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  1. I am attempting to restore vintage VW engine found in an demolished shed. each part has its own series of numbers 113. 101.211 pedestal stand, 113.101.3718, vw (encircled) 28 on the crankcase, 113,101.371B vw 48, on one of the heads
  2. 1- Pre-Jan., 1956 25hp/36hp 1- prefix indicates Type 1 and is not part of the sequential engine number. 2, 3, 4 1955-65 1200cc 30bhp DIN, 36HP SAE (A series engine) 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 1961-65 1200cc 34bhp DIN, 40HP SAE (VW D added below serial after 9247364) D0, D1 1966-1985 1200cc 34bhp DIN, 40HP SAE For Mexican made 1200s after 1977
  3. 1953-1974 VW Engine Type and Number VW Beetle & Karmann Ghia, 1954 thru 1979 Models, with additions from Rob Boardman. The single port engines make a little less power and can only use the smaller 30 series carburetors or the mod-ern replacement H30/31, but are considered a little mor

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  1. The engine number is stamped just under the alternator/oil filler stand (under the zunfolge 1432, which means firing order 1432 in German). At first VW used a styraight number for the engine number
  2. VW Beetle Type 1 VIN (Chassis) and Engine Serial Numbers (1948-1979) Not sure of the model year of your VW-based buggy's chassis and/or engine? Check your buggy's chassis serial number (a.k.a. vehicle identification number or VIN) using the VW VIN decoder table below. Your VW chassis serial number (VIN) can be found on top of the frame's.
  3. Early Beetle and Transporter engines made before 1965 did not have a letter code, but rather just a consecutive number. These are listed here as beginning with '1', even though the highest non-letter engine number in practice was 9800000. The engine capacity is given in cubic centimetres (cc)
  4. VW Engine Letter Codes Also see the VIN Numbers section above for a month-by-month breakdown of pre-1968 vehicles. In the tables below Code refers to the first 1 or 2 digits of the engine number. Corrections or additions welcome. Please also see the Engine code letters VW bookle

These engines are normally marked with a VW recycle symbol and an X at the end. Information from a 5/73 USA service bulletin issued 5/73: Engines with the re-manufactured symbol, a letter, a number and ending with X, indicates a VW Exchange engine. Before Oct., 1968 the X was not stamped onto the block Table of contentsNOTCHBACK (Sedan)FASTBACKVARIANT (Squareback)Chassis and Engine Numbers NOTCHBACK (Sedan) 311 LHD 312 RHD 313 LHD 314 RHD 315 LHD 316 RHD 317 LHD 318 RHD SUNROOF SUNROOF SUNROOF SUNROOF 1500 / 1500 S to July 1965 1500 N / 1500 A August '63 - July '66 1600 A / L from August 1966 FASTBACK 311 LHD 312 RHD 313 LHD 314 RHD SUNROOF SUNROOF 1600 TL from August 1965 1600 T from. The remainder of a VW Engine Code is essentially a serial number. Chart Information Crowdsourced at TheSamba.com. 1- prefix indicates Type 1 and is not part of the sequential engine number. 20- prefix indicates Type 2 and is not part of the sequential engine number. 1800cc - dual carb. 1800cc - European only, dual carb

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Land Rover Kits Air-Cooled VW Engine Identification Letter I.D. Codes & Displacement Chart Includes Type 1 (Beetle, Ghia, 181), Type 2 (Split & Bay Van), Type 3 (Variant) and Type 4 (411, 412, Bay Van and Porsche 914) Engine Codes Also Includes T25 Vanagon 1.9 & 2.1 Litre Wasserboxer Codes & 1.6 Air-Coole Volkswagen engines included the 1192, 1285, 1548, 1679, 1285 and the1493 cubic-centimeter models. However, Volkswagen rounded the engine sizes up, so a 1548 cubic centimeter engine is called a Volkswagen 1600. Identification of the Volkswagen engine can by accomplished by locating the engine casting number on the engine block. Step 1600. Type 1. 8/73 - 7/80. Type 2. 8/73 - 7/79. M240 = Optional Low Compression Engine, a reference to the type of pistons installed

Vw beetle engine serial numbers keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website. The engine serial number on a 2.0 new Beetle engine is located onthe crankcase The chassis numbers for the 1960 VW Beetle are between 2 801 614 - 3 192 506. Engine 1960 VW Bug. 4-cyl. 1192cc/36hp 1bbl with manual transmission. 1960 VW Beetle parts. Are you looking for parts for your 1960 VW Beetle? On this page you can submit a parts request that is send to multiple VW Beetle parts sellers (Paruzzi & VW Heritage). They.

