you sync your iPhone through iTunes, the program will back up your phone's data, including your notes. By default, however, this will not allow you to actually read or edit the notes on your computer. If you want to use your notes on your PC, you can sync iPhone notes with any version of Microsoft Outlook.

Click Apply to start syncing iPhone notes with Outlook. 3. When the syncing process is finished, you will find the notes are saved in the Reminders folder in your Outlook account, and you are. Go to the Photos app on your iPhone, open the photo that you want to send via Email on iPhone. Tap on the Options menu at the bottom left corner. You can select up to 5 photos to Email. Tap on the Next button at the top right corner. Now, Tap on Mail to send the Photo via Email, Add the Address, subject, details, and hit the send button iPhone notes is designed to take notes of different types. Use it to enter website addresses, emails, and phone numbers, and then use the nice integration with other iPhone applications to send this information to the right location on your iPhone

iPhone 11 (From $699.99 at Best Buy) How to share notes on your iPhone . 1. Before you get started, ensure the device you're using Notes on is updated to the latest iOS and that you've set up. Method 1. Launch the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad. In the Folders view, swipe from right to left on the folder that you want to share. Tap the leftmost Share button (the blue icon). Check that.

Go to the Notes app and open a folder you want to share. On the top right corner, tap the circle menu button. On iPad, you can find it on the top left side, or find the +person sign. Now, choose Share Folder from the menu. Now you can change the 'Share Options' to allow view-only option. Select, how you want to share your invites, and you. Sending handwritten notes using iMessage. First of all, open the iMessage application on your iPhone. Once opened, turn your device into a landscape mode because the feature only appears when the. Notes, by default, doesn't save content directly to your iPhone. Instead, the app saves your notes to the cloud, either through a service like iCloud, Gmail, or Yahoo, to name just a few. If you have an email service connected to your iPhone, it can be used for off-device notes saving unless you disable Notes access It's a workaround, but basically, you use the share extension to transfer notes from Apple Notes to Google Keep. Step 1: Open a note from the Notes app after installing the Google Keep app on your iPhone. Step 2: Tap on the Share button. Here, swipe all the way to the end, tap on More and enable the Google Keep extension

How to Transfer Contacts From iPhone to iPhone With iCloud . The easiest methods to transfer contacts use features that come with the iPhone, such as iCloud. Since iCloud can keep data synchronized across all your devices, using it to sync contacts from iPhone to iPhone makes it an easy choice Apple plans to update the iPhone SE, its 4.7-inch entry-level iPhone, with an updated A14 Bionic processor from the iPhone 12 series in the first half of next year, according to a report from. The Notes app on iPhone and iPad is a great place for note taking, as well as being a great repository for storing various clips of data, sketches, lists, and much more. Another wonderful feature of the iOS Notes app is the ability to take photos or videos and embed that media directly into a note file Understanding Where Notes Actually Live Just like your email, contacts, and calendars, the notes you see on your iPhone are often stored in the cloud. In other words, the notes on your iPhone are usually stored on a server tied to your email address. A lot of people don't realize that the email accounts you set up on your iPhone can do a lot more than just send and receive email

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1. Sync Your iPhone Notes With Gmail. With the absence of a dedicated Apple Notes app for Windows, you can still access your notes using the Gmail account. This will only require you to let your Gmail account access the content of the Apple Notes app on your iPhone. Here's how you can make that happen: Open the Settings app on your iPhone Print notes from your iPhone using the AirPrint feature to get a physical copy of a note in the hands of the people who need it. You may need to print a physical copy because some of the people you do business with may not feel comfortable passing that information through email, or they may just prefer a physical copy as opposed to email Share directions in Notes or Reminders. Select Notes from the Share options and you can instantly create a new note or add the directions to an existing one. This is convenient if you're planning a trip with the Notes app. And if you pick Reminders, you'll get a new reminder in the list you pick.This is handy if you set up a reminder to pick someone up from the location or have a task. Here's how to send video from iPhone to Android over email. Option 1. To attach an image to an outgoing email, hold your finger down on a blank spot in the text field. Lift your finger when a magnifying bubble appears. Choose Insert Photo or Video from the menu that pops up