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Engine Numbers, 1200-1600cc; Engine Size Engine Code Single or Twin Port Year Power (BHP) 1200: D: Single Port: 8/65> 34: 1300: F: Single Port: 8/65-7/70: 40: 1300: AB: Twin Por The Volkswagen air-cooled engine is an air-cooled boxer engine with four horizontally opposed cast-iron cylinders, cast aluminum alloy cylinder heads and pistons, magnesium-alloy crankcase, and forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods.. Variations of the engine were produced by Volkswagen plants worldwide from 1936 until 2006 for use in Volkswagen's own vehicles, notably the Type 1 (Beetle. 2000 Volkswagen Beetle. Volkswagen Beetle. Volkswagen Cars & Trucks. vw engine numbers located. vw engine number location. location engine number car vw. vw engine numbers. vw tick. p0401 vw 1999. 1998. 0 Parts fit your selection. Similar & Recommended Parts. Engine Air Intake Hose. Engine Control Module. Engine Coolant Hose. Engine Coolant Pipe. Engine Wiring Harness

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  2. Only Type 1 and Type 4 engines were installed in '68-'79 VW busses. Type 1 engine (a.k.a. upright): the original engine that was introduced with the VW Beetle, and thus inherited its type designation. Up to 50 BHP and 1.6l displacement
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  4. Due to the fact that since m.y. 1966 1300cc engine was introduced for beetles the unique number for engine ended up and started with D letter for 1200cc and F letter for 1300cc. You mount a 1200cc!! We can divide Volkswagen cars into two groups that will have different ways of decoding their identification numbers
  5. The VW Beetle - Changes Through the Years ~~~ Includes Chassis Numbers (VIN) and Engine Numbers for all Beetles 1940-1985 ~~~ 1940-1950 | 1951-1960 | 1961-1970 | 1971-1980 | 1980-1985. 1940 (1 Jan 40 to 31 Dec 40) Chassis 1-00,001 - 1-01,00
  6. Air-cooled VW engines are very interchangeable so when your car's original engine finally died, the mechanic probably just installed a rebuilt engine that came out of another VW. The engine in your VW may have come from a different model (e.g., your bus may have a bug engine) or may not even be the correct displacement (e.g., your '66 bug.

1700. T2. 8/71-7/73. 66. # - Recessed crown for low grade fuel. Type 25 (T25 / T3) VW Water-cooled Engine Codes: Engine Code. Size in CC 2.124. 0.080 Over. 2.00 mm (2.639) There are three measurements you have to take on any air-cooled VW engine case to properly size your main bearings. The chart above shows the common sizes for these measurements. First you have to determine if your crankshaft has been turned or is stock size. If you have a new VW Type 1 crankshaft, whether.

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  1. Beginning in 1965, Volkswagen incorporated the year and model in the chassis number. The first two digits identify the model as a Beetle (11) or a Karmann Ghia (14). The third digit is the last digit of the year, for example 5 would indicate 1965 and 2 would indicate 1972. The last six to seven digits are the chassis serial number
  2. The Volkswagen Type 1, more commonly known as the Volkswagen Beetle, is one of the world's most enduring and recognizable vehicles, with close to 22 million vehicles produced over a 65-year period. Assembled in plants worldwide, the 2-door saloon compact car featured a range of engines over its lifetime, including 1100 cc H4, 1200 cc H4, 1300.
  3. The firing order for a VW Jetta 1991 4-cylinder 1.8 is 1, 3, 4, 2. The number 1 cylinder is closest to the pulley on the engine
  4. I'm cleaning out my house which used to be my father's, he was into VW bugs, and I came across a VW engine block. I noticed the generator mount is part of the casting, not a separate piece. the numbers on the pad below the generator mount are 1534490. the numbers on the lower part of the castings ( of the engine casings ) are 111 101 102A and 111 101 101A . there is a.
  5. Super Beetle Convertible (Type 1) Model Information. Year. Production Date Engine Codes. Chassis Numbers. Remarks. 1971. Aug 70 - Jul 71. All. 1600. AE0000001 - AE0558000. 1512000001 - 1513200000. 60HP, Tail lights changed again . 1972. Aug 71 - Jul 72.
  6. Every car manufacturer is obliged to mark all its vehicles in this special format. This online service allows a user to check the validity of the car and get detailed information on almost any VIN number, search for Volkswagen BEETLE car parts and check the car's history. The VIN also allows a user to get a build sheet of Volkswagen BEETLE
  7. 2003 Volkswagen V.I.N. Decoder Country of origin Manufacturer Vehicle type Series Engine Restraint system Series Check digit Model year Assembly plant 1234567891011121314151617 WVWUK6 3B7 3 P 032175 See back 0-9 or X 2003 Model (position 7&8) Sequential serial number (position 12 - 17) SERIES: B = Golf 2dr GL*** New Beetle GL*** New Beetle.

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The classic VW Beetle engine is an air-cooled 4 stroke flat-four design. Over the 40 years of production of the VW Beetle there were six different engine sizes available. The engine was referred to as the Type 1 and in later years was also installed in the Karmann Ghia, Splitscreen Bus, Baywindow Bus, Type 181 and Type 3 Variant. From the start. Mofoco is one of the slowest because Mofoco is the one of the best. Buy with confidence directly from the engine builder. Mofoco has almost 50 years of experience in the VW industry building aircooled VW engines. How many other companies allow you to speak with the person building your engine? Price: $70.00 VW used a combination of two numbers- the Chassis Number and the Engine Code to convey information about the vehicles. This can be worked out also from the plates the factory fitted to the car. One can find one or two metal plates (modern ones have stickers): the Chassis plate and the Production plate (if fitted) First, you can use the search bar above to search by part number or keyword. If you don't know the Volkswagen Beetle part number, use the Vehicle Selector below the search bar to filter your results to only parts that fit your Volkswagen Beetle. Simply set your year, make, model, and engine, and then select a category Rotor 111-905-225C. Bosch part number ZV/PAU 4R1 through ZV/PAU 4R6. Used on 40hp Beetle engines and Bus models, we well as Bus models equipped with the 1500cc option. This distributor is vacuum advance only. Contact Breaker Points 111-998-057. Condenser 113-905-295. Cap 113-905-207. Rotor 113-905-225

Volkswagen's Vehicle Descriptor Section. Many of them are consistent with VW's old model type system, so you should spot some familiar numbers here. The most common Volkswagen combinations are: 11 - Beetle (Brazilian, Mexican, Nigerian) 13 - Scirocco 3 14 - Caddy Mk 1 (European Golf 1 pickup) 15 - Cabriolet (1980 Beetle, Golf 1 Home Aircooled VW's Type 1 - Based Beetle Mexico's beetle VIN number Mexico's beetle VIN number This article is focused over mexico beetles VIN: due to the fact that Volkswagen finished to produce beetles sedan in Germany (it was 19th Janauary of 1978), the complete assembly line for Europe market moved to Puebla plant in Mexico

We provide the classic VW hobby with tech tips, project advice, and quality parts for VW Restoration, VW Performance and Custom Aircooled VW projects. We serve the VW parts and VW Tech needs of owners of aircooled Type 1 VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Type 181 Thing, Type 2 Volkswagen Bus, Type 3 VW Squareback / Fastback / Squareback, and Type 411. The use of the terms VW or Volkswagen serves only to describe and classify the spare parts and in no case represents a direct or indirect connection to the companies mentioned. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website

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  1. e where the car was built, what year, which automotive features are included and more. Together, all the VIN numbers create a history about your Volkswagen - VW
  2. VW Beetle changes from 1949 to 1979. Starting crank hole discontinued on all models. From 1955 the model changes always came in August, meaning that model 1956 started in 8.4.55. This is very confusing, when speaking about model year and the year the car was made are two different things
  3. 1966 VW Beetle Technical Information. Number of Volkswagen Beetles Produced in the year 1966 - 1,080,165 . Beetle Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) for the 1966 Model Year 116 000 001(August of 1965) through 116 1021 298 (July of 1966) Beetle Engine Numbers for the 1966 Model Year: F 0000001 through F 105775
  4. We have been building thousands of Volkswagen engines per year since 1973, and are by far the Industry Leader. Our 22,000 square feet of manufacturing space allows us enough room to have the best possible piece of equipment already setup to do each machining operation. This allows for great consistancy of size
  5. Find the best oil and filter for your 2001 Volkswagen BEETLE (2.0L 4 -cyl Engine Code AEG B) and get free shipping. Audi/VW Part number G 052 145 A1 (500 ml), G 052 145 A2 (1 l), G 052 145 S2 (1 l). Note that G 052 145 A2 was superseded by the manufacturer with the G 052 145 S2