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The iOS Notes app has come a long way from its bare-bones inception and is now filled with features, allowing you to share notes with contacts, sync across devices, add password protection and create checklists. The ability to format text within your Notes was another helpful addition that comes in handy when tidying up, if not for your own sake then to at least make them intelligible for. Here is how to access the iPhone Notes from the Gmail or sync iPhone Notes to the Gmail: 1. Adding Google Account to your iOS device. 2. Sync Notes with Gmail. 3. Select Notes That Will be Synchronized to Gmail. 4. View Notes in the Gmail Tap the Send button to send the voice memo as an email on iPhone. Note: It is a method to send some small voice memos only. Only the email server with cloud service enables you to email large voice memos. If you want to send a large voice memo via Gmail, for example, you have to work with Google Drive To transfer iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch notes: Launch iMazing and connect your device. In the left sidebar, select Notes. To view your most recent notes, you may need to refresh your data. Select the note (s) you want to export. In the bottom toolbar, click the Export button. This will open a save panel dialog box Transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone with one click The most secure way to transfer photos between devices is a wired connection, and there's no better platform for it than AnyTrans . You can't link an iPhone to an iPhone, but you can link two iPhones to a Mac and use AnyTrans to transfer data from the old device to your new iPhone

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Step 2: Select the printer. Check the connection between your iPhone and the printer by opening an AirPrint-supported app such as Mail, Safari, or Evernote. Most apps will feature a familiar arrow. 1. On the Home screen of your iPhone, launch Mail app. 2. Open the email by tapping the writing email icon or an existing email. Go to the body of the email. 3. Place the cursor to show the editing menu. Tap the forward icon and Insert Video. Choose a video from Photos on your iPhone, and select Choose. 4. Tap Send after you've all set How to sync your Notes on an iPhone. 1. Open the Settings app on your phone. 2. Tap your name at the top. This will bring you to your account details for your Apple ID, iCloud, and iTunes & App. Fax App - Send Fax from iPhone. Fax your documents reliably and quickly with Fax App. The free fax app has an advanced fax machine and integrated document scanner app. After selecting images you want to upload, you can enhance their color and remove noise. You can fax contracts, receipts, or paper notes from the iPhone fax app

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You can print single OneNote pages on your iPhone or iPad. iPad. In any notebook, navigate to the page you want to print 1. Open the Notes app. 2. Open the iCloud Notes folder. Since you want to move notes from iCloud to your iPhone, be sure that is the folder that you open and NOT some other folder. 3. Click EDIT It is located at the rightmost top corner of the scr..

How to Synchronize Outlook Notes Between a PC and an iPhone. You can use iCloud to push the Notes you create on your iPhone to the iCloud folder in Outlook on your PC so that you can use your computer to access the ideas you jot down on the go. Though you can transfer them manually using iTunes, iCloud is able to. Now, upload the fax document you would like to send using various options. Step 2: Finally click on 'Send Fax' to send a fax. You will get a confirmation message in the dashboard's inbox once the fax is delivered. Method 2: Using your email to send faxes from iPhone. You need an iPhone and a working email address to send faxes through. iPhone/iPad/iPod recovery as a trusted and useful app, which allows you easily backup your iPhone notes to your pc/Mac and print them out. Unlike iTunes, this program allows you to export iPhone notes as a viewable and printable file directly, so you can print them effortlessly How to Send Large Files from Your iPhone or iPad. 169 likes • 493 shares. Share. Flip. Like. iPhoneLife - Olena Kagui • 34d. Sending big video files online can be tricky, especially when you get the dreaded message, size limit reached cannot send video. Learn to send large files through the mail app of your choice