This is the Volkswagen VIN decoder. Every Volkswagen car has a unique identifier code called a VIN. This number contains vital information about the car, such as its manufacturer, year of production, the plant it was produced in, type of engine, model and more Examples of these engines are 2000 VW Beetle engine, 2002 VW Beetle engine, and 2000 Volkswagen new beetle engine 1.8 L 4-cylinder. Engines used in models produced after 2012 retains the same configuration of the first-generation VW Beetle but most of these engines are I4 16-valve TSI versions VW Engine/Chassis & Colour Identification. Volkswagen Chassis numbers are 17 digits and are made up of several elements. A good example would be WVW ZZZ 3C Z 9E 334557. WVW shows the manufacturer the vehicle was produced by. ZZZ is just a filler code as all chassis number have to be 17 digits. 3C tells us which car you have. 3C is a Passat. 6N. The 001 distributor has VW# 126-905-205 stamped above the Bosch number and is primarily used on industrial engines for constant high rpm use. The 003 was the successor to the 001 and 009 succeeded the 001 or 003 as per Bosch microfiche

1975 VW Super Beetle Specs. Model Options - Sedan, Convertible. Chassis Numbers - 135 2000 001 through 135 2600 000. Engine - 1600cc (60 horse) Fuel Injected Dual Port. Engine Numbers (Manual Models) - AJ 0 000 001 through AJ 0 059 664. Engine Numbers (Automatic Models) - AJ 0 000 001 through AJ 0 012 405 Code from Audi and VW engines. This table of the assigned engine code is for information purposes only. Engine code. Cubic capacity l. Power kW. Power hp. Cylinders. Built in. Remark Super Beetle (Conv) 8-79. 159 2036 063. AIR COOLED BEETLE & KARMANN GHIA (Cont.) ENGINE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER LOCATION. On or near generator support flange. ENGINE SERIAL NUMBER LISTING. NOTE 1: Serial numbers listed are from start to finish of engines produced each year. NOTE 2: Horsepowers listed are DIN BHP

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Vw Beetle Facelift Complete Engine 1.4 16 Valve From 2008 Car With Only 43,000. £299.00. 0 bids. or Best Offer. Ending 24 May at 2:41PM BST. 8d 11h Collection in person Fit for Air-cooled for VW 30/31 PICT-3 engine with Single port Manifold Note:Please compare your carburetor against pictures to ensure you will get the right item Models for Volkswagen Beetle Base Sedan 2-Door 1.6L 1974-1975 for Volkswagen Beetle Base Convertible 2-Door 1.6L 1974-1975 for Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Base 1.5L 1967-196 TrueCar has 34 used Volkswagen Beetle s for sale nationwide, including a TDI Convertible DSG and a TDI with Premium Package Convertible DSG (PZEV). Prices for Volkswagen Beetle s currently range from to, with vehicle mileage ranging from to. Find used Volkswagen Beetle s near you by entering your zip code and seeing the best matches in your area

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34hp Gasket Set 1200cc VW Beetle 1961-1985 VW T2 Split 1961-1963. $28.22. 0% finance on orders over £350 *. $24.82. (5 Reviews) Engine Gasket Set VW Beetle 1961-1998 VW T2 Split 1961-1967 VW T2 Bay 1600cc 1967-1979 & Brazilian Bay Introduced in 1997 to much fanfare, the New Beetle brought back Volkswagen's iconic compact car for the end of the 20th Century and into the 21st. Drawing clear inspiration from the original Beetle, VW carried over design features such as separate fenders, vestigial running boards, sloping headlamps, and large round taillights, as well as a. Bought for Volkswagen Beetle that was having multiple misfires. Upon inspection, the old ignition coil had 3 cracks in it. Car seemed to get worse in rain and high humidity. Product looks good and feels tough. Vw beetle ran good the day I installed this ignition coil. We will see if it stands the test of time Engine displacement calculator Beetle gear ratios Valve Adjustments Oil change on an old Volkswagen Beetle How to change the gearbox oil in a VW Beetle VW 1600 Engine Rebuild Setting Crankshaft End Play Starting the Engine Engine 1.2 (D) Engine 1.3 (AR) Engine 1.5 (K) Engine 1.6 (AD) Engine 1.6 (AS) Engine 1.6 (T) Engine 1.7 (CA/CE) Engine 1.8.

You may also find the engine code on a sticker attached to the cylinder head. However, over time the numbers become very hard to read. How To Find Your TDI VW Engine Code. We've listed just a few model years that may have more than one possible engine code. VW 4 Cylinder 8 Valve Engine Codes. Beetle 2004. ALH, BEW. Golf 2004. ALH, BEW. Jetta. Where on the engine can i find numbers to identify it. 2001 Vw new beetle 1.8, 2.0 AVH or AEG - Answered by a verified VW Mechani VW motors: engine codes, HP/torque ratings, etc. Watercooled VW engines 8v Engines - Inline 4 Cylinder, Gasoline, 2 valves per cylinder Code (L) FI Type Horsepower Engine Layout Horsepower Torque @ RPM Comp Bore Stroke CC Turbo Notes; 1V: 4: 2: 1.6L: Indirect Diesel: Inline: 59 @ 4500: 81 @ 2400 Re: Engine number? Post by jacques1984 » Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:00 pm Hi can you help me just bought my wife a beetle and they said its n 1500 just want to make sure,papers say :date of liability for first licensing :1970-01-01 and below altinator is SFAS 009642.can you help pleas Today, air-cooled VW engines are still in demand and are still rebuilt in significant numbers - just not quite as much as they once were. Volkswagen stopped selling the Beetle in the U.S. in 1977, but the Type 1 lived on until 2003 in other markets

On a Bay Window Gearbox it comes straight out the back (opposite end to the bellhousing). If it is a T25 box it will come out of the side on the nosecone. 1600cc - 3 Ribs. 1700cc - 5 Ribs. 2000cc - 6 Ribs. Note: The terms 002 and 091 gearboxes comes from the first 3 digits on the code found on the underside of the gearbox. Written by: Limebug Volkswagen again juiced the Beetle's engine, increasing displacement to 1493 cc, netting another 3 horsepower and a badge update to 1500. In '67, the Bug also inherited 12-volt electronics. Aircooled.Net VW parts catalog and parts sourcing service for people who love their aircooled VWs, and want the truth about the parts they put on their car. Aircooled.Net serves the aircooled VW restoration, VW performance, VW drag race and VW daily driver community with quality, honest VW tech info & earnest sourcing of OEM and aftermarket Aircooled VW parts that Work, Fit, and Last VOLKSWAGEN Beetle 2005 - 2010 The 2005 version of the Volkswagen Beetle is the upgraded version of the 1998 edition, which obviously came with a large number of improvements and advanced features

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VW Beetle chassis numbers and production figures Sections: Beetle Chassis Numbers Karmann Cabrio Chassis Numbers Hebmüller Production Figures Karmann Ghia Chassis Numbers Bus/Type 2 Chassis Numbers Type 3 Chassis Numbers Engine Codes Gearbox Codes Timin Firing Order, 1-4-3-2. This fantastic animation created by Daryryl Deppe is for a 1200CC 40 HP engine. The firing order is the same as the 1500CC '67 engine. I'm currently designing a VW firing order poster that will be available for free download in the next week. If this animation does not autoplay in your browser it can also be viewed here Volkswagen engines, for 40 years, were air-cooled, horizontally opposed four-cylinder power-plants. From 1938 to 1980, the VW Beetle carried this style of motor; while it may look similar to the novice, several key features show an evolution in size and horsepower. Other models shared the same engine with the Beetle.

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The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most loved and most iconic cars ever created. Designed by Ferdinand Porsche as a project for the German government, the Beetle led to the creation of the Volkswagen company. Reintroduced as a model in the 1990s, the Beetle has provided transportation to millions around the world Vintage VW Engine Build. Eric Shoemaker on May 6, 2013. A quick mention about this fantastic (and very correct) '67 Beetle engine currently being built by Matthew Boyce. 1967beetle.com will be listing the engine for sale for Matthew in the coming weeks. Stay tuned Your Beetle chassis serial number (VIN) can be found on top of the frame's tunnel, just forward of the transmission linkage access cover (i.e., under the rear seat in a VW bug). 13 people found this helpful. Mark helpful. 130. Report Rod Penrose Racing specialises in High Performance VW engines, parts and accessories for VW Beetle, Kombi, Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 and drag racing cars. Home of Australia's Fastest VW! Located in Sydney Australi Just found a 2.0v turbo vw beetle engine. I have a 1.8t Engine with the 5th digit number on vin are both letter D. Does the transmission from the 1.8t fit the 2.0 engine? And are they compatible? Than read mor

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To decode your 1970 VOLKSWAGEN beetle VIN number, choose the necessary year from the list and you will access all the information about the car and get a history report for it Volkswagen New Beetle, Volkswagen New Beetle Body Style 2Dr Coupe Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive EPA Classification Sub-Compact Passenger Capacity 4 (4.0 min/4.0max) Passenger Volume 84.3 ft³ (84.3 min/84.3max) Base Curb Weight 2712 lbs (2712.0 min/2778.0max) EPA Fuel Economy Est - City 41 MPG (34.0 min/41.0max) EPA Fuel Economy Est - Hwy 48 MPG. 1974 VW Beetles don't have VINs, but rather serial numbers. There is a number for the chassis, and one for the engine. DMV wants the chassis number. The engine serial number is stamped into the. 1950 - 1959 VW Beetle Models South Africa's Original Beetle Models; Hydraulic brakes and an optional folding fabric sunroof are two of the main standout features of the VW Beetle Models manufactures between 1950 and 1959. There were however also a number of mechanical and style upgrades and refinements that also occurred during this time Here is a History Lesson of the Beetle with it's air cooled engine: The roots of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, also referred to as the Volkswagen Bug, can be traced back to 1938, though there is a clear distinction between the 'classic' or ' original' Beetle which first came off the assembly line in 1940-and the 'new' Beetle, which was introduced in America in 1998

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Detailed specs and features for the Used 2008 Volkswagen New Beetle including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, fuel economy, transmission, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more The 1967 VW Beetle featured in this article was built in Wolfsburg Germany. Only 7,000 of these automobiles were produced. The year 1967 was significant for Volkswagen in as much as it was the first year of a 12 volt electrical system. It was the last year of all chrome bumpers with overriders and all steel dashboards Front wheel drive. Internal Combustion engine. The Internal combustion engine (ICE) drives the front wheels of the vehicle. How long is this vehicle, 1999 Volkswagen Beetle Hatchback? 4081 mm 160.67 in. How wide is the vehicle, 1999 Volkswagen Beetle Hatchback? 1720 mm 67.72 in. What is the curb weight, 1999 Volkswagen NEW Beetle (9C) 1.6 (100 Hp)


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VW part numbering All VW parts are identified by a unique reference number. This reference is made up of 9 digits, to which sometimes a letter is added. The oldest book with VW references we could find is the one of the Beetle of 1949, Volkswagen used 6 digits to indicate the parts, from 1956 on 9 digits can be seen The pre- 1971 type 1 engines had the oil cooler in the cooling air path of the left cylinders. Because of this, the ignition timing on the number three cylinder is retarded 3 degrees. This makes the cylinder head run slightly cooler than the right side head. If you have an EGT probe on each side of the engine, the temperatures will be different.

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In other words, we simply sell quality VW engine, interior and exterior parts as well as provide professional VW engine performance services for your favorite Volkswagen classic models. The staff here at Headflow Masters continuously attempts to provide you with the most accurate information found on this site, but mistakes may arise VW Beetle VIN Number Locations Produced from March 1999. VIN repeat sticker on the nearside passenger door 'B' post. A sticker bearing the VIN number may also be found in the boot area adjacent to the spare tyre. Boot catch is situated underneath the rear VW Log A few compatible replacement cartridge style oil filters for the TSI 1.8L Turbo I4 engine with their part numbers are as follows: Volkswagen 06K 115 562 or 06L115562, Wix Wl10024, Prime Choice Auto Parts PG5581EX and EcoGard X10260 Product Details. Location : Driver And Passenger Side Warranty : 1-year Replacement unlimited-mileage warranty Replaces OE Number : 1C0825250C, 1C0825245E. See All Products Details. Replacement. Passenger Side Engine Splash Shield. Part Number: REPV310129. 0 Reviews. Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit Driving an Air-Cooled Volkswagen Beetle, the Last Universal Car The VW Type 1 wasn't just a car, it was a phenomenon. It's unlikely that any future vehicles will be able to replicate its